Wednesday, April 2

April Phool...

Hey ppl,
To evry1 who's been directly or indirectly botherd by a certain SUMoNe...
I apologize, but I cant help it. Some ppl derive weird satisfactions by embarassin ppl they claim they care abt... And since it's been ages that I'v stopd takin dis nonsense, such folks r tryin hook, line n sinker to get to me... And in the bargain, u faultless, unrelated-to-the-entire-scenario, bz bodies r gettin bugd. Sorry again guys n gals... pls ignore, coz even I can do nuthin beyond dat.

So, wasup? Heard abt d "Batti Gul" drive? I heard it in Radio Mirchi. Was out at a family function on D-day, D-time. But twas amazin to c wat humanity can do as a team. The minute it struck 8, lights were out at Bibwewadi, even the streetlights, and tho it was a little scary, it felt great dat we r still capable of joint effort, in d same direction!

M bz at college these days, profs rushin to finish d syllabus (but does it really m8r considerin they hardly teach anythin dat we use for studyin for the big X - eXXXams). Next week is probably d final week of my student life ;-) aah, feels so gudddd... n after dat, we hav our pracs n theory papers anytim after d 20th of April. Which means I'm a free bird (wrt studies) after d first week of May.... Yipppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Jealous, eh? ;-)

Here's a small poem, sumthin I penned while my Industrial prof was droning on n on... So if it sounds soporific, u kno whr to go ;-)
Whn faced by options galore,
A laidback, blissful attitude comes to the fore;
Whn faced by options galore,
There's parties, treats and uproar.
Worry takes a hike, insecurity blows away,
When others rock wid stress, u refuse to sway,
U bask in d blinding sunshine, while d rest pray for a ray,
To rest your problems and fears, u lay.
While you're still celebrating, d options start to dwindle,
D music fades and disappears, you're left wid a single fiddle;
Life plays funny jokes and ur d butt of a riddle,
D devil and d deep sea, ur stuck in d middle...
U cud try to be a winner, or accept d world to hate,
D crowds go away, and it's ur decision, mate;
Ur truest pals are unearthed in dis state,
Watever happens later, ur d master of ur Fate.
It's all abt how well u can cope,
It's all abt how well u express ur belief and hope;
Whether u become ur own candle, or in d darkness u grope,
Whether u stand up for ur happiness or sit in a corner and mope.
Finally wat happens is another story altogether,
When ur dreams r humble, they're d easiest to tether,
A bird can only cherish, not choose every feather,
So, dream big and vow to get better!!

You all alive n ok? ;-) Dat wasnt too bad, was it???
Hehe, tc guys... c ya soon. N in case I don't u know whr m stuck.... LIFE!!


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