Wednesday, June 20

Que Sera Sera !!!

I've learnt never to regret anythin in life...not wats hapd,not wats hapg n not wats gona hapn...coz watever hapd in d past,u surely thot u wer makin a wise decision whn u made it,as regards d present n d future,well,u can alwes chng dat by chngin wat ur doin now!!

well,i cant hog all d limelight tho,coz god has playd his role exceedingly well...he's alwes stood by me whn i was at crossroads n he has alwes guided me onto d correct path whr my steps falterd...watvr i m today,i'l surely thank god for dat...nobody else had to support me n i cud stand my ground only coz of d almighty...

my parents,frens n acquaintances call me a headstrong,confident n ambitious gal,n d adjectives include egoistic n stubborn,but which person can b blamed for makin decisions he thinks r gud for him?i think choosin arts after 10th SSC was parents think otherwise.they say i shud'v gone in for science n medicine wid d kind of brains i hav...but to nip dis idea in d bud (which wud certainly cause a fair amount of duellin 2yrs down d line),i pursued arts in the best college in efforts n decision wer rewarded whn i secured a rank in d merit list n dis also served to silence all my "well" wishers...

thn startd graduation,whr i cudnt make up my mind as to whether i shud major in psychology or english...i had ample aptitude for both,but god had already made dis decision for me.i was among d chosen few who figured in d psychology merit list,n my road was paved...i went on to top my class(without attendin lecs n while simultaneously carryin on a fulltime night job in an MNC) n my critics wer now singin praises of how i was doin sumthin different successfully (it goes widout sayin dat they wee tryin to put me on d same path a few yrs ago...)

grad done now wat?!my boyfren who's an MBA wid a mediocre instt wantd me to hav a masters degree...n thru this medium god sent me the MA psychology way...straight O's (outstandin grades) thru d 1st yr n now here i m,plannin to take up i/o (industrial/org psychology) in my 3rd sem...i duno how its gona b nor whr it'll take me...but wateva hapns,m sure its part of god's divine plan,n he surely has nuthin but d best in store for me!after all,m his favorite princess!!!

Keep d faith!!
Lonely Princess

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