Tuesday, January 19

10 Things

Just been thinking about this...

Here are 10 things I would say to my girl, if I was a guy...

1. Look at her in a dreamy-eyed way and say, "You're gooooorgeous, woman! I can't take my eyes off you..."

2. "I'll always be there for you honey."

3. "Sweetheart, you have made me the luckiest man on this planet by loving me."

4. "I care for you baby."

5. "I feel incomplete without you... Can I hug you forever?"

6. "Man! I'd be damned if you weren't by my side."

7. When she's smiling/laughing, "I love to see you happy."

8. "Your wish is my command, princess."

9. "I'm dying to see you, my angel."

10. "I missssss you :-( "

... And more importantly, 10 things I would NEVER ever say...

1. "What have you ever done for me?"

2. "Why don't you make some coffee as I read the newspaper in the other room?"

3. "Can we talk later? I want to watch the football/cricket match."

4. "The gang's going out so I won't be able to come for your convocation/party."

5. "You ruined my life. I wish we'd never met!"

6. "His girlfriend is a babe! Love the way she dances/dresses/talks."

7. "You were with me just for my money."

8. "Couldn't you wear something better?" OR "You look funny/horrible/OK."

9. "You don't satisfy me."

10. "Call me after you stop crying" OR "Meet me after your problems are sorted out."

You're welcome :-)



vishal said...

That's so sweet of you,The Thinker.Im sure Many gals would have wished u were a man.
Be cautious now coz girls may start hitting on U.lol...
but,it's very insightful and,we,men should learn from u and it's a gud user guide 4 us.
Keep Rocking,

Ravs said...

Well said. The best way to make your girl special is not what you say, is the way you make her feel! Best explained by Bryan Adams - Have you really ever Loved a woman?

Every girl wants her man to be special, the unfortunate thing all men (me included)end of day are idiots. We never respect what we have, we are the reason that we set her expectations so high during courtship.. that when shes in our life we are not able to deliver...


Princess said...

Hi there!!

Vishal - It's not rocket science, really. I'm sure guys who love their gals and can make that extra effort to make her feel nice have thought and done this already :)

Ravs - Absolutely, man! It's all about feelings, and who best to say it than a woman herself... I appreciate your honesty when you say you raise expectations, coz indeed this is what happens... and then the girl is blamed for not letting her man be himself...

And yet I continue to hope that things are not the same in every relationship, that they are eternally beautiful and satisfying... and mine will be one of those!!

Thanks for reading guys :)

Good luck with your girls!!


Abu said...

"You make me want to be a better man" from As Good As It Gets :)


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