Thursday, February 19

Khabari Lal ki Khabarein

You read about updates on the media in a recent post. Now that those are outdated, here is some more fresh maal...

Does the name Abhijeet Sawant ring a bell? That’s right, he was the first Indian Idol, who launched his own music album not too long ago. (Obviously a dud, dude.) After failing to secure a firm footing on the music scene, Mr. Mohabbatein Lutaunga is now making his film debut. It’s a movie called “Lottery”, and there are two pretty damsels who are also aboard this launchpad. (No points for guessing the fate of this movie.) Incidentally, one of his dialogues in the movie, translated into English is – when fate knocks on your door, don’t complain about the noise... (Enlightening. Which is why there is no hulla-gulla about this production.)

I’ve spoken before about
Lola Kutty and her brilliant General Knowledge show on Channel V. The Mallu babe goes about the country asking people some seemingly simple stuff (WOWOWOW... 4 s’s in a row! Isn’t that called “alliteration” in Figures of Speech? Grammar learnt in school sure stays forever!)

Astonishingly most folks on her show can’t answer, and often times, me neither. Here are a few that I saw on a recent show... (Ready to test those grey cells?) Who’s the youngest MP in India? Who’s our current Home Minister? What’s our national fruit? What’s the second largest religion in India?
(The first is obviously Hinduism.)

The answers (coz I hate unfinished and ambiguous stuff) in the order asked : Milind Deora, P. Chidambaram, Mango, Islam (not Muslim, fatheads!)

I also saw an interview that funny Ms. Kutty did with AB junior and Sonam Kapoor for Delhi 6. (I hope you know the name is so titled coz the pin code of Chandni Chowk is Delhi 110006. Of course, the movie isn't really shot there, impossible to shoot among the hustle and bustle.)

Also learnt some facts on MTV Dance Crew (where Uma is now teaching Anusha to boogie on Thriller by MJ). I found out that Michael Jackson, the king of yesteryear and inspiration of many, debuted when he was 11, and he has won 13+ awards (including the Guinness award) for being such an amazing singer-dancer-entertainer. Hats, off! Aaauuuuuu... (Not the Shakti Kapoor wala... Though this one, too, needs to be accompanied with a pelvis thrust, with one hand on the

A very heartbreaking news for all you guys - The stuff that your fantasies are made of, is now officially married. Salma Hayek. THE Salma Hayek has married her French sweetheart, who is the father of her year old daughter. Best wishes!! And cheers to Tara Sharma, now 4 months pregnant. (I just hope her kid doesn't inherit mamma's voice. Cackle!)

That’s that about TV. Speaking about books... I’m still at the Drona Parva in the
Mahabharata; got tons to do besides reading. (Ya, studies plus other chores at home coz mum’s traveling yet again, and so are bro-bhabhi.) I’ve reached almost the end of this section though, and now, Karna takes over as Senapati of the Kaurava army after Drona dies.

Other updates... I know this sounds crazy, but I need to go shopping. (I mean after all my
rant about 70 tops and Ts and over 20 salwar suits, whoever thought I’d want to step inside a clothes store and spend a dime!!) But I should. It’s high time I scrapped the stuff I haven’t worn in 2+ years.

I keep thinking I’ll get an opportunity to wear them sometime or the other, but that isn’t happening. Better I give them away, and get clothes more suited to my current needs. Emotional attachments to be placed on the back-burner coz there are sales on everywhere.
(Unfortunately, that’s not much use coz the stuff I like is either not on sale, or the discount is negligible as compared to the atrocious price. Darn!)

Sad, na... But what’s sadder is that I went to the loo at Symphony and
Zaha and the one Q on my mind was - WHY don’t people FLUSH??

I haven’t told you about Symphony before – it’s this restobar/restaurant bang opposite Kiva (which you know is my
favorite wine and dine place behind E-square). I went to Symph a decade ago with my family and hated it, but when I went the last 2 times with friends, it was a chill-out place. Great music, exciting menu. The crowd and pricing could be better, but that doesn’t stop the establishment from being over-occupied on weekends by students and professionals alike.

Anyway, the point is, people need lessons in hygiene and good living. If only everyone would read and follow
my post on cleanliness, the world (or at least India) would be so much better to inhabit or visit...

Power of the blogosphere, unleash thyself!!

In reverent prayer,

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Sibi said...

I think flushing shud become automatic everywhere as we have in some of the men toilets..So tensionich nahi..Watsay???And symphony wat a sahi place na...Only good memories at that place..Khabri lal ke pass aur kya khabren hai??????

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