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Wednesday, January 27

Bring Me To Life

How can you see into my eyes like open doors?
Leading you down into my core where I've become so numb
Without a soul, my spirit sleeping somewhere cold
Until you find it there and lead it back home.

Wake me up, Wake me up inside
I can't wake up, Wake me up inside
Save me, Call my name and save me from the dark...

Wake me up, Bid my blood to run
I can't wake up, Before I come undone
Save me, Save me from the nothing I've become...

In case you haven't guessed, these are the lyrics of the song "Bring me to Life" by Evanescence. Lovely song, extremely passionate and rhythmic. Got a lot of fresh tracks added to my cell-fone, so spend a lot of time listening to Jay Sean, Akon, Atif Aslam and others.

You know, my life is pretty exciting, but being a moderately social and quite organized individual, there are few things that I can share apart from non-stop highs and lows in my relationships, movies and parties that I've been to, and other trivia stuff that I come across. Of course, if there were some novel happenings, like maybe I got married and I could bitch about my husband and his idiosyncrasies ;-) OR if I got into Harvard (that I haven't applied to!) and met some cool profs and friends, then I would write about my daily experiences... And that would really be cool... But as I said, aisa kuch hai nahi, so you gotta bear with me. As much as I like blogging and hearing from you, I'm falling short of things to write about... Confession confession...

Of course, I've received an interview invitation from Michigan State Univ (MSU Broad) and my telephonic chat with them is slated for Feb 4th, so that's one thing I'm anxious and excited about. Shall let you know what the outcome is... But until then, there's nothing really "happening" happening... Thoda bahut padhai for TOEFL, hanging out with friends and chilling out with the colleagues, and that's about it...

Anyways, I don't know if I've told you I'm going to Pondicherry in February. It's like a dream come true for me, coz I've alwayssssss wanted to go there, right since the time I was a kid. Neither my family nor friends ever planned a trip there, so I find myself making my own arrangements and heading off alone. It's gona be super fun! I'm SO looking forward to chilling out on the beach and having a great time all by myself! No one around to bug the s**t outta me, no one to act crazy and ruin my mood, no on to please and no one to care about except myself. Woo hoo :-D

I'll be gone between the 7th and 13th, back in time for Valentine's. I hope this one is super special, unlike the previous ones...

But aah, before that comes my TOEFL... On Jan 31st (Sunday)... And while I'm not amazingly prepared, I'm working on it everyday now. Hope I do well.

And ya, two things that I recall having read recently that stayed with me long after I'd turned the pages...
- Peace is not just the absence of violence; it's when the flowers bloom (I believe this is by Amrita Pritam, the famous Indian poet/writer of Punjabi origin)
- Women give sex in order to get love, men give love to get sex. (I'm expecting some debate here! But hey, these aren't my words, I read them in Rajashree's novel titled "Trust Me")

Talk to you later! Shall write in when I can...

Until then, you can browse the other articles on my blog. There's a lot that you haven't read, I'm sure!

Keep the faith,

Saturday, January 23

Wedding Traditions Around the World

Here are some cute wedding traditions from around the world. Found them on the web... Enjoy!

GERMANY : Stealing the Bride
At her wedding reception, the bride is stolen by the best man, who then carries her away to a local pub. The groom has to search for them and pay for all their drinks when he finds them!

(Now that's on helluva idea! Hic hic :-D )

GREECE : Baby Rolling
A baby is rolled on the newly-weds' bed. This is believed to enhance fertility and happiness in the new marriage.

(Poor baby!! :-P )

IRELAND : Tokens of Love
An Irish man often gifts his ladylove a bracelet made of human hair. If she accepts and wears it, it shows she is linked to him for life. Some men also give their beloved a Harvest Knot made of straw (shown alongside), decorated with flowers or bells, to wear in their hair or around their neck.

(The second idea is so romantic!)

ORKNEY (A group of islands near Scotland) : The Blackening
In Orcadian weddings, the groom's friends ambush him and blacken him with a mixture of flour, treacle and feathers. The idea to make him look as drunk and messy as possible! He is paraded around town in the back of a truck, while his friends make a din so that everybody sees the groom's sorry state. The parade usually ends at the sea for washing up.

(LOL... Fun for everyone except the groom!)

RUSSIA : Head of the Household
The bride's mother hands the newly married couple a loaf of bread at the wedding reception. The one who can take the largest bite from the loaf will be the head of the household.

(Not fair! Men, with their massive mouths and disgusting eating habits, have an advantage. Boo!!)

ALASKA : Buying the Bride
The village elders must first approve a proposed marriage, after which the groom's family spends the next year arranging for the payment for the bride. They seek help from their relatives and assemble a house full of gifts. Once the bride's family accepts the offering, the groom must work for her family for one year; he has to do everything, right from hunting to chores around the house.

(Now that's one wonderful custom. Serves you men right, making the women run about the house!!)

ITALY : The Evil Eye
To ward off the evil eye the groom must carry a piece of iron in his pocket and the bride must wear a veil. At the end of the wedding day, in Southern regions, the couple shatters a glass or vase. The number of pieces predicts the number of years they will be happily married.

(Anything that helps.)

CHINESE : The Tea Ceremony
The couple kneels before their parents and ask for permission to marry.

(Decent... But hardly fantastic...)

You got any to share??

With Love and Luck and Laughter,

Tuesday, January 19

10 Things

Just been thinking about this...

Here are 10 things I would say to my girl, if I was a guy...

1. Look at her in a dreamy-eyed way and say, "You're gooooorgeous, woman! I can't take my eyes off you..."

2. "I'll always be there for you honey."

3. "Sweetheart, you have made me the luckiest man on this planet by loving me."

4. "I care for you baby."

5. "I feel incomplete without you... Can I hug you forever?"

6. "Man! I'd be damned if you weren't by my side."

7. When she's smiling/laughing, "I love to see you happy."

8. "Your wish is my command, princess."

9. "I'm dying to see you, my angel."

10. "I missssss you :-( "

... And more importantly, 10 things I would NEVER ever say...

1. "What have you ever done for me?"

2. "Why don't you make some coffee as I read the newspaper in the other room?"

3. "Can we talk later? I want to watch the football/cricket match."

4. "The gang's going out so I won't be able to come for your convocation/party."

5. "You ruined my life. I wish we'd never met!"

6. "His girlfriend is a babe! Love the way she dances/dresses/talks."

7. "You were with me just for my money."

8. "Couldn't you wear something better?" OR "You look funny/horrible/OK."

9. "You don't satisfy me."

10. "Call me after you stop crying" OR "Meet me after your problems are sorted out."

You're welcome :-)


Saturday, January 16

Zodiac Signs

Whether we believe in it or not, all of us know about the zodiac. Also called our sun-signs.

Q. Any idea which zodiac we refer to?
A. The Western zodiac signs - namely Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, in that order.

You may also have read/heard about the Chinese zodiac that has 12 animals associated with the date of birth - Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Boar.

You already are aware that I am a Cancer-Leo cusp according to the Western zodiac. Have I told you my Chinese sign? It's the Ox. Which means I'm hardworking, persistent, stubborn and systematic, observant, short-tempered, intelligent, caring, loyal, responsible, blah blah blah...

Here's the new stuff...

I checked out Celtic zodiac signs, after getting Holly as my sign on a Facebook application. It seemed different and interesting, and once that was sensed, how could I keep it away from you, beloved readers?!!

Wiki did not have much info on this. (Surprise surprise! Experts can fail, too!) But I surfed the web and found this stuff... Enjoy!

Celtic astrology basically hails from Ireland, and was created by the Druids around 1000BC. These expert observers believed that trees were sacred and carried infinite wisdom. These 13 signs can be likened to human nature and personality. This knowledge can bring us immense clarity and insight. And don't we all need that BIG time?!!

So, here it is... Enjoy!

Jan 21 - Feb 18 : Rowan, the Thinker
You are philosophical and creative, often misunderstood by others. You have a lot of passion that motivates you in the pursuit of your goals. You transform people and situations merely by your presence, but you dislike following others. You love change and can easily get restless and quarrelsome. Though you are kind and thoughtful, you can be tactless and alienate people. You team up well with Ivy and Hawthorn.

Feb 18 - March 17 : Ash, the Enchanter
You are artistic, intuitive and imaginative, sometimes moody and withdrawn. You are immersed in your own world of fantasies and do not care what others think of you. Spontaneous and persuasive, you are easily hurt as you can be hyper-sensitive. You partner well with Willow and Reed.

March 18 - April 14 : Alder, the Trailblazer
You are not one to follow the beaten path; you find your own ways and followers. Social, charming and gregarious, you usually get along well with everybody and others enjoy your company. You are confident and focussed, and dislike wastage of time or things. You are powerful and adventurous, prone to being selfish and short-tempered. Hawthorn, Oak, Birch are your compatible signs.

April 15 - May 12 : Willow, the Observer
You are creative, intelligent and intuitive. You are realistic and patient, and have a good memory. You have a lot of potential but you hold yourself back. Your perceptive nature aids you in success. Resourcefulness is your strength, but you find it hard to forgive and forget which causes rifts with friends and family. You gel well with Birch and Ivy.

May 13 - June 9 : Hawthorn, the Illusionist
"Appearances can be deceptive" is a saying that suits you perfectly. You may look average but you carry a lot of passion and creativity inside you. You adapt well and make life comfortable for yourself as well as others. You are a good listener, multi-talented, curious and humorous, and you have amazing insight. Your partner signs are Ash and Rowan.

June 10 - July 7 : Oak, the Stabilizer
A spokesperson for the underdog, Oaks are protective, nurtuting, generous and helpful. You like to impart knowledge to others, and live long, social, happy lives. Control and structure are two requisites in your life. You are responsible and determined, as well as optimistic and proud. You gel better with Ash, Reed and Ivy.

July 8 - August 4 : Holly, the Ruler (ME!! 10 on 10.)
Noble and regal, you enjoy positions of leadership and power. You have tremendous skill and tact, and overcome challenges easily. You are perseverant winners, and people look up to you. You are competitive and ambitious (even when not necessary), and your confidence is mistaken by others as arrogance. Generous, kind and affectionate to those who know and care for you, you are intelligent and easily triumph where others struggle. You are practical, capable, cautious and logical. You are supportive and possessive in relationships, but demand constant attention and affection. You strive for perfection and do not take risks. For balance and partnership, mingle with Ash and Elder.

August 5 - Sept 1 : Hazel, the Knower
Intelligent, organized, efficient, you are always well-informed and have an amazing memory. You appear like a know-it-all, but you're genuinely smart and have an eye for detail. You have a compulsive need for order and control, and enjoy using your analytical skills. Clever at reasoning, planning and organizing, you can be very paranoid and sensitive. Your partner signs are Hawthorn and Rowan.

Sept 2 - Sept 29 : Vine, the Equalizer
Your personality is changeable and unpredictable. You are often indecisive and full of contradictions because you see both sides of the coin and empathize with each. You procrastinate and hate taking sides, but you enjoy is the finer things in life like art, music, food and drink. You can be discriminating and authoritative, vulnerable and self-critical, though you appear cool and detached. You love luxury and can be over-indulgent, you can turn drab into dramatic. Charming and elegant, you have class and style. You partner well with Willow and Hazel.

Sept 30 - Oct 27 : Ivy, the Survivor
Compassionate, generous, loyal and helpful, you have the ability to overcome all odds. Life to you seems unfair and difficult, but you handle these unprompted troubles with perseverance and grace. You make friends easily and dislike offending people. Charming and spiritual, you are attracted to Oak and Ash.

Oct 28 - Nov 24 : Reed, the Inquisitor
You love to dig for information and reach the truth at the core. You are interested in gossip, legends and scandals, and you make fine historians, detectives and journalists. You can coax people and be manipulative at times. Yet you are truthful and honorable. Caring and passionate, you are a jealous, proud and fearless. You gel well with other Reeds, Ash and Oak signs.

Nov 25 - Dec 23 : Elder, the Seeker
You love freedom and enjoy thrills. You are an extrovert who is deeply thoughtful and philosophical. You are considerate of others and try to be helpful. Restless, curious, outspoken and ambitious, you dislike routine and being pressurized. Your brutal honesty can be a problem at times. Alder and Holly make good partners for you.

December 24 - January 20 : Birch, the Achiever
You are determined, reliable, ambitious and enthusiastic, and good at motivating others. You are tolerant, witty and resilient. You are cool-headed and charming though cynical, and easily take on leadership roles. Your partner signs are Vine and Willow.

Suits you?

See ya!!


Wednesday, January 13

Tara Mata Ki Jai!

I saw this ad on FB (Facebook) in December' 09 about somebody called Tara Medium, who (as her website claims) is a psychic with the gift of direct clairvoyance, that renders tarot cards, tea leaves and crystal balls useless.

After having faced extreme ill-luck in the areas of future plans viz. education, health, family and love life, it did not take too much deliberation on my part to check out the visions and guidance of this lady.

So the verdict is, my lucky times will start from
Jan 14, 2010. That's tomorrow...

(Damn, I shall be heartbroken if this happens to be a lie...)

I don't really know what form or consequence this "good luck" will take, but there was some other stuff that she shared which made me say "Eureka"!

(Obviously gonna share it with you, so you know me better!)

I have unbounded magnetic power, along with extraordinary strength and exuberance :-)
These qualities make my personality very unusual (ahem!), since they are rarely found together, except among members of my own sign - Leo.

I radiate magnetism with so much force that people perceive it even long after I’ve left.
(Don't get me wrong; I ain't blowing my own trumpet - these are the exact words of Tara the psychic.)

Magnetism like this can only be found in people who are very ambitious: it is an almost certain sign of success in any area we choose... if we can manage to overcome certain obstacles like a loss of motivation, an excess of pride, fear of failure due to some unexpected fault, or your often violent and destructive anger.
(Now these revelations about my weaknesses sure had me spell-bound, they're cent per cent true!!)

About my health - Energy, vitality, endurance and resistance... These qualities in me are remarkable, even under the most difficult circumstances.
(Can't say they've been that way forever... Been having a tough time battling the cough, cold, flu, throat-ache, headache... More psychosomatic than real, I guess. But then, the climate's bad anyway... And my mental and physical resistance are giving away.)

I should know how to use these qualities properly, and also learn to recognize my true limitations rather than always say: "I can keep going... " It’s better to know when too much is enough. I need time to recuperate the energy I spend. I need many hours of regular, deep sleep every day, as people who were a lot less active than I suffered from a heart attack!
(How pessimistic...)

If I don’t get enough rest, my natural resistance may not be able to protect me, and I may start suffering from nervous disorders that get worse and worse as time goes on. (
Tell me about it!! Boo hoo...)

As far as Love and Emotions are concerned, I have a lot of tenderness, a generous heart and sensuality 8-)

These are my main characteristics, and yet I don’t give enough of myself! I lend some of my goodness to the person I want to have a relationship with. I can be kind, generous, and give someone real attention... but I do it as if I were granting a favor or performing a good deed.
(Now that's bang on target! Always wondered why it was so, and now I can blame my sunsign!!)

I am sometimes overly demanding in love; I should show more of my tender side. I can shine like the sun, the planet of my Destiny, but I am quite egocentric. (
Right again)

My pride and enthusiasm make me seek out responsibility, success and power.
I see the bigger picture, and I am right in rejecting the mediocrity that I dislike so much, especially since my numerous qualities and talents allow me to attain nothing but the best.

I need to be careful about letting my ideas and tastes become overly luxurious! I should learn to take things easier and not be too aggressive. (Point noted)

About my Luck, my golden number is 1, your lucky number par excellence. (
Always knew this, and the number 5 too.) In love, my most favorable number is 9. And 10 is the symbol of success in all areas of my life: business, investment, various undertakings, friendship, etc.
Luck will do many things for you, and my intuition will do the rest :-)

Tara's final advice...
Identifying and developing my REAL GIFTS should be one of my priorities, along with eliminating the negativity that prevents me from fully enjoying each and every wonderful moment of life. The amazing and beneficial period that is about to open up for me will help me put things in order.

My life's not too great now, though I have been since birth a very lucky person... (
No doubts about that)

As things stand now, I take each day as it comes, without really knowing what will happen to me tomorrow. (

I must stop saying to myself that "I’ve never been lucky... I just have too much bad luck... I’ll never get out of my present situation!”

I have a right to happiness. There are no unlucky stars in my astral chart.

All I have to do is follow THE PATH TO LUCK AND HAPPINESS as indicated by my master planets, which will soon become active and influence my destiny. Tara is convinced that my life can change over the coming weeks. But, I need to be careful...

Tara says I am: Very intuitive, Sensitive, Generous, a little vulnerable and anxious.

I do not recognize the "force" inside me as I tend to see my weak points instead of my strong ones. Sometimes, people take advantage of me. I’ve often asked myself: “Why do some people have so much happiness and not me”?

I have to stop this negative thinking.

The report went on for a couple more pages, but most of it was an appeal to pay an amount and get her help in further detail. Which obviously I am not doing... But it was nice to know that my faults and shortcomings are not intentional... And that I shall be on the receiving end of a windfall soon :-)

Wana find out your destiny Tara-style? Here's the link:

(No, I'm not getting paid for this... Wish I was!! My good luck would sure begin this very instant!! LMAO)

Take care, and let me know whether you liked Tara and her visions!


Saturday, January 9

To Whom It May Concern

( Or Affect Or Interest or Necessitate )

This is to certify that Miss Anuja Sudhir Rathi is an extremely possessive young lady who gets attached too soon to people and feels a right even on individuals she meets infrequently and casually. She tends to be over-protective, and needs constant attention and affection.

While she knows all this, she cannot seem to control her impulsive outburst that can sometimes be bitter and blunt. Let it be known that this causes her more agony than those involved. On occasions when she triumphs over her nature to cling or demand, and acts controlled and poised, folks involved feel she is detached and disinterested. This puts her in a dilemma and she cannot seem to understand what to do. Nevertheless, she is trying to be calm and accommodating, so she needs to be given that chance.

She is also aware that she cannot change the world, but she can make herself more affable and easygoing. She agrees that most people like her and care for her, even if they may not be with her (mentally/physically) all the time. However, her insecurity about people she considers close gets the better of her and makes her say things she doesn't really mean. She gets pleased as easily as she gets annoyed, so that is surely one saving grace, but only when her close-mates know they need to stick on and not walk away in disgust.

In sum, here are a few points that she will bear in mind, and in case she forgets, one may remind her in a FRIENDLY and PATIENT manner :
1. It's OK if people don't contact, they could be in busy or just not in the mood.
2. It's OK if people give preference/attention to others at times, they have not forgotten her and they do not like her any less to be drawn away permanently.
3. Some people WILL be attracted to some people with or without reason. They should not matter.

Her personal mantra is going to be :
1. "Let it go" (with her fist opening up signifying letting go), and
2. "It's OK, stay calm"
(Aalll Izz Wellll sounds filmy)

-By Order

Tuesday, January 5

Year of the Tiger 2010

Heya friends!

2010 is here, and I know it'll sound old and oft-said when I exclaim that 2009 has really rushed past! So let's avoid... I'm just glad that the new year's here. So what if we need to work more in office coz most Indian holidays are on Sunday?!! (Grrrr......)

I celebrated New Year's Eve at The One lounge in Koregaon Park, a beautiful place that I've never been to before. The passes were obviously expensive, but I certainly had a gala time, so no complaints. I cannot give you a review of the venue as everything was pre-ordered and planned, but I shall surely go back there sometime as a guest and let you know more...

The other things I have been doing in the past week are watching Avatar, training a batch of candidates for Mphasis, spending time with family and friends, and visiting Mulshi. Studying for TOEFL should very much have been a part of this list, but unfortunately it isn't. I have no clue what to do and how to do it, and with the test less than 4 weeks away, I think I shall be in a soup soon. The hot and creamy kinds :-D

Avatar... Now what should I say about this movie? It was touted as the "next big thing" after Titanic by James Cameron, who has to his credit films like Terminator and True Lies. Everybody I know is dazzled by it and can't stop raving about it. Truth be told, I found the graphics and direction outstanding, but the story is as filmi as any second-rate venture in Bollywood. Each time I said this to folks, they agreed with me, yet insisted that the movie was fantabulous. Stumped me...

Rotten tomatoes is on the same page as me, though. The consensual view on this website affirms that - It might be more impressive on a technical level than as a piece of storytelling, but Avatar reaffirms James Cameron's singular gift for imaginative, absorbing filmmaking.

Couldn't agree more...

The film has some brilliant scenes with the Na'vi species, exotic animals and trees in bold colors like purple and crimson, in a marvelous forest setting. There has been a lot of talk about how the Na'vi clan is blue-skinned like Vishnu's avatar Ram and Krishna, but that's not why the movie is thus titled; it's called Avatar because the protagonist has a human mind in an alien body. He switches from human to Na'vi so that he can fulfill a task for his fellow humans. However, he finds himself drawn to a fellow (female) Na'vi and the beauty and independence in their life. And once he knows where his heart lies, he sets aside the responsibility that has been thrust upon his head by the cruel military-scientist team. What follows is a superb fight where you see how the Na'vi are strong yet gentle, capable yet anxious, fierce yet emotional, enormous yet graceful. Their eyes are as beautiful as their tails are funny, and there are some laugh-worthy scenes where they do a group chant to invoke their God and save their clan.

Frankly, I think the movie is overrated. If I were to break up my experience of the 160 minutes, I'd say... The first 15 minutes are spent in figuring out what's happening, the next 75-odd minutes are interesting, followed by a boring 20 minutes, then a rapid half hour and an over-stretched 15 minutes. The absence of an intermission in E-Square made the film seem lengthier, and this considerably added to my discomfort. No popcorn!! Shucks...

The movie would have been just as fine in 2D, and I did not see much sense or utilization of the third dimension. (Of course, it was hilarious to turn back mid-film and catch the audience looking geeky in their goggles, but hardly a good justification for the 50 rupees service charge, right?)

So, that's about Avatar. SO not comparable with 3 Idiots, that I would like to watch again... I honestly think we're obsessed with all things western or foreign. I can bet Indians would have scoffed at Avatar if it had been written/produced/directed by a fellow Indian. Of course, the graphics would not have been as mind-blowing... Whatever.

I have started reading a new book (new for me, I mean. The book itself is 40 years old; the first print was in 1969.) It's called The Peter Principle, written by Dr. Laurence Peter and Raymond Hull. The principle proclaims that people get promoted from a post that they are competent at, to a post they are incompetent at, after which they stop getting promoted. The trick to break this trend is to learn and adapt to new roles, and not harp on senseless procedures and rules at the cost of efficiency. (Reminds me of the scene in Munnabhai MBBS where form-filling is a must before the patient who is grappling with death and disease can be attended to. You think the script-writer has read the Peter Principle? Possible...)

Check these wondrous thoughts, that many of us may not have considered before...
1 - People are often judged competent when they obey and never have to decide. (At least that is what our parents, teachers and bosses consciously or unconsciously teach us. )
2 - Those who are super-competent suffer more than those who are incompetent. (Didn't we see a glimpse of that in 3 Idiots, where "Silencer's" rote-learning is favored over Rancho's genius by the profs?) Not surprisingly then, these smart people are dismissed as they challenge and threaten the traditional hierarchy.

Reached uptil here so far. Shall share more with you later.

Good luck with your new year resolutions! I haven't made any; how can you improve perfection, fellas?!! :-D


Friday, January 1

What I've learnt so far...

What I've learnt so far is...
That no matter how much I want something, I will only get it if it's meant/destined for me.

What I've learnt so far is...
That beer, vodka, tequila, whisky, gin, wine and rum cannot replace the high or the necessity of water.

What I've learnt so far is...
That I can spend all my time and money on friends, and yet the first folks to reach me in my need would be my family.

What I've learnt so far is...
No matter how much I try, some people are going to dislike, misunderstand and abandon me.

What I've learnt so far is...
The best things in life may not be free, but nor are they always bought with money.

What I've learnt so far is...
That a baby's smile and a warm hug can pacify the mightiest and the angriest.

What I've learnt so far is...
Education does not teach you everything, but it counts regardless.

What I've learnt so far is...
That people should be given advice, and then set free to make their own choices and mistakes.

What I've learnt so far is...
There can be 100 rules, but there are 101 ways to break them.

What I've learnt so far is...
Close relationships die when individuals stop sharing their true feelings and needs.

What I've learnt so far is...
That grumbling about work is normal, but not smiling when the paycheck arrives is impossible.

What I've learnt so far is...
That there are times when one wants to cry, to be left alone, and they should not be disallowed.

What I've learnt so far is...
Sometimes you (un)willingly say goodbye, and sometimes you never get the chance.

What I've learnt so far is...
When you are sure your smiles are over, there is always one around the corner.
The same applies to tears, hope and strength.

What I've learnt so far is...
That regretting anything is stupid.
Make wise decisions even as you keep your spontaneity intact.

What I've learnt so far is...
My heart will NEVER listen to my head.
Nor will yours... if your heart is genuine :-)

What I've learnt so far is...
No matter how much I learn/write/know, there shall always be more.
The day I know EVERY thing, I shall not be alive to share it with you...

But, I'm here now, and I shall keep ranting about everything I DO know till I can :-D


God bless...

Goodbye, Abba - You shall be missed

Subhash R Rathi. A man of umpteen roles and talents. He was a son, brother, husband, uncle, grandfather, partner, colleague, friend, advisor...