Thursday, August 2

Twin Trouble

Hello friends!

Long time no c... yeah i kno... but mundane activities have taken up all my time and energy. no, its hasnt been all unexciting and boring, but it sure has been a very bz time. univ lecs in the daytime (wat wid pracs startin next week, its only gona get bz-er) and teachin in the evening n meetin frens, relatives n others the rest of the day... but i havnt forgotn ya!

Have u heard of d "nature-nurture" controversy? it deals wid y twins r alike n how they differ due to their genes and environment... well, v arent exactly gona focus on dat aspect, but the protagonists of our story happen to be twins... so on wid it! enjoy....

As far as twins go, they cudnt b more unlike eachoder. Neelima was fair and beautiful, a doll with a lovely face and feminine grace; evry man's fantasy n evry woman's envy... And Beena was a dusky, aggressive tomboy wid a mind of her own n an opinion about evrythin under d sun... Neelima was softspoken n a genius at all household chores (perfect wife material!) while Beena had a razor sharp tongue and scarcely ever cared about wat state the house was in. She was outgoing n adventurous, and Neelima was content at keeping house and being thr for evrybody who needed her.

The differences only grew as they turned older. Beena became an independent and ambitious woman, and Neelima turned even more prettier and submissive. Both wer intelligent and funloving, but B vented it and used it to excel in professional life, while N focussed her strengths on the home front. Obviously, N was the family pet, luvd and admired by one n all, while B was respectd n hated for her arrogance n success.

B stood by N when ppl wer takin advantage of her goodness, and N did all she cud to make B's life more comfortable than it already was. The sisters luvd eachoder even as fireworks flew when they fought. B cald N's innocence her stupidity and N shed her sugar-sweet demeanor to call B a rude, selfish witch! But the clouds of hatred soon blew over as the sisters kissed n made up. They cudnt live widout eachoder. Their merry shrieks and giggles resonated thru d house and silence reigned when they wer at loggerheads wid eachoder. Not for long though!!

Ppl who cared, often tried to draw parallels between the two. They said that being a tad mo polite wudnt hurt B, yet her aggressiveness cudnt b viewd as absolutely abominable. In times like today, if you're unassuming and retiring, then ppl take you for a ride and there's no way you can survive. They suggestd dat N shud b more practical and confident, and take note of her needs and wishes. She was too accomodating and selfless. B cudnt protect her forever...

Q : Assuming you are a male (of marriageable age! no child marriage controversies here!), who wud u marry? Y?

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