Tuesday, April 16

April update


Three months have passed since I last peeped in here. Happy times to report, fortunately!

I complete 6 months at Northern Trust, time flies! So far so good, nothing to complain about. I'm now certified on 5 choices to extraordinary productivity by Franklin Covey and on my way to Crucial Conversations. Built a strong network already and working on achieving some key goals for the team and myself. 

2019 has been kind to me, and I'm not prepared to have it jinxed yet, so touch wood!

March saw 2 sudden events, a wedding in Goa (such a gala affair) and my debut as a speaker at a panel discussion in an LND summit on disruption and innovation in the field of learning and development. Check out some pictures of both these rosy memories...

And of course, GoT finale is here! Watched the first episode with a lot of gusto. If you haven't figured out what I'm talking about, I can only feel sorry about your lack of connect with reality and trends. Game of Thrones, one of the top shows of all time, which 2 years ago meant nothing to me, but one look and I was floored. You must watch, if you haven't. You're missing something. And there's no pride in claomicl "I haven't watched one episode of GoT". Coz we are all on the same side, we're all breathing! 

I did some reading too, yay! Sidney Sheldon's The Silent Widow followed by The Naturalist now. Bring it on! Plus movies: Avengers, Dumbo, RAW... A balanced life beckons.

Seen so much of love around me, and a fair amount of unpleasantness too, but with more wisdom and patience than before. Hopefully it will only get better....

Until we meet again!

Lots of love and best wishes

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