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Zodiac Signs

Whether we believe in it or not, all of us know about the zodiac. Also called our sun-signs.

Q. Any idea which zodiac we refer to?
A. The Western zodiac signs - namely Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, in that order.

You may also have read/heard about the Chinese zodiac that has 12 animals associated with the date of birth - Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Boar.

You already are aware that I am a Cancer-Leo cusp according to the Western zodiac. Have I told you my Chinese sign? It's the Ox. Which means I'm hardworking, persistent, stubborn and systematic, observant, short-tempered, intelligent, caring, loyal, responsible, blah blah blah...

Here's the new stuff...

I checked out Celtic zodiac signs, after getting Holly as my sign on a Facebook application. It seemed different and interesting, and once that was sensed, how could I keep it away from you, beloved readers?!!

Wiki did not have much info on this. (Surprise surprise! Experts can fail, too!) But I surfed the web and found this stuff... Enjoy!

Celtic astrology basically hails from Ireland, and was created by the Druids around 1000BC. These expert observers believed that trees were sacred and carried infinite wisdom. These 13 signs can be likened to human nature and personality. This knowledge can bring us immense clarity and insight. And don't we all need that BIG time?!!

So, here it is... Enjoy!

Jan 21 - Feb 18 : Rowan, the Thinker
You are philosophical and creative, often misunderstood by others. You have a lot of passion that motivates you in the pursuit of your goals. You transform people and situations merely by your presence, but you dislike following others. You love change and can easily get restless and quarrelsome. Though you are kind and thoughtful, you can be tactless and alienate people. You team up well with Ivy and Hawthorn.

Feb 18 - March 17 : Ash, the Enchanter
You are artistic, intuitive and imaginative, sometimes moody and withdrawn. You are immersed in your own world of fantasies and do not care what others think of you. Spontaneous and persuasive, you are easily hurt as you can be hyper-sensitive. You partner well with Willow and Reed.

March 18 - April 14 : Alder, the Trailblazer
You are not one to follow the beaten path; you find your own ways and followers. Social, charming and gregarious, you usually get along well with everybody and others enjoy your company. You are confident and focussed, and dislike wastage of time or things. You are powerful and adventurous, prone to being selfish and short-tempered. Hawthorn, Oak, Birch are your compatible signs.

April 15 - May 12 : Willow, the Observer
You are creative, intelligent and intuitive. You are realistic and patient, and have a good memory. You have a lot of potential but you hold yourself back. Your perceptive nature aids you in success. Resourcefulness is your strength, but you find it hard to forgive and forget which causes rifts with friends and family. You gel well with Birch and Ivy.

May 13 - June 9 : Hawthorn, the Illusionist
"Appearances can be deceptive" is a saying that suits you perfectly. You may look average but you carry a lot of passion and creativity inside you. You adapt well and make life comfortable for yourself as well as others. You are a good listener, multi-talented, curious and humorous, and you have amazing insight. Your partner signs are Ash and Rowan.

June 10 - July 7 : Oak, the Stabilizer
A spokesperson for the underdog, Oaks are protective, nurtuting, generous and helpful. You like to impart knowledge to others, and live long, social, happy lives. Control and structure are two requisites in your life. You are responsible and determined, as well as optimistic and proud. You gel better with Ash, Reed and Ivy.

July 8 - August 4 : Holly, the Ruler (ME!! 10 on 10.)
Noble and regal, you enjoy positions of leadership and power. You have tremendous skill and tact, and overcome challenges easily. You are perseverant winners, and people look up to you. You are competitive and ambitious (even when not necessary), and your confidence is mistaken by others as arrogance. Generous, kind and affectionate to those who know and care for you, you are intelligent and easily triumph where others struggle. You are practical, capable, cautious and logical. You are supportive and possessive in relationships, but demand constant attention and affection. You strive for perfection and do not take risks. For balance and partnership, mingle with Ash and Elder.

August 5 - Sept 1 : Hazel, the Knower
Intelligent, organized, efficient, you are always well-informed and have an amazing memory. You appear like a know-it-all, but you're genuinely smart and have an eye for detail. You have a compulsive need for order and control, and enjoy using your analytical skills. Clever at reasoning, planning and organizing, you can be very paranoid and sensitive. Your partner signs are Hawthorn and Rowan.

Sept 2 - Sept 29 : Vine, the Equalizer
Your personality is changeable and unpredictable. You are often indecisive and full of contradictions because you see both sides of the coin and empathize with each. You procrastinate and hate taking sides, but you enjoy is the finer things in life like art, music, food and drink. You can be discriminating and authoritative, vulnerable and self-critical, though you appear cool and detached. You love luxury and can be over-indulgent, you can turn drab into dramatic. Charming and elegant, you have class and style. You partner well with Willow and Hazel.

Sept 30 - Oct 27 : Ivy, the Survivor
Compassionate, generous, loyal and helpful, you have the ability to overcome all odds. Life to you seems unfair and difficult, but you handle these unprompted troubles with perseverance and grace. You make friends easily and dislike offending people. Charming and spiritual, you are attracted to Oak and Ash.

Oct 28 - Nov 24 : Reed, the Inquisitor
You love to dig for information and reach the truth at the core. You are interested in gossip, legends and scandals, and you make fine historians, detectives and journalists. You can coax people and be manipulative at times. Yet you are truthful and honorable. Caring and passionate, you are a jealous, proud and fearless. You gel well with other Reeds, Ash and Oak signs.

Nov 25 - Dec 23 : Elder, the Seeker
You love freedom and enjoy thrills. You are an extrovert who is deeply thoughtful and philosophical. You are considerate of others and try to be helpful. Restless, curious, outspoken and ambitious, you dislike routine and being pressurized. Your brutal honesty can be a problem at times. Alder and Holly make good partners for you.

December 24 - January 20 : Birch, the Achiever
You are determined, reliable, ambitious and enthusiastic, and good at motivating others. You are tolerant, witty and resilient. You are cool-headed and charming though cynical, and easily take on leadership roles. Your partner signs are Vine and Willow.

Suits you?

See ya!!


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vishal said...

Hi Anuja,
so it seems ur gearing more towards Raashee those days?
Well,24 June born n dat means im Oak,the stabiiser.
Quite an insightful stuff..generous,helpful,yeah,I am.
well,stabilty im not so sure,control,not me!Im very impulsive.
Yeah,optimist to a certain extent.
gt to find who are Ash,Reed n Ivy..
till then,tc


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