Wednesday, May 21

May Matters


Naah, won't start off again with the "Sorry for not writing in sooner." 

It's a fact and I may as well accept it (like it or not) that I am unable to connect with you, dear readers, more frequently. There are multiple reasons for this, and one of them (regrettably) is my laziness and addiction to mindless games on my cell phone. But hey, I've been reading and watching Roadies as well when I can, which is pretty rare given that we are now in the process of moving into our new apartment. Yeah! 

Yippee! Finally! The house we bought in Jan last year is now our home, and we will be shifting before this month ends. The house warming ceremony was a grand affair though we planned a modest pooja with few invitees. All god's wish. It looks fabulous with the delightful decor and lovingly handpicked knick knacks. However, I must tell you, while hubby is ecstatic at relocating, I still can't shake off the homely feeling that I get at our old rented flat that I am yet to feel at the new one. The new house is too spacious and posh. Time will iron the wrinkles out, I am sure. 

I complete 2 years of wedlock with Akhilesh  next month! How time flies... 

While our home front is kinda settling down, the national scene is also pretty joyous. Narendra Modi has won hands down and it is quite a record that he has set in terms of number of votes achieved. I really hope he lives up to the expectations and does the country and countrymen some good. The Congress has desecrated the nation enough and while no one person is flawless, NaMo seems the best of the lot. Ready for TsuNaMo, Indians?!!!

I  watched Revolver Rani yesterday- it's an engaging movie with a brilliant first half and wonderful performances. Kangana Ranaut is really grabbing meaty roles and living up to the character. Vir Das plays her love interest, and the story is fairly entertaining, though not as path-breaking as Queen. Too many songs, though. I missed the Amazing Spiderman, but I didn't hear rave reviews about it, so  no regrets. No other popular movies in the pipeline, I guess.   

Did I tell you I finished reading Roadies? (The journey X1 is over too, with my predicted winner emerging victorious - Nick. Kudos!) Basis Raghu's recommendation, I have purchased the Devil and Miss Prym and there are heaps of other books on my unread shelf such as Be Careful What You Wish For (Jeff Arch - Clifton Chronicles), And the Mountains Echoed (Khaled Hosseini), I Am Pilgrim while Siva still remains 1/4th un-done. Dozens of movies also lie unwatched on my laptop, and I wish I had a few dozen holidays to do justice to all of them. Plus go on a short holiday (yes, already!) to Mahabaleshwar if nothing extravagant. I am just so exhausted and rushed all the time, even weekends seem to last no longer than a few hours... I miss partying and dining out someplace fancy. I want to swim and sleep in late. I yearn to go clubbing and traveling. Walks, shopping and drives remain a dream. I wish I could apply for work from home for a week or two, but as they say, "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride."

Rest, well, whatever else there is, is fine. Work keeps me super busy and riding all the way to Magarpatta and back takes its toll on my body and mind. Shifting will help in that regard for sure, and will cut my commuting time by half. No travel plans for work yet, but you never know. I am also getting offers to write articles (freelance) and reviews for books and movies and websites (commercial). No time to spare :-(

Got your pay hikes this year? I heard a lot of companies are just about scraping through. Hitachi has given moderate increases and well, I am not complaining. For a person who joined merely 7 months ago at an ambitious package, there is nothing that I can crib about. Plus the day shift, autonomy, position and perks. It's a merry world here. Touch wood. 

And as if all of that was not enough, they cast me in a video for a contest by "Great Places to Work" - You can check it out here and please share and like it!!

Impressive, eh?!!

And so, there we end. See you later, alligator. 


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