Saturday, January 9

To Whom It May Concern

( Or Affect Or Interest or Necessitate )

This is to certify that Miss Anuja Sudhir Rathi is an extremely possessive young lady who gets attached too soon to people and feels a right even on individuals she meets infrequently and casually. She tends to be over-protective, and needs constant attention and affection.

While she knows all this, she cannot seem to control her impulsive outburst that can sometimes be bitter and blunt. Let it be known that this causes her more agony than those involved. On occasions when she triumphs over her nature to cling or demand, and acts controlled and poised, folks involved feel she is detached and disinterested. This puts her in a dilemma and she cannot seem to understand what to do. Nevertheless, she is trying to be calm and accommodating, so she needs to be given that chance.

She is also aware that she cannot change the world, but she can make herself more affable and easygoing. She agrees that most people like her and care for her, even if they may not be with her (mentally/physically) all the time. However, her insecurity about people she considers close gets the better of her and makes her say things she doesn't really mean. She gets pleased as easily as she gets annoyed, so that is surely one saving grace, but only when her close-mates know they need to stick on and not walk away in disgust.

In sum, here are a few points that she will bear in mind, and in case she forgets, one may remind her in a FRIENDLY and PATIENT manner :
1. It's OK if people don't contact, they could be in busy or just not in the mood.
2. It's OK if people give preference/attention to others at times, they have not forgotten her and they do not like her any less to be drawn away permanently.
3. Some people WILL be attracted to some people with or without reason. They should not matter.

Her personal mantra is going to be :
1. "Let it go" (with her fist opening up signifying letting go), and
2. "It's OK, stay calm"
(Aalll Izz Wellll sounds filmy)

-By Order


vishal said...

Hey Anuja,
It's very courageous on your part to show public a certain part of u.
Not many People wld do that n it's commendable on your part.Just be yourself.
Btw,I can be avery good friend.
Yup,I wanna ask u somethg reply if u want.
from wat i have observed u can be very moody as well?Is it?

Princess said...

LIKE HELL I'm moody, Vishal!

I mean honestly, I can be in high spirits for no apparent reason, and I can be down in the dumps and put a damp blanket on everyone around me at the drop of a hat. That's me - a dirty, dirty combination of Leo and Cancer... Bright and cheerful yet sensitive and vicious.

Thanks for your continuous support and encouragement YET again, pal.


vishal said...

Thank u,Anuja.I have more or less the same moody traits.But,I direct my angst on myself and withdraw into my shelf.I suffer from withdrawal-symptom.
check out
ur comments vry much needed.

Parimaula said...

It's a cute confession :)


Princess said...

Hey Vishal, I read and commented on your confession on FB. Mighty brave of you. I'm sure good fortune will come your way soon :)

Pari, I'm glad you find this cute. You should ask folks how I bug the s**t outta them thanks to my craziness!


vishal said...

Tank you so much for d Glucon-D..Time to come out of it n with well wishers like,Anuja,the sky is d limit.
Keep rocking,

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