Sunday, February 26


You live a lonesome, sorry life. You hate what is happening to you, and you know you cannot live this way forever. Yet, you bear it. Accept it. Suffer and continue to live on.

Mute. Patient. Forgiving.

Perfection personified.

Tolerance was your middle name.

You were waiting for the day to come when you would not be so sad and everything would be all right, if not great. You embraced all that fate swept in your way. Your life was just another story.

Until yesterday.

Today it has all changed.

You, from deep under the oceans, want to look up to the sky.

You, from under the deepest pits, want to raise your wings and fly away to the distant horizon sparkling red and silver.

The well and pond that you proudly called your world, now seems too destitute and inadequate.

Frustrating, you claim.

Your life is horrible, and you cannot live it anymore, you say today.

Oh what have I done to you!!

Have I shown you the way to be free and happy without knowing that it is nothing but an illusion for you? A distant dream that shall never be yours…??

Should I be glad that I made you see a new way to lead a better life, or shall I be guilty coz you will never be happy in your old life again?

- Princess

Monday, February 20


Why am I writing about this?

Well, one of my friends would answer that… “Coz I can”.

But no, that’s not the only reason. I read about the navarasas in Amrita Nair’s book “Mistress”. The story is presented in chapters that talk about the different rasas in Kathakali (or even Bharatnatyam, for that matter). For the layman, what “rasa” means is an emotion that we experience and express facially and through gestures in these dance forms.

So, I got a little curious about the 9 rasas (just like I did in the 7 cardinal sins, 10 commandments, 7 wedding oaths, etc). And then, as usual, Wikipedia and some other websites satiated my hunger for information. Happy reading !!

Rasa is about human state of mind. It’s about what the mind feels and the expression of the feeling thereafter. In the Bharata’s Natyashastra, Rasa is an emotion experienced by the audience created by the facial expression or the Bhava of the actor. In Indian classical dance it is referred to as Rasa-abhinaya. Thus, every Rasa (mood) corresponds to a particular Bhava (expression).

Bharata Muni enunciated the eight Rasas (yes 8, not 9) in the Nātyasāstra, an ancient work of dramatic theory. Each rasa, according to Nātyasāstra, has a presiding deity and a specific colour. Let’s take a look!

Structure: Rasa – Bhava – Meaning – Colour - Presiding deity

Shringar – Rati – Delight, Love, Attractiveness - Light Green - Vishnu

Hasya – Hasa – Humor, Laughter – White - Pramata

Karuna – Shoka – Sorrow, Compassion, Mercy – Grey - Yama

Raudra – Krodh – Anger, Terrible – Red - Rudra

Veera – Utsaha – Heroism – Pale Orange/Yellowish - Indra

Bhayanaka – Bhaya – Fear, Horror – Black - Kala

Bibhatsa – Jugupsa – Disgust, Aversion – Blue - Shiva

Adbhuta – Vismaya – Wonder – Yellow – Brahma

The ninth rasa was added later:

Shanta – Calm – Peace – Blue - Vishnu

In addition to the above nine, two more appeared, especially in literature: Vatsalya (Parental Love) and Bhakti (Spiritual Devotion). However, the presiding deities, the colours and other details have not been specified.

Cool, eh?

I’ve not watched any Indian classical dance performance in a long time now. So, I don’t completely recall my experience. I must have been bored, though, coz I probably dint understand anything, and anyway, back then, it was cool to detest everything serious.

Now, I would like to go for some such show. Watch the unfolding of the plot, the revelation of the characters, their dedication, grace and expertise. Am I getting old? Well, technically yes. But its more about being mature than just age.

Count me in if you fit the bill…


Hasta La Vista.

Tuesday, February 14

Blessed... To Have U

This poem was chosen by Blogadda as a Tangy Tuesday pick !!!
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Happy Valentine's Day, you'all...

I thought I was perfect,
Though my world was a jumble;
When I see the way you adore me,
Your love makes me feel humble.

Your eyes, they speak a million words,
The warmth they bestow upon me is divine;
Your gaze transports me to heaven,
You’re my guardian angel so fine.

Stand by me, your arms say,
As you clutch me in your embrace;
My fears and worries take flight,
I could stay that way for days.

Could I be so fortunate?
To have you to love and call my own;
You make me feel like a queen,
Your heart is my treasure, my throne.

It’s unbelievable, they way you’re there for me,
So incredible is your passion, fore-sightedness and care;
And then you say you’re fortunate to have me,
That your world without me is bare.

You’ve made me lose my inhibitions,
With you I feel so brave;
Within moments I have in my palm,
Anything that I recollect or crave.

It drives me insane, your need for me,
It places me on cloud nine;
I want to scream to the world,
You’re mine, all mine, all mine!

You seem to know me better than myself,
Your trust scares me, is it misplaced, I wonder?
Will you be happy and proud of us,
In times of hail, sunshine and thunder?

My thousand words fail, when you utter “I love you”,
All I want is to make you mine;
If I let you go away,
All my life I’ll regret and pine.

Knowing what I do, and believing what I see,
How can I ever deny?
That you’re my one and only,
Every hurdle and rule, for me, you’d defy.

To have someone that’s devoted,
Is a feat knotty and rare;
And yet, when I behold you,
My heart wishes to dream and dare.

They tell me this won't last,
They say love is a mirage, a deception;
I laugh at them all, and their blindness,
Coz what we have, you and I, is surely no illusion.

Come, my beloved, hold my hand,
And we’ll walk away from the world and its pain galore;
With you lies my future and destiny,
I could never ask for more...

Honoured to be,
Your truly

Thursday, February 9

Lighten Up!!

For times when you’re feeling low…

When you don’t know what you’re doing in your job, and why the hell life isn’t working out for you…

Enjoy reading what’s below :-)

And keep the faith, hold on to your dream…

They will work out.

Superstar Rajnikanth did many jobs including that of a manual labourer before becoming a bus conductor, and later a succesfull actor.

Akshay Kumar used to worked as a chef and waiter at a restaurant in Bangkok before embarking on a Bollywood adventure.

Before he got the license to kill, Sean Connery worked as a milkman, bricklayer, lifeguard and coffin polisher. Now, can u believe it?

Gorden Sumner aka Sting worked as a bus conductor, construction labourer, tax officer and teacher before becoming a successful musician.

Marlon Brando was a high school drop out. He even worked as a ditch digger among many other jobs in his youth.

The once handsome Mickey Rourke had a face too good for a movie theater usher. Luckily, he got noticed.

Stallone's life was harder than Rocky Balboa's. He used to work as a lion cage cleaner at Central Park Zoo. After finding himself homeless, Stallone had to no other way but to act in a porn flick for a mere $ 200.

Pamela Anderson used to be a fitness instructor before. Her figure says it all!

Harrison Ford still enjoys carpentry. He was a self-taught carpenter whomade cabinets for George Lucas. It was his cabinet-making job that landed him a tiny role in Lucas' 'American Graffiti.' Rest is history.

Sandra Bullock used to worked as a bartender while in college.

Bon Jovi used to make Christmas decorations for a living.

In her teens, Megan Fox worked for a smoothie shop.

Queen Latifah used to work for Burger King, before getting expelled after losing her temper at work.

Nicolas Cage used to sell popcorn at the Fairfax Theater.

Brad Pitt used to work for El Pollo Loco restaurant on Sunset Boulevard often dressing up in a chicken costume.

Lady Gaga used to work as a waitress at a restaurant in NY.

Tom Cruise wanted to become a catholic priest and he even joined a Franciscan seminary! He would have become a hunky priest, but God had different plans!

Captain Jack Sparrow used to sell ballpoint pens in his early life.

Jennifer Aniston used to work as a bike messenger in New York City and Telemarketer before making it big in Hollywood.

Feeling better yet?!!

Muaaahh and god bless!
- Princess

Friday, February 3


“If you intend to keep your word, don’t talk about it, just do it.”

“She thought suddenly that she was wrong about his lack of emotion: the hidden undertone of his manner was enjoyment. She realized that she had always felt a sense of light-hearted relaxation in his presence and known that he shared it. He was the only man she knew to whom she could speak without strain or effort. This, she thought, was a mind she respected, an adversary worth matching. Yet there had always been an odd sense of distance between them, the sense of a closed door; there was an impersonal quality in his manner, something within him that could not be reached.”

“She felt an arrogant pleasure in seeing the skill of his movements, coz this was the thing she would beat.”

“It is not advisable to venture unsolicited opinions. Spare yourself the embarrassing discovery of their exact value to your listener.”

“Are you responding to my curiosity or articulating your own feelings to yourself?”

“They observed that I make it my honour to know. They knew nothing. They didn’t think it necessary to learn. They thought they could trust my honour. They thought it was safe to ride on my brain. They assumed my goal…”

“When a problem came u, his first concern was to discover what error he had made. He didn’t search for anyone’s fault but his own. It was of himself that he demanded perfection.”

“To recognize one’s guilt yet feel nothing but the coldest, most profound indifference. The impossible conflict of feeling reluctance to do what was right – isn’t that the basic formula of moral corruption?”

"For the moment, there was no future. They had earned the present."

“Every movement was underscored by a feeling – is he seeing it?”

“I’ve hired you to do a job, not to do your best – whatever that is”

Reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand… Awesome book, though quite bulky.

Loved the Fountainhead when Iast (and first) read it sometime in college. Must say, I’m not let down this time either.

Happy Weekend :-)


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