Sunday, October 21

From Up Above


Happy Dassera, you'all!

Writing to you from mid air right now. (Obviously will post it once my flight lands!)

All I can see are diamonds and emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Busy moving jewels and endless streams of pearls. God must be delighted watching this scene from up above, day after day. 

God has also been more than kind to me, I do realize day after day. Maybe God favors the brave, or God helps those who help themselves. Either way, I accept the compliment (made by self) very graciously and thankfully. The pieces of my puzzled life have fallen together and I have crossed the eye of the storm to reach the calm. 

My new workplace seems fantastic, and while it's too early to say, I do believe 2 weeks is a good time to understand the true culture of a company and the people within. To put it in a nutshell, they've all made me feel so special and comfortable, it's like I belong here. And that's a huge statement, given that several people (and leaders) think the universe revolves around them and everyone else is second citizen or at their mercy. 

So, as 2nd Vice President at Northern Trust, I have joined the Enterprise Learning and Development team under the HR function. We're a lean team, and there's loads of exciting stuff in the pipeline so I'm totally looking forward to all my time of learning and network building. 12 years in the training domain have equipped me with reasonable expertise and my Master's in Psychology has bestowed me with fair insight to believe that this is going to be an exciting phase in my life. Not to mention, everybody who has blessed me and stood by me through times when the going wasn't so great. Change is the only permanent, my friend! Hang in there and good times will be here soon...

So, I'm in Bangalore for 2 weeks now, chilling at the Courtyard Marriott and working out of my office next door. What I did do in the short break before I joined NT, is enjoy a quick trip to Bhutan with my mum and offspring. While it wasn't the best vacation of my life (Ladakh was more mesmerizing and being with the superactive/stubborn duo was immensely tiring), it sure added to the stamps in my passport and enhanced my awareness about Buddha, the Divine Madman, and dzongs (=monasteries) in general. What probably stands out in my memory the most, is Punakha's Phallus obsession and the story of the Bhavachakra, as well as the surprisingly fresh air and juicy fruits and vegetables in Bhutan. There were many foreigners, especially at Taktsang monastery, famous as Tiger Nest - a huge edifice miraculously perched on top of a mountain, a trek that is not advised for the faint of heart and vigor. No doubt then that my mommy trounced the journey and added yet another feather to her magic stamina at 60 hat. The bash we threw at her birthday few weeks ago could well be mistaken for her 30th, LOL. What tenacity, what beauty, and what cooking skills! She's really a wonder. May she live long and healthy.

Coming up soon is Diwali and little Aaru's birthday. My new house is all ready and set to go on rent, since we've moved to a larger and posh-er apartment closer to my new workplace. So there, all sorted. The man is well, and a better man in many ways. We've caught up on some fun date nights at Kharadi's World Trade Center party destinations, and some films like Andhadhun (more frustrating than Brij Mohan Amar Rahe and Udta Punjab) and Badhai Ho (amusing one with great acting). We've also made the most of the Amazon shopping sale and other online scams. In a bid to save 20%, we have heartily spent 90% of our savings. Ha ha. Educated idiots, the bunch of us. Slaves of technology and trends. Bah.

And that's all I've got time for as we land in Namma Bengaluru. Talk to you soon. Ciao.


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