Thursday, June 28



I'm spending a lot of time these days at work and with the laptop free, I spend quite a bit of time explorin different avenues on the internet... my hot favorites are and

Its amazing how time flies when I'm making new connections and answering Qs (on linkedin), and while I read blogs on blogger (more than half of which I find geeky and bizarre! in one word, un-relate-able!). There are however a few important differences between the sites mentioned. On the former, I can get in touch with people as an individual, regardless of whether they know me or not... like when I managed to connect with my offshore ex-colleagues (who I'm surprised still remember me after 2 years regardless of d fact dat I interacted with them only a few times during work!) Its a pleasure to someone accept my invitation. A squeal of joy escapes my lips as I eagerly read "ONE NEW CONNECTION" ;-) also, the fact that you can be a part of a community askin n answerin Qs without knowin the person also affords an opportunity to understand the way others feel and think... Jus today in the last one hour I've answered 2 Qs - "Wat is life" and somethin about coming late... N i feel as if I've done a great job by enlisting myself in dat horde of people who have all scratched their heads and wracked their brains to come up with answers interesting and entertainin, educational and technical...

The other site ( is where I dont think anyone at all reads or cares about what I write... its jus dat I write for my own love of writin and typin ;-) I used to write a dear diary a few yrs bac so this is like re-living the experience in an electronic way. But I still enjoy puttin words down and reading and re-reading them myself (so what if noone else does!) Also this way I can write what I want without people gainin access to my prive info... I can b anonymous and pour my heart out... thats y I havent let anyone know of this blog... its only for those who stumble upon it by chance! Mebe down d line, I'll let a few folks know about it. Dat's proof enuf of d fact dat I consider thm special... so cheers and congrats! ;-)

Well, as I said time flies when I'm surfing, and it has! need to get home now... hope the rain's died down so I can get home without gettin drenched!

Have a great day!
Lonely princess

Wednesday, June 20

Que Sera Sera !!!

I've learnt never to regret anythin in life...not wats hapd,not wats hapg n not wats gona hapn...coz watever hapd in d past,u surely thot u wer makin a wise decision whn u made it,as regards d present n d future,well,u can alwes chng dat by chngin wat ur doin now!!

well,i cant hog all d limelight tho,coz god has playd his role exceedingly well...he's alwes stood by me whn i was at crossroads n he has alwes guided me onto d correct path whr my steps falterd...watvr i m today,i'l surely thank god for dat...nobody else had to support me n i cud stand my ground only coz of d almighty...

my parents,frens n acquaintances call me a headstrong,confident n ambitious gal,n d adjectives include egoistic n stubborn,but which person can b blamed for makin decisions he thinks r gud for him?i think choosin arts after 10th SSC was parents think otherwise.they say i shud'v gone in for science n medicine wid d kind of brains i hav...but to nip dis idea in d bud (which wud certainly cause a fair amount of duellin 2yrs down d line),i pursued arts in the best college in efforts n decision wer rewarded whn i secured a rank in d merit list n dis also served to silence all my "well" wishers...

thn startd graduation,whr i cudnt make up my mind as to whether i shud major in psychology or english...i had ample aptitude for both,but god had already made dis decision for me.i was among d chosen few who figured in d psychology merit list,n my road was paved...i went on to top my class(without attendin lecs n while simultaneously carryin on a fulltime night job in an MNC) n my critics wer now singin praises of how i was doin sumthin different successfully (it goes widout sayin dat they wee tryin to put me on d same path a few yrs ago...)

grad done now wat?!my boyfren who's an MBA wid a mediocre instt wantd me to hav a masters degree...n thru this medium god sent me the MA psychology way...straight O's (outstandin grades) thru d 1st yr n now here i m,plannin to take up i/o (industrial/org psychology) in my 3rd sem...i duno how its gona b nor whr it'll take me...but wateva hapns,m sure its part of god's divine plan,n he surely has nuthin but d best in store for me!after all,m his favorite princess!!!

Keep d faith!!
Lonely Princess

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