Wednesday, August 26

A Not-So-Tearful Adieu


The GMAT is FINALLY over...

What began as a slow and insincere effort at studying in February reached its terminal stage esterday when I gave the GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test, you didn't know that? It's a necessary exam if you wish to pursue an MBA abroad, and the scores are accepted by a few high grade institutes in India as well - ISB Hyderabad, etc).

So, here I am, heaving multiple sighs of relief each time I remember that the GMAT is FINALLY over :-D

(Awrite, I know I'm irritating you now, but I can't help it, kindly excuse and empathize!)

Coming to the point, my score is 690 which is not excellent, but better than what I used to get in my mock tests while I was practising. The highest possible score is 800 which is as good as not reachable. My percentile is about 90 (which means I'm better than 90% of the people who have appeared for the test so far) and while I'm not exactly elated, I'm ok with what I've got. I'm hoping I stand a good chance to and an acceptance letter from my chosen B-schools if I have a strong application. What universities I'm targetting? New York - Stern, Northwestern - Kellogg, Texas Austin - McCombs, Michigan - Broad (all in the US) and Cambridge - Judge in the UK.

For those interested in my experience of the exam, I can't tell you much because the GMAC has forbidden test takers from disclosing any info. However, I can certainly share with you that I was all shivery and jittery on the morning of my exam, and also exceedingly optimistic and happy. I think Ganesha gave me the much-needed confidence and calmness. I reached before time (my appointment was at 11), but I was allowed to start the exam sooner. My AWA (essay) section was pretty competent; I think I did a better job on the Analysis of Issue than on Analysis of Argument. (Love taking sides and persuading, you know!)

The Quant section after that was a very confusing one, where I could not decide whether I was answering correctly or not! I mean I HATE number properties and Data Sufficiency, and those were the exact things that were asked of me in the test. Can the GMAT read minds? Freaky!

However, my scaled score was 49 on 60 which means I did fairly well, keeping in mind my long sabbatical from the study of Maths, and my Arts background. My score in verbal was expectedly pathetic - a measly 35 on 60. I DETEST Reading Comprehension, but I frankly thought the section was not too tough and I'd score better. Anyways, my percentile ranks in the two sections were 87 and 73 respectively.

That was the quantitative news. The qualitative description is that I was taking it too easy! I was ekdum chill as I gave the exam. I panicked once during the Math section when I thought the time was running out. However, I managed to finish both sections before time. 690!! Wish it had been 720, but hell, I was dreading anything around or under 660.

The last month has gone by pretty rapidly. I was spending most of my time at office - working,blogging, studying and socializing. And of course, I was spending the rest of my waking hours preparing at home for the GMAT. Now with the test out of the way, I have more time to relax (though I have to start the application process for a US MBA soon). The means to the end had become the end in itself... and I'm glad its ended for once...

I cried my lungs out on Sauturday after I gave my final mock-GMAT prep test, coz the score was identical to my first mock-test. And if there is not even a point difference between the two scores, then what the *Y#%$T*& was I doing for the last so many months?!! Now with a 690 on my unofficial score report, I am content, if not ecstatic.

By the way, I must thank a couple of people who deserve credit for my studying and appearing for the GMAT...

Denis - the very first person who told me about the GMAT and advised me to apply for a US MBA. Without him, I would never even have CONSIDERED this option. He guided me step-by-step like a father does a baby, and I'm tremendously grateful to him. He kept motivating and
pushing me to not give up and do my best. Thanks, buddy! I look forward to seeing you in the US next September raising a mocktail toast to our respective MBAs ;-)

Nikhil - He just buzzed one day and we struck gold! Both of us were unaware that the other was planning to give GMAT. What followed after that was a series of meetings and telecons, through which he passed on a lot of prep material, and I made up for it by helping him with his Sentence Correction queries. Thank you, mate! Owe you one... I hope we go together to pursue our MBAs next year - you to Purdue and me to NYU / Kellogg! Amen.

Sumant - who at a very crucial juncture lent me his laptop to study and prepare. Without a computer at my disposal, I bet I couldn't have done even 1/4th of the preparation that I've done in August. Plus, I've enjoyed making my blog-notes and played Mahjong Titans :-) Thanks!

And hey, Abba who paid my GMAT test fees, a cool $250.
And Sibi... who helped me hunt and browse for GMAT books, which I ultimately did not purchase coz the prices were crazy, and I wasn't sure what material was important.

And of course, all of you who prayed for me!! (Though you could've prayed a bit harder; I would have easily crossed 720 then...)

Well well well, the GMAT is finally OVER... I look forward to catching up with my friends and my sleep, and the Sherlock Holmes Omnibus that I had dug out a few months ago. I was anticipating a more relaxed and stress-free life after the hectic month of August. But the unanticipated resignation of a threesome at work has screwed my merry plans.I'm obviously going to have to shoulder extra responsibilities and dedicate more time at work.

(Not that I mind going an extra mile if I believe in the justness and necessity of the given task. Plus, it adds to my experience...)

Cheers, ladies and gentlemen! The GMAT is FINALLY over :-)



vishal said...

Hey,'s just exams sometimes we all wish crossing the threshold but we get a decent score..certainly,you shd do better in ur m.b.a..m.b.a is a new world in itself with lots and lots of international exposure..What's more important how u do in real life but exams are just exams..690 IS NT A BAD SCORE...all d best for ur M.B.A..u Will get a good college dunt wry bout...
Challengers R Big,Dreams R New,
World out there is Waiting 4 U,
Dare 2 Dream,Dare 2 Try,No Goal is Too Far,No Star is too High,
God is always with U...

Sharad said...

Hey!! 680 not bad.. but i really think u deserved much better.. All the best for your addmission procedures.. Cheers!!

Princess said...

@ Vishal - Thanks!

@ Sharad - Oye!!! 680 nahi, 690... Galat bolna hi tha, toh 700 bolts ;-)

ani_aset said...

all the best with your applications :D

Princess said...

@ Ani - Thanks ya, really need it :-)

ani_aset said...

arey thank you ka kya hai :)
When you are done remember the chocolates oks. I'm ready with address :D

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