Tuesday, April 15

Vote for a Better India (and other gupshup)

Hi everyone, 

As the biggest democracy goes to the polls, it's a crazy mesh out there of different political parties proclaiming their greatness and exposing the crap out of others. 

While I am not too politically inclined, I sure do plan to exercise my right to vote... and so should you. The Congress has done enough damage in 10 years and later, there is no point in blaming politicians if you could not take this tiny step yourself to make the nation a better place. The right people are doing the right thing by going as far as to declare a holiday so that employed citizens can cast their vote so as to not miss a day at work. Is it not our obligation then to stand by our country and do our bit?  

Pune has elections on the 17th - I urge you, please vote. I know of some folks who find traveling more important on this day, or cite excuses as silly as routine logistics to avoid taking the effort. It's not becoming, I implore you. Please do vote. Don't think it's only a matter of ONE vote. Every vote makes a difference. I know Arun Bhatia, who I thought a very deserving candidate, did not win majority votes and hence could not bring about change in the city. Take a cue - all our individual votes put together could bring your favorite political party to the forefront (not that either of them is blemish-free and faultless), but let's choose the lesser evil. Let's make that choice by casting out ballot. 

Modi or AAP, now that remains the question. Only if the "single largest party" in the country does not miraculously emerge victorious yet again. Rahul Gandhi is not someone who can handle this vast nation, so the choice is between Kejriwal and NaMo. Frankly, they have their pasts, their errs and their supporters. May the best man win. 

Having made my appeal, let me move on to the other topics at hand. First of all, apologies for the long absence - personal and professional commitments have kept me very occupied. I had my Udyapan / Ujawna for Gangaur and Suraj-rota (you'd have heard of it if you know about Rajasthani culture), and we're now planning a trip with the family to Jabalpur, my maternal native place. This shall be the first time my husband travels with the entire Rathi clan out of station, so I am looking forward to it as well as to the childhood memories of Bhedaghat and Sadar Bazaar, coolers and gardens. With our new home almost ready, housewarming is also round the corner and it seems like busy times are only going to continue in the recent future. Fret not, for I shall keep dropping a line as and when I can. 

Secondly, thanks a ton to all the new readers who have reached my blog and have made my day by sending me appreciation notes. I really am touched, thank you so much. Knowing that I'm touching your lives even without seeing you face to face means a lot to me. Do keep coming back and let me know what you feel about my writing. 

I'm now trying to make time for reading, and I've got One Amazing Thing on my bookshelf, Bhagavad Gita on my laptop and Ramayana on my cell phone - all English versions, obviously. The Sanskrit ones were very tiring and did not make sense to me. Better to understand what I am reading than merely to put a tick mark on these holy books. I am sure you know that the Mahabharata is my all-time favorite book, but I am reading the others on insistence of my dear mum. They're quite interesting too, thankfully, the websites that I am referring to. And then, conversations with my Ammi, Abba, husband and mum all turn out to be enlightening in their own unique ways. We thrash ideas around and discuss experiences that match or contradict what is passed down over the ages. Helps us bond, and helps us better comprehend these mighty tales. 

I recently watched Captain America - pretty good movie, but very stretched I think. English films ought not to be longer than 2 hours. Bhootnath Returns seems to have good reviews, but I don't have the patience for that right now. I gave Ragini MMS2 a miss, owing to the gross trailers and Sunny Leone's presence. I'd much rather watch a porn movie at home followed by the original Ragini MMS (neither of which I am in the mood to endorse).

Mango season is here, and it's fairly hot most afternoons. Best not to get out of the house between 12 and 4 pm, and get out those sunscreens and sunblocks. Naah, not me - I can't be bothered with all of that. I've got my hands full anyway with my loads of aches and cravings. I just don't seem to be getting enough sleep these days, though my darling spouse has opted for a (comparatively) earlier shift. Weekends also rush by, so I'm wondering how I will be able to cope with it all. That I get to watch Koffee with Karan and Roadies XI is itself a miracle, coz I am sure the clock plays pranks on me and shrinks 24 hours to 2. I wish I could have 30 hours in a day for starters, and sleep for 15. Hehe. Mulla kii daud masjid tak. 

On that note, let me say goodbye, time to sleep!

Don't forget to vote. 


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