Thursday, August 9

About fires and relationships

Hi Folks!
The fact that ur bac on dis page proves dat u havnt had enough of me!!

Which is very fortunate, coz dis time I’m goin to share sumthin dat I read… Not my creation, but a writeup so effective n brilliant, dat my admiration dint stop at merely appreciatin n re-readin it. I had dis compelling need to give it a permanent place on my blog, for others to enjoy it.

This is a piece by Barbara de Angelis, Ph. D. and it forms a part of the Chicken Soup for the Romantic Soul – Inspirational Stories About Love and Romance by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Mark & Chrissy Donnelly, Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D. (pg108-110). Its called “Keeping the Passion of Love Alive”. I’m gona present it here verbatim, wid no changes, bcoz I really luvd every word of it, and modifyin it in anyway, wud b a huge injustice to d author as well as d readers… (Pls forgive me if I write sum short forms tho… as my manager at work says, “I go around d world using my sms lingo!)

So here goes! Hope u like it as much as I did…

Imagine that you’ve decided to build a fire, perhaps while you’re camping, or at home in your fireplace. You carefully choose the logs, the kindling, and after lighting a match to start the fire, you watch over it until you’re sure the fire is burning strongly and steadily. Then you sit back and enjoy the comforting warmth, the delightful play of the flames, the magical light. You don’t need to be as vigilant about keeping the fire blazing, since it has enough fuel for now. But at some point, when you notice its getting a little colder, or the light is growing dim, you realize that the fire needs your attention again. And so you rouse yourself from whatever you’ve been doing and add more wood, or adjust the position of the logs so that, once more, the flames can rise high.

Even if you’ve neglected the fire for a while, even if it appears to have died out, you see that the embers still radiate a deep, orange glow that can only be created by hours of extreme heat. The embers are deceptive, and they contain great power within their quiet light. Although by themselves they produce no flames, they can ignite a newly added piece of wood in seconds, suddenly rekindling the full force of the fire, transforming the dormant coals into a roaring blaze.

We can learn a lot about the passion between two lovers by thinking about what we intuitively know about building and maintaining a fire. When you first meet someone and fall in love, you carefully court and seduce him or her, adding the right amount of intimacy, the perfect amount of commitment until the fire of passion flares up between your hearts and your bodies. For awhile, this blaze burns brightly on its own and you grow accustomed to the joy it brings into your life. How lucky we are, you tell yourself
, to have such a passionate relationship!But one day, you realize there is less light, less heat between you and your mate, and that, in fact, its been that way for some time. You don’t feel the same intense degree of physical attraction, the same desire to unite, the same stimulation you once felt with each other. The passion is gone, you may conclude, I guess I’ve fallen out of love. This relationship is over.
How many people ask themselves, at this critical point in a love affair, if the fire of passion has died down simply because no one has been tending it, because no one has added the fuel necessary to keep it burning.? How many people walk away from the smoking embers of their marriage, certain that the fire has died out, without noticing that the coals of love still contain enough heat to reignite into flames, if only they are given a chance?

Respect the fire of passion, the fire of love. Understand that to stay alive, it needs to be honored, to be cared for, to be tended as diligently as you would tend a fire you had built in the wilderness to help keep you warm and safe from harm. Feed the fire of your love with kindness, communication, appreciation and gratitude, and it will always blaze strong and brightly for you.

Lovely na ;-)
So go on people, let the ones you love kno exactly wat they mean to u, how much you need them and the relationship they share with you... Make their day... And in the bargain, make yours too!Have a great day! Cya...

Thursday, August 2

Twin Trouble

Hello friends!

Long time no c... yeah i kno... but mundane activities have taken up all my time and energy. no, its hasnt been all unexciting and boring, but it sure has been a very bz time. univ lecs in the daytime (wat wid pracs startin next week, its only gona get bz-er) and teachin in the evening n meetin frens, relatives n others the rest of the day... but i havnt forgotn ya!

Have u heard of d "nature-nurture" controversy? it deals wid y twins r alike n how they differ due to their genes and environment... well, v arent exactly gona focus on dat aspect, but the protagonists of our story happen to be twins... so on wid it! enjoy....

As far as twins go, they cudnt b more unlike eachoder. Neelima was fair and beautiful, a doll with a lovely face and feminine grace; evry man's fantasy n evry woman's envy... And Beena was a dusky, aggressive tomboy wid a mind of her own n an opinion about evrythin under d sun... Neelima was softspoken n a genius at all household chores (perfect wife material!) while Beena had a razor sharp tongue and scarcely ever cared about wat state the house was in. She was outgoing n adventurous, and Neelima was content at keeping house and being thr for evrybody who needed her.

The differences only grew as they turned older. Beena became an independent and ambitious woman, and Neelima turned even more prettier and submissive. Both wer intelligent and funloving, but B vented it and used it to excel in professional life, while N focussed her strengths on the home front. Obviously, N was the family pet, luvd and admired by one n all, while B was respectd n hated for her arrogance n success.

B stood by N when ppl wer takin advantage of her goodness, and N did all she cud to make B's life more comfortable than it already was. The sisters luvd eachoder even as fireworks flew when they fought. B cald N's innocence her stupidity and N shed her sugar-sweet demeanor to call B a rude, selfish witch! But the clouds of hatred soon blew over as the sisters kissed n made up. They cudnt live widout eachoder. Their merry shrieks and giggles resonated thru d house and silence reigned when they wer at loggerheads wid eachoder. Not for long though!!

Ppl who cared, often tried to draw parallels between the two. They said that being a tad mo polite wudnt hurt B, yet her aggressiveness cudnt b viewd as absolutely abominable. In times like today, if you're unassuming and retiring, then ppl take you for a ride and there's no way you can survive. They suggestd dat N shud b more practical and confident, and take note of her needs and wishes. She was too accomodating and selfless. B cudnt protect her forever...

Q : Assuming you are a male (of marriageable age! no child marriage controversies here!), who wud u marry? Y?

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