Tuesday, July 28

Filmi Obsession

Hola pretty people...

I'm running short of time so won't make this too post too lengthy... Which is mighty difficult, coz you know how I am... jumping from one topic to another effortlessly and ranting on without any hurdle...

The news is that I'm studying for the GMAT like a woman possessed. I donno how I was planning to appear for the test merely by going through the OG (Official Guide). I was merrily hoping to get the 5th August date, but guess God knew I was blundering, so he made that day unavailable for the test in Pune. I mean people postpone their dates more than 2 times coz they think they aren't prepared enough to give the test, and there are also dedicted folks who get a score of 760 and still revise for 3+ months. Shoot, I have one month, and I although I don't suck at anything, I sure could do with some practice in Quant and CR. Bless me!

My test is on Aug 25th and I start my new job this Saturday. This leaves me effectively very little time to study, but I'm hoping to finish the Kaplan Premier Edition before I start work and then buy the Princeton Review for more revision. Not having a computer at hand sure has its drawbacks, as I can't give mock tests online and simulate the real experience. However, I'm sure everything will turn out well... Well begun is half done, right? And better late than never...

Enough about my study saga. I've caught two movies recently - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and Night at the Museum 2. While I enjoyed both tremendously, I must say that the previous ones were a lot better. All the characters in both movies are lovely-ly picturised and brought alive (literally in the latter film).

HP and HBP had awesome graphics and direction as always, and the actors were also superb. I still can't decide whether or not I like the perplexing grey character Snape - he's got handsome looks and attitude but he's forever vile and vicious in demeanor. Bellatrix is wickedly beautiful and amazingly repulsive. Hey, it takes effort to look and appear mean, don't forget that! McGonnagal and Dumbledore are adorable as usual, but most folks have precious little to do. I couldn't stop the tear that trickled outta my eye when everyone at Hogwarts raised their wands in fond memory of dead Dumbly... I'm gona miss the old Grandpa...

About NATM 2, all I can say is that things are pepped up by flying Amelia (whose sprightly gait reminds me of Urmila in Rangeela) and the lisping Egyptian Kahmunra. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson (as the cute General Dyer) could have done with more meaty roles. If you loved NATM 1, you shall be a tad disappointed in this sequel, but its not bad really. You could watch it once, jus don't expect the thrills and kicks of part 1. My rating - again 7/10.

Something that I can't rate as of now, and which made my hair stand on end was the Pulsar Stunt Mania show that I glimpsed on MTV yesterday. Man!! These guys are freaky! There are gals on the show too, but they considerably bring down the goosebumps. The wheelies and crazy stunts - I think some things are better left to the males. The way they can be mean, fearless and yet wantable at the same time is not something we girls are experts at... But we ladies sure make better cheerleaders! See?!! I guess the way the genders think and behave, their attitudes and personalities are so unique, you really can't change it entirely however much you so desire... And that's good, right?!!

Awritey, time for me to run. But not before I tell you that Luck has got terrrrrible reviews. I was quite eager to watch Sanjubaba, Imran and Chakde India's lisping hockey player in this one, but I'm told better LUCK next time... The other films releasing soon and expected to be great are Love Aaj Kal, Kaminey, 2012 and Final Destination...

So, you see the casual reading's on hold now. I'm going back to my GMAT, and then when time permits, it shall be TV time and cards-with-the-family time. Pardon me if I don't write sooner... I need all the time I can get right now to lagao diye in my exam!!

Until then!!


Saturday, July 25

Do You HAVE to Write a Title??

I saw your face...
In a crowded place...
And I dunno what to do...
Coz I'll never be with you...
You're beautiful, it's true!


Heard this song? You're Beautiful by James Blunt. A lovely song , but I don't understand why he strips in the music video. He isn't exactly sexy, you know what I mean?!!

Sorry couldn't think of a good enough title... But one good act I did last week was visit the orphanage and distribute cake and snacks to the kids. They were singing "Happy Birthday to You" and licking their creamy fingers... Made me want to weep in delight. Such lovely angels! The best way I could've celebrated my D-day... I'm thinking of making this my bday tradition!

I watched Ice Age 3 on Sunday, and let me tell you something - GO FOR IT!! It's such an adorable movie, and so mighty enjoyable that elders and kids shall be impressed alike. Please book the English version; the Hindi dubbing will be as accurate as Bappi Da's Hindi (but it will probably be more hilarious coz of its absurdity!). The intricacies of human behavior and gender differences are so aptly portrayed that it leaves you in splits. Like "guys don't talk; they just punch each other on the arm and things are OK!" The humor is well-timed and superb, and the animation is simply incredible. You're gona love this!! I did :-) I'd call it an 8 on 10... 2 marks cut coz it dragged in a few places... But the Buck rocks! Pop goes the weasel...

I missed Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince that opened last week, but I hope to catch it soon. I hardly remember reading the book, but I wouldn't miss the movie for anything in the world. Dumbledore dies, Ron and Hermione fall in love, as do Gini and Harry - I recall that much... And hey, I also wana see Night at the Museum starring Ben Stiller (loved the prequel) and Luck (the promos look brilliant) both released this Friday.

Hey, by the way, do you know anybody called Inquilab Srivastav? If you say no, I'm gona whack you on the head... This creepy sounding guy is none other than THE Big B - Amitabh Bacchan! Surprising, eh? And you know what Rajnikanth's real name is? Sivaji Rao Gaekwad... LOL... Thanks Lola Lutty for the info!!

Genelia (of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na fame) and Juhi Chawla are plashed across TV screens these days. Both the pretty women are endorsing every brand possible from snacks to drinks to deoderants to hair oils. It's nice to know you minting money, women, but go easy on the viewers, ya!

As a stroke of good luck, the participants of Is Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao have run away, so the show is stalled, if news sources are to be belileved. Apparently the Malaysian rain-forest is more dangerous than was warned, and the celebrities want more money or more safety if they are to return... This doesn't seem to bother Rakhi Sawant in any way as she flirts fairly and eqully with all the 4 finalists on her swayamvar. Jeez, you should watch the show once if only to grin at the stupid dialogues and the fake emotional outburts!!

Pune has become extremely windy these days. It's scary the way the windowws rattle and the leaves whistle. And the rains are crazy! The showers come in spurts and you're wet before you can say "monsoon"... My family used to joke that when it rains in Mumbai, you're soaked by the time you open your umbrella. Looks like Pune's following suit... And it's IRRITATING!!! But I guess we need all the barsaat we can get. I feel very sad when I see water-logged roads, coz the we aren't doing anything about harvesting the rainwater. Hope the geniuses think and implement something wise soon...

My swimming pool continues to be shut for the third consecutive week. I'm afraid I'll forget my moves, so I keep practising once in a while on the bed. It doesn't me forward, but I do manage to review the 1-2-3 breast-stroke with reasonable confidence and imagination. Haalat (=circumstances) can make you do funny things!

Speaking about funny things, I went to go out this Sunday, and I was stopped at my street corner coz the Vice President of India was visiting Symbiosis and he was going to pass that way "anytime soon". Obviously nobody knew when. But the policeman was content with smiling at our urgency to be someplace and he enjoyed the few minutes of power this occasion bestowed him. It was amazing to see the entire Senapati Bapat Road (or S. B. Road as it is popularly known) which is congested throughout the day and night, completely empty for those fifteen minutes. A few folks passed by on foot, but they were also ushered to the corners by the thullas.

As we waited for His Highness to make way for us, I smirked at the distinction awarded to people of different status. As citizens we are supposed to stand aside so that this guy can pass with his fleet of ambassadors, police vans, ambulances and what nots. Just so that the traffic doesns't delay his passage for a few minutes, we are all herded like buffaloes and goats to one side of the road for over half an hour. And then we have to battle through the streets coz everyone wants to get to his/her destination ASAP to make up for the lost time... How equitable and just!! Such is life...

I bumped into my University professor the other day. Or rather she stopped me as I was marching unaware near Dorabjee. It was wonderful to see her so suddenly. And what was sweet was that she remembered my name! Students remembering teachers is no big deal, but hey, when a teacher recalls a student by face AND name, then you sure deserve a pat on the back :-) I met a school teacher a couple of months ago, and she did not remember me except for my last name when I mentioned it to her. But I must give this to her - we were meeting after 16 years (she taught me in Std II) and she identified my brother as the naughtiest kid she'd ever come across! Teachers DO tend to remember the badmaash bacchas more than the seedha saadha children!

Well, ask me... I'm a trainer, and I remember all the cute guys I teach ;-)

Happy weekend!!


Thursday, July 23


Bon Jour, ladies and gentlemen!

I'm missing my ISABS days. One of the most memorable experiences of my life... Hence, I decided to share with you a poem that I penned down while my labmates and facilitators (miss you all SO much, boo hoo...) were sitting silently watching each other in the unstructured lab environment.

It was incomplete then, and after that, I have written a series of unfinished poems that I never quite had the inspiration or words to complete. Eureka! The Supreme Being gave me the brainwave to amalgamate all of them, do a lil chop-and-change here and there... And here you are baby, a beautiful composition and honest declaration... By your truly...

(Humility ain't one of my best traits, told you umpteen times before!)

A little note on the context, just so the poem makes more sense. The lab was held in Goa, at a resort called Dona Sylvia, which has it's own (almost) private beach. Every evening when I went there for a stroll, I became philosophical and mellow. (Which I anyways am , right?!) Plus the learnings and experiences in the lab, realizations about my patterns of behavior... It all made me quite poetic as well. The first couple of paragraphs were written thinking about the seashore, drawing parallels to my own life, and of course as you can make out, the last couple of paragraphs were added later – the poetic medley.

Enough talk... On with the action! Let the curtains rise!!

As I watch the waves I think,
About the person I am,
So what if I feel a particular way?
Am I to hold it back like a dam?

The sandy beach reminds m,
Life isn't always the same;
Some of the sand jumps for the tide,
And some remains stable and tame.

So what if I get upset over things that appear trivial?
For me, nothing's a silly game...

The sun sets low on the horizon,
Conveying, relax, it all ends one day;
Why then with any realization,
Do the tears come and my composure sway?

I have my goods and bads,
I'm generous, assertive and guileless;
I am what I am,
And whoever said one has to be flawless?

I get attached to people the very first time I meet them,
So what?

I keep smiling with or without reason,
So what?

Silly, mushy, emotional scenes in movies make me cry,
So what?

I'm possessive and rude when provoked,
So what?

I feel betrayed and hurt when when those that I love,
Adore something else more than me;
Their passion, ego or a plaything,
Even their family.

I do unreasonable, absurd things,
Like wanting those that don't want me.

I'm responsible and protective,
And I hate the fact that I'm so sensitive...

They call me stubborn and self-centred,
Though they know of my jolly, sweet nature,
Doesn't bother me... Whoever wants to please them all...
Not me for sure!

Or do I??

What matters finally
Is that I know I'm wonderful,
I know my weaknesses,
And that's my greatest strength...

I am me...

… And I'm one of a kind.

Happy birthday to Me :-)


Saturday, July 18

Khana Peena Jeena


One of my college-mates who got married a year and half ago is now 4 months pregnant. This news made me feel a little sick. I mean I know a lot of girls get married in college and most of them have babies by the time they turn 24-25. But hey, I did not expect sucha thing in my batch!

Everybody used to teme that me being a Marwari would be the first to get engaged and married. And now when I look around, I see more than a few of my school and college mates tying the knot and getting ready for parenthood! Makes me feel like Bridget Jones... or the protagonist of Almost Single for that matter... Being unmarried was making me feel great a couple of months ago, and now suddenly I'm feeling left out as if I've flunked some exam!! Hard to explain, but I think God knows what he's doing, and things will work out when the time arrives...

The time to finish Chamundi Hill is nowhere in sight. It's right where I left off, coz I just don't seem to have the zeal to read those kiddy stories however profound their meanings and morals might be. I hope it doesn't meet the fate of The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari - the only book that I've left midway...

The Associate is finally over, and I'm sorry to say I cannot recommend it to you. The book keeps you aching for some hardcore action, and all you end up with is disappointment. The story (if I haven't shared it with you before) is about this boy from Yale who's blackmailed and asked to join a big law firm in order to pass on trade secrets to the blackmailer. He does join the firm coz he's afraid of the consequences if he refuses, but midway he decides that he's had enough and he ought to ask for legal help. He is guided to the FBI and the climax shows how the blackmailer outsmarts them all and runs away, albeit without any secrets... And Kyle McAvoy restarts leading his life the way he initially planned it... In brief, he just takes a silly detour... an doubles back. HOW terrific, eh?!!

When I purchased Grisham's novel, I was expecting some courtroom drama and excitement. It has been a dud in that sense. I'm mising Perry Mason, Prisoner of Birth and other action-oriented scenes. And so, I dug out from my book-rack a book that I'd bought exactly 2 years ago and never read. The Complete and Unabridged Omnibus of Sherlock Holmes. Doyle's 3 books are compiled in one, and I hope to get my suspense-hunger satiated by this monstrous paperback.

I start my new job as a full-time corporate trainer with an HR consultancy in August. It promises to be hectic and challenging, and my only hope is that it is exciting and satisfying. I had a great time freelancing and chilling out throughout June and July, but it's not something I'd want to do forever... And hence, I planned to take up this post. I pray this turns out to be a good decision. If nothing else, it's certainly going to keep me busy as hell... Even Saturdays, which I ain't too kicked about...

My swimming is on hold currently, coz the pool's shut due to water scarcity. I hope this 2 week break doesn't wipe out the water baby genes... I still can't breathe out underwater, and I really want to learn a few other strokes as well.

Hey, did I tell you about 22nd July? I can't remember if I did... It's a solar eclipse that day, the last one any of us shall see in this lifetime. Don't get too excited about that coz it's not see-worthy unless you have solid protection for your eyes. A mere 6 second viewing can burn your retina. So keep off... It won't be too tough to avoid it though, coz it's going to occur between 6-8 am on Wednesday.

Apparently, the last such eclipse that happened was during the Kurukshetra war (Mahabharata) and the one before that was when Ram slay Ravana. Ominous, right? I hope I get to hear you wish me a happy birthday the next day... Shan't be too joyous if something goes wrong... Anywhere in the whole wide world... All said and done, we're all one, hai na?

My Ammi's gone on the Amarnath Yatra. She shall be seeing the gigantic shivling that automatically gets formed from ice every year somewhere in the Himalayan range. Vaishnodevi is also on her agenda, and I hope she has a good time and returns with blessings for us all.

Hey, forgot to tell you about this - I visited two new places last weekend. The places aren't really new. They've been here for donkey's years, but somehow this donkey didn't get a chance to land up there ;-) Apache Next on Ghole Road and Mahesh Lunch Home in Camp.

Apache, as most of us from Pune know, is a fluid lounge that serves snacks and booze, plays rock and retro, and screens the big matches on large screens. Apache Next is from the same gang, and the place is better in ambience than Apache on FC. The service wasn't too prompt (maybe coz it was a Saturday night), but the music was decent. I had Go2Hell on the insistence of a pal, and it turned out to be Rooh-Afza on the rocks. Ok place, good to go with the gang.

Mahesh Lunch Home - the name sounded like the typical dabbawallah joint that frequents Pune's streets and college areas. However, I was shocked when I walked into this restaurant that specialilzes in seafood. They also serve chicken, alcohol and snacks, but only a fool would pass the fish and crab and other dishes that adorn the menu. The prices can be steep, so choose with care, and a decent meal for two can cost you anywhere between the range of 500-800. A must-visit for people who love samundar food. And a good joint for those who like a change...



Thursday, July 16

What’s on Air

Namaste people.

Not having a full-time job gives me plenty of time for myself, and as you know very well by now, my favorite pastimes include reading, philosophizing, chatting nonstop and watching TV. So, I might as well do my good deed for the day by telling you about some stuff I’ve seen on TV lately.

Undoubtedly, the most sidey show award would go to Rakhi Ka Swayamvar, a hare-brained, stupid ham programme that gives you a peek into the not-so-secret-life of Rakhi Sawant. There’s a bunch of guys from all across India (and one even from Canada), who probably having nothing better to do, decided to enter this show and bare their LOVE for THE item girl of the century. In short, a bunch of men are hitting on the self-hailed and “victimised” queen of boldness, who in turn, has articulated feelings for all of them without exception…

If the producers are planning to pass on any moral or ethical values to the gen Y through this television series, then I shall say - thanks, but no thanks… Rakhi’s English is ridiculous, her expressions are fake, Ram Kapoor (the host) is tremendously soporific, and the potential suitors are visibly bored… The buzz is that Rakhi will actually marry the guy who wins this contest. As if we care!

The other show that has recently begun is Is Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao, which is YET AGAIN a copy of the Western version "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here"... The contestants are mini-celebrities (that's what they claim!) and they're left in some forest and then the usual monkey tricks to survive there. The Hindi series is now on, and it stars folks like Palak - the drama queen from MTV Roadies (Ugh, I'd hoped that was the last we'd heard of her!), and TV artists like Shweta Tiwari, Chetan Hansraj, Marc Robinson, popstar Anaida among others. The American series starts next week on Star World.

Why why WHY do we keep copying ideas from foreign shows? Don't we have our own creativity and brains? I'm sick of it... Be it Kamzor Kadi Kaun (The Weakest Link) or Kaun Banega Crorepati (Who Wants to be a Millionaire), Kya Aap Panchvi Paas Se Tez Hai (Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader) or Big Boss (Big Brother). I mean height of copycat-ism. Sheesh... There's another addition to the lot - Sach Ka Saamna based on a show I'd told you about sometime ago on this blog - Your Moment of Truth... And also India's got Talent copied from America's got Talent.

Thanks to these shows, any Tom, Dick and Harry can now boast of being a judge on a celebrity show. I mean if Anu Malik can judge Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega with the lisping Farah Khan, then I sure could host a show single-handedly myself!
(And Kirron Kher and Shekhar Kapur too!! LOLzzz)

MTV and Channel V seem to be better off as far as concepts and innovation is concerned. At least they come up with their own reality programs. There's MTV Teen Diva (which FYI is being shot at Corinthian in Pune), Airtel MTV Connected (where twins do freaky things to display their connected-ness), and V Fast and Gorgeous (in which hot divas do daring stuff so that they can be chosen as Force India's aka Vijay "Kingfisher" Mallya's cheerleading team). I don't religiously follow any of these shows, but they are telecast and repeated so often, that want it or not, I do manage to watch quite a few episodes.

And of course, reruns of the brilliant-est show in the universe - Friends which I catch as often as I can on Star World everyday between 7-8 pm. Star World really HAS become my favorite channel; another wonderful show is Superstars of Dance, where participants from all over the world show their dancing skills. There's China, Russia, Ireland, India, America, South Africa, Argentina and some more nations that compete in solo, duet and group rounds to take home the title of the absolute, unbeatable Superstars.

I'm very sorry to say that India doesn't seem to be doing too great. As compared to the passion and choreography of the other countries, I can sense some lethargy and misguided planning on the part of the Indian team and coach. In places that need the enthusiastic jalwa of Punjab, these people show stupidly strategised Garba... I mean it irritates me. As far as I know, no other continent has as many dance forms as India, and yet, we're lagging behind in the competition. It's unpatriotic and frustrating...

Have you heard about Tedhi Baat - Shekhar Ke Sath on SAB? You're lucky if you haven't. It's an extremely boring talk show where Shekhar comes dressed as a celebrity and answers (or rather doesn't answer) Qs posed by his co-host Gurpal Singh. I'd had more hopes from this one... Especially after seeing SS's prowess in Movers and Shakers and other comic shows. It almost makes me glad to see Soha Ali Khan (of all people!) hosting Godrej Khelo, Jeeto, Jeeyo on Star Plus versus the Shake-her fiasco.

Bahut hogaya TV, ab kuch khabare... Sania Mirza is finally engaged, so stop hitting on her all you majnus... And Sunny "Little Master" Gavaskar has turned 60. The bad news is that the Delhi Metro has crashed twice in 2 days, and Mumbai's battling with extreme rainfall.

Hey, Harry Potter's sixth movie is realeasing today - The Half-Blood Prince. I can't recall the story; it's been ages since I read the paperback, but I'm hoping to catch it this weekend, and I'm sure I'll love it :-)

Shucks, the rain's started again...
Water water everywhere, and the taps running dry...

Must go before I get soaked!

Be back soon :-) Take care


Monday, July 13

Think you know everything?!!


I told you some
fun stuff quite sometime ago, and now it's GK time!

The liquid inside young coconuts can be used as a substitute for blood plasma.

No piece of paper can be folded in half more than 8 times. (Go on, I’ll wait...)

Donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes or shark attacks.

You burn more calories sleeping, than you do watching television. (Which explains why I'm losing a lot of weight lately!!)

Oak trees do not produce acorns until they are 50 years of age or older. (Sabar ka meetha phall!)

The first product to have a bar code was Wrigley’s gum.

The King of Hearts is the only king without a moustache.

American Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by eliminating one olive from each salad served in first-class. (WoW!)

Venus is the only planet that rotates clock-wise. (And since Venus is often associated with women, what does this mean? That women are going in the correct direction!! Hahaha!)

Apples, not caffeine, are more efficient at waking you up in the morning.

Most dust particles in your house are formed from dead skin.

The first owner of the Marlboro company died of lung cancer; so did the first Malboro man.

Walt Disney was afraid of mice! (Now that's hilarious!!)

Pearls melt in vinegar.

The three most valuable brand names on earth are – Marlboro, Coca Cola and Budweiser – in that order.

It is possible to lead a cow upstairs, but not down the stairs. (Which crazy mutt had nothing better to do?!!)

A duck’s quack doesn’t echo, and no one knows why. (Wonder who discovered that! Kuch kaam-dhandha nahi hai kya logo ko?!!!)

Dentists recommend that a toothbrush be kept at least 6 feet away from a toilet to avoid airborne particles resulting from the flush. (I keep mine in the living room now!)

Turtles can breathe through their butts! (That's what is called utilising things to the fullest!)

Quite a treasure-trove, eh?
Go, show off like
the last time and have fun!!

Oh, and for the records, it's my Abba's wedding anniversary today. Cheers!!


Thursday, July 9

Khabari Lal Strikes Back

Hello friends.

It has been a while since I wrote to you. Have been busy with swimming and English training and GMAT practice and other stuff. Also reading The Associate and still trying to find a compelling reason to advise you to do the same...

Well, the other things I've done thus far are traveling to Lonavla on a Sunday picnic, and watching the debacle called Kambhakht Ishq. Lets call it KI, shall we?

So basically, there's this super model-cum-surgeon Bebo who leaves her stupid-mantra-chanting watch inside the body of Mr. Stuntman Akshay Kumar during an operation. This act is by all means horrendous and unethical, and by no means justified by a series of songs that make the audience check THEIR WATCHES every couple of minutes. The lack of a gripping plot is further complicated by the trashy acting of Aftab and Amrita Arora, both who have no brains and rely solely upon the scheming minds of their best buddies to make their marriage work. Yawnnn....

Kareena, needless to say, is a pain on all 5 senses. (I hate her, so whatever she does ain't gonna impress me.) Akki in his typical playboy-adventurous character finds no challenge in the role. He does manage to elicit a few laughs in his deadpan ham style. NOT paisa-vasool for sure...

What I found interesting in the movie was the cute way in which Akki proposes to Kareena, underwater... Quite innovative and mushy, eh?! Also the parallel between Dil To Pagal Hai and KI - in the former, Lolo gets drunk and croons to SRK "Mujhe chhodke to nahi jaoge na" and in the latter, Bebo does the same drunken melodramatic scene with AK. Sweet...

For those interested in the actual storyline (which is SO ancient it ought to be mummified and filed away for good) - Bebo hates men and Akki hates women, and weddings are their worst nightmare. KK's reason is that all the men she has known have duped their women, and she finds her match in Akki who romances Denise Richards as he does his daredevil acts.

Like their previous movie together, the box-office will surely be Bewafa to their current film. The Ajnabee and Aetraaz magic didn't work here, fellas... What might bring the audience could be more trailers featuring Sylvester Stallone - the super hunk who looks droolingly refreshing in his 5 minute appearance. And what the hell are Boman Irani, Javed Jaffery and Kirron Kher doing in this rubbish?!!

Those of us watching the screen were destined to a horrible experience, but even those who enjoy their nap on the theatre chairs did not enjoy. The seats at Rahul "multiplex" are so inconvenient; my poor mommy had a rough time resting her butt in peace. Shessh... This kambhakht movie will get no greater than a 3 from me... A 3 coz of a few raunchy scenes (LOL) and some pretty parts that Akki manages to pull through convincingly. PLEASEE AVOID under all circumstances. Check out Ice Age instead... I'm sure it'll be much better!!

Lonavla was good. What could have made the trip better was a lil rain, but I'm not complaining. The local becomes a mess when one needs to travel during the rains, so we were lucky in that sense. However, it was a disappointment to check out the almost dry Bhushi dam, and the empty fair skies. A walk through the market, gazing at enthusiastic swimmers in the lake and relishing our late lunch as we chomped and chatted was all we did there, but I had a great time. Haven't done this in a long time... Here's a toast to great times with good friends!! Cheeeerrsss...

Hey, it's raining quite a bit in Pune now. The taps are stull running dry unfortunately. Heard there've been mini floods in Mumbai, pray they all stay safe. El Nino's approaching and I hope it doesn't ruin our monsoons. Bday in 2 weeks. Not very excited if you ask me... But, you can't stop things from happening and you cant make what you want happen all the time, right?

Have written a few poems in my diary back home. Wanted to share them with you, but most of them are too personal, dismal and incomplete... Life!!!

Take care babies...

Lonely Princess

Saturday, July 4

Teraaaa Khhoooonnn...


Seems like the angels are appeased... It's finally raining in Pune! Not the cats and dogs types... But it's good enough. Cheerio!!

Wana know some interesting facts about your blood group?

Here are some personality traits depending on the blood group you belong to, and also the statistics about the strength of each group.

You want to be a leader, and when you see something you want, you keep striving until you achieve your goal. You are a trend-setter, loyal, passionate, and self-confident. Your weaknesses include vanity and jealousy and a tendency to be too competitive.

Around 47% people belong to the O group; 40% for O+ and 7% for O-

You like harmony, peace and organization. You work well with others, and are sensitive, patient and affectionate. Among your weaknesses are stubbornness and an inability to relax.

Around 40% people belong to the A group; 34% for A+ and 6% for A-

(I thought my mum's categorised here. The description fits her to the T. But nope, she's B+)

You're a rugged individualist, who's straightforward and likes to do things your own way. (That's me!) Creative and flexible, you adapt easily to any situation. But your insistence on being independent can sometimes go too far and become a weakness. (Don't I know that already?!!)

A mere 9% people belong to the B group; 8% for B+ and 1% for B- (I'm B- group... The rarest of the lot HAS TO BE me...)

Cool and controlled, you're generally well liked and always put people at ease. You're a natural entertainer who's tactful and fair. But you're standoffish, blunt, and have difficulty making decisions.

Just 4% people across the world have AB blood group; 3% are AB+ and 1% are AB-

(My dad's in this one...)

Fits you??

Shall be back soon with more fun facts and trivia!

So long!

Wednesday, July 1

Hai Junoooooon

Heya fellas!!

Say hello to the woman who conquered the waters and is now swimming happily at 10 feet :-) Yeah, that's me!! And you know what? It don't matter how deep the pool is as long as you know how to stay on top... And this applies to a lot more domains than just swimming!! Raise a toast!!

I happened to watch New York this weekend. (Not the city, I mean the film. But you DO see the city in the film... So whatever.) The multiplexes were all sold out, so I was expecting a helluva lot from the movie. Sadly, it was a typical Yashraj affair, with the climax dragging on and on and on. Of course, John and Kats are wonderful - pleasant on both, the eyes as well as the other senses. But I cant say the same for Neil Nitin Mukesh. I hated him even in the Aa Dekhe Zara trailers, so I was ready to hate him some more when all he did was act like the victimised and helpless crybaby in this production.

The movie, as everybody knows by now is about the 9/11 tragedy and what occured after that. Muslims in the US were detained and harassed without evidence, and its a pitiable picture that the movie presents. It's gross and it's repulsive, but it's also touching and heartrending. Especially coz Johny boy was at the receiving end... He did a fab job in the movie, and Irfan was strictly OK. There are hardly any songs (surprisingly!) and that's actually a blessing! I love the "Hai Junoon" track though Pritam is said to have copied it from someplace... I don't care!! My rating for the movie - 6/10. Not too amazing, not terribly ugh. Watchable... once.

Talking about India, lets applaud the opening of the first sea-bridge - the Bandra-Worli sealink that boasts to transport the traveller in a record 6 minutes versus the previous 45!! Now that's an achievement! Way to go!!

And cheerio, Saina for winning the Indonesian Open! Don't let it go to your heead, gal... You've got many more laurels awaiting you if only you keep up the great work!

Apna Pune... No good news there... Not for the time being at least. In fact, the opposite is lined up. Water levels have dropped to an all-time low, reservoirs and dams are drying up. Which means that if there is no rain (and it's already July for lord's sake!), we shall soon be 40% short of water in our taps. Jeez... Sad... My swimming pool at ILS will be shut if the water situation doesn't improve... Boo hoo!!

Reminds me of the story "The Selfish Giant" that we read in school... How the owner of a big, beautiful garden shuts it out from the lil kiddos who enjoy playing there, and the gods of the seasons plan to boycott that garden and punish the giant for his selfishness... "I wonder why the spring is so late in coming..." ponders the giant. I wonder why the rains are so late in coming... Have we annoyed some pretty angels in anyway?

Well... What else up mates? My bday's round the corner... Yeah yeah, the corner around the 3rd week from now :-D I seem to be going from 23 to 45... Need to pep it up. Any bright ideas??!!!!

I'm all ears!

Muaaaaaaaahhh in advance!

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