Sunday, January 27

Rush Hour


No time to breathe is how I'd describe the last 3 weeks... bz wid college n work, practicals and asignments. It hasnt been too bad though, coz I luv keeping bz and besides, the content of most of d thins I'v been doin has been very excitin - rite from the intersting pschometric tests v dealin wid in pracs (as opposed to the mechanical, useless tests v had last sem), to the brilliant TA session (Transactional Analysis in Psychology, for the uninitiated) we had wid a (or rather THE ONLY) verbally-giftd prof at the dept.

Other dan dat its been lecs at coll and work, work, work - 6 days a week, of which 2 days are weekends, dat too early mornin class... which in short boils down to no time for frens, family or myself AND the worst by far is waking up early (anytime before 8.30am is early pour moi)...

What else shall I say? Maybe I can let u in on one thing I'v learned coz of my relationship and life experiences in general - ppl like u whn u gud, n whn u bad nobody cares a damn, unless the very few folks who really care for u, unconditionally... when ur times r gud, u dnt ask for much coz u like d rosy, happy pic around u, n whn u need sum1, dats whn ppl find betr thins to do dat dnt include u... In short, jus axpt ppl n thins as they r... b content wid urself n dnt ask for anythin from others. If they r gud to u, b gud n b happy... coz if they're nt u cant force them n besides, its nt worth the effort anyway... just let thm b, until d time they themselves come to u n b normal again... d prob cud b u, or it cud b sumthin in their personal lives. I tried complainin, did a lot of it... until i realisd i was gettin noplace, n only screwin my own happiness in d bargain. I stopd, n m so HAPPY i cant tell u... i feel satisfied wid myself n i can only appreciate those around me for what they'r doin n wat they r to me... m satisfied - n i havnt said dat in a long time...

So, now m thr for those who need me, tho they may nt even look at me whn they got others, and m thr for those who want me, inspite of they nt livin up to what i ask frm them... i get pisd of curz, but i dnt think they deserv my anger either... so i jus put thm on ignore mode or the worse "indifferent" mode, n thn widout doin a thin, evrythin goes jus as i want it to ;-)

Gave the same suggestion to 2 ppl around me, n they've seen d results for thmselves... try it. m sure u'l c how well it works...

Waitin to hear from u!!
All the best, and adios for now...


Monday, January 7

New Year Ranting...

Hey people,
Wish you all a very happy n prosperous new year!

Long time again… D festive season is over n it’s bac to work n studies. I had a crash on new year’s. had a wonderful party wid d gang n thn my bike skid. Gota bump on my head n lost consciousness for a minute. Cudnt rem anything whn I came bac to my senses. Got an MRI done n all normal, but m bruisd all over n my left side aches like hell. But d worst blow is definitely my poooooooooor lipppp... dat has causd mo mental agony dan anythin else... but its fine now, as gud as new! Cheers to dat :-) my crowinin glory ;-)

Anyways, m bac to work startin today, so thot I’d buzz in n say hi to you’ll too… I’d promisd u my trip in detail, so betr late dan never… here goes!

Day 1 : Pune - Jodhpur – Bikaner : Wonderful train journey. I dint feel d need to open a book as I usually do d minute I get a seat. Was thinking of myself, frens, family, life… n time flew! Had a brawl wid a really rude group, amazing how youngsters who r expectd to be helpful and joly can b so rude and hostile. Had hired a Tavera which tuk us to Bikaner d same night; tiring journey, but glad coz cud sleep in a stable bed!

Day 2 : Thr r these funny flat autos in Rajasthan. Wonder how ppl get into thm, they’re squashd flat!! On d agenda today, Punrasar, Shamji Khatu, Salasar Balaji – All Hanumans on a Saturday, so God had no choice but to make our trip good. The roads of Rajasthan are rockin! You can travel hours on end n not feel it. I think apart from Pune and a few other places, roads all over the country are great – Delhi, Hyd, Aurangabad, the North, South… We traveled miles which was evident from d hours v took. Reachd late in d nite, so slept like a log… Hey, u know u cant carry home d utensils or even Prasad from the temples… dnt ask me y or how but if any1 tries to do dat, purposely or unintentionally, ur car’ll stall or u’ll get stuck sumhow widin d borders… n only whn u empty out whatever ur takin home, thn u’l b able to move out… amazing eh?!!!

Day 3 : Woke up late, visitd Karni Mata temple at Deshnokhe – the one I wrote abt in d previous post. N thn went on to Jaisalmer

Day 4 : nite at Jaisalmer, Khuri guest house, cultural program – singin n dancing n lotsa fun. D locals were really a funny lot (here’s wishin “Sonya”, Chhotu Khan, Tugge Singh urf Dasharath, “Sunil Dutt”, “Khartaal Mast”, “High Pitch” n d rest a heartload of thanx for d wonderful evening!) we laughd n made merry, all in all one of our best evenings in Rajastha

Day 5 : Sand dunes are funny, jus like humans… they’r here today, gone tomr! U’l c thm in one place jus now, n thn thr’s b flat land d next day! Its amazing… d vastness of d desert makes u feel so puny n powerless… I actually felt like d foreigners they show on television, who jus gape at the Indian splendour n feel awe and joy… We saw d sunrise in d desert, took a camel ride, toured Jaisalmer : all d buildings r built of yellow sandstone, including d Patwa Haweli which is a palatial structure, a museum, replete wid separate sections for different types of locks n keys, “sarota”, utensils, etc. We also went to some temple dat had a Khadisar lake near it, it resembled Varanasi sumhow, and we came across a team shootin there. V saw “Zafrani Pulao” from Cheeni Kum (I forget his name), and Amrita Rao n Harman Baweja. D public r so cute n simple thr, they jus sat quietly in their places n waited for d hero (who was hidin behind a tree n lunchin) n d heroine (who was bz yakkin on her phone) to step out n give them a look… which neither did… while Zafrani Pulao jus kept lukin at us as we passd by, imploring us to recogniz n acknowledge him! My masti-khor mum, as usual full of pranks, stepd up to d gate n said hurriedly “Side Side, Heroine aayi” n wonder of wonders! Ppl actually moved to make way for d “heroine” which was my Bhabhi shieldin her face from d sun. We generated mo attention n hullaballoo than d Bollywood team, and when I stepd outa d premises, ppl actually kept starin at me as if I was d actress (I was wearin jeans n a T n had tied my hair wid a bandana)… gosh, dat was funny!

Tirupati Balaji has a charm of its own, but Ramdeora is anodr place whr u can c devotees goin crazy… Baba Ramdeo (nt d yoga one) has a tremendous fan followin, n d place abounds wid tales galore. One of thm says dat at d fair which is held here, ppl leav behind their footwear… which is y u c thousands of shoes n slippers whn u enter d vicinity of Ramdeora. Anothr tale says dat Ramdeo promisd a demon dat each time 1 lac ppl arrivd at d fair, 1 of them wud die… as an offerin to d demon… n dis time whn 50 lac ppl came, 50 died… truth or fiction, take ur pick!

Also visitd Icchapurna Balaji, dats a Hanuman temple, beautifully built, and apparently said to fulfil ur wishes. I dint ask for anything much, hav d best of everythin by god’s grace…N of curz d main reason for our goin to Rajasthan – Sanchiya mata at Osiya. Luvly temple, luvly food, luvly experience… for mebe d first time in a temple, I cried jus on seein d deity – felt an unexplainable connection wid d goddess…

Day 6 : visitd Ajmer, d Dargah thr is mind-bogglin! Any door u touch, d fragrance of d perfumes lingers on each finger for ages later… halted at Pushkar, d world’s only Bramha temple, did a Ghat parikrama wid mum. We were lucky enuf to c sum swans n feed d squirrels, birds n cows… We reachd Jodhpur in d evening, so cudnt see d city, but visitd Mandore garden whr Ravan’s wife Mandodari lived.

Day 7 : train at 5am from Jodhpur, d worst bit of d trip. Our train delayd 12 hours coz of Rajdhani derailin on d same route. our train had to take a detour (thank god it wasn’t canceld or v’d get stuck!) n v reachd d next day, haggard n irritable, in d evening… bac to routine!

Now for titbits dat dint go in anywhr widin d blog…

Hey, here’s some funny plural forms dat I’v heard ppl use lately…
Car-e, Pizz-e, CV-ya ;-)

Know y u alwes do a Tilak wid 2 fingers? D 4th finger is coz it’s a sign of good luck n all things pure n divine… n it has to be followd up wid d thumb (spread d tikka in a str8 line towards d head) to signify long life… dint kno dat… cool na? we never know y sumthins r done some way, but delve deeper… thr r amazing stories to unravel!

Congrats to all! My bhabhi’s in d family way and so’s my Sarikadi… they’re both due sumtime around July-Aug 2008, so m prayin they dnt overlap wid my bday… cant miss a party for any sake! Anodr thing I heard – if u see a snake durin pregnancy, ur not-born-yet-baby is bound to lick his lips jus like a snake whn he grows up… I’v seen a few such folks… wonder if its really true… don’t try this tho!!!

Saw a 40+ Woman bicycling today… not for exercise, but as a way of transport…felt nice, way to go! May mo join d gang! (dnt luk at me, m hurt n cant run, forget pedal…)

Gota sign off for now, taken too much time already… leme kno how u liked d post! Wil b bac soon (hopefully)…

Luv ya,

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