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Tuesday, December 25


He loved to look at their hands. Not in the dirty, fetish kinda way, like they spoke about in psycho movies and books. His fondness was in the curious, genuine sort of way.

Short and stubby fingers. Long, bony ones. Fleshy palms. Green river-like veins trailing from wrist to knuckles. Fair hands so smooth that butter sliding over them would appear rough. Hardened skin with corns borne out of labor and lack of care.

He loved them all. They enthralled him beyond imagination.

Each one told him a story that he was eager to know.

Like the last time he was mixing shades of blue bangles for the lady of the visiting diplomat. Her hands, though neat and manicured still told a sturdy tale. After all, she had worked as a stenographer for a lengthy period of time, apart from working with thimbles and needles, and washing the clothes and dishes for even longer.

But all that was in the past. A past that her present would never disclose.

Except when someone looked at her hands.

He had. And he smiled at her, the knowing smile which shows both awe and empathy. She had smiled back, grateful that he hadn't said a word about what was obvious on his face.

She knew that he knew. It did not matter how. They were united in

Another time, he had set eyes on a few cuts and burn marks on a homely
maid's forearm. Punished for not being handsome enough, not bringing home enough money, and not being a good wife or mother.

He had seen them all, and they had shared that awkward moment with grace and simplicity. There was nothing tactical or inappropriate about it.

There had been no infidelity or sacrilege. It was possibly the purest form of understanding between any two individuals. Unconditional and unspoken.

He tried to sketch them a few times to preserve the memory of that vision and silent conversation. He made a mess of the entire experience. So, he stopped drawing. But his enchantment with this unusual hobby was far from over.

Working at a bangle shop suited him just fine. Though it did not pay enough to buy the new jacket that had caught his fancy at the Chor Bazaar, it gave him unrestricted access to all types of women and their hands. And with that, he was content.

"Chhote, aa gaya tu?"
( = So, you're here )

"Haan, bhaiya."
( = Yes )

"Chal, pendant ke counter par khda ho ja. Bhole ki chhutti hai."

( = Take care of the pendant counter. Bhole is on leave )

( = But...)

"Arre, chinta mat kar. Teri choodiyon ka dhyaan Monty rakh lega. Waise bhi auraton ko choodi dekhni hai, tujhe nahi"

( = Dont worry. Monty will look after the bangle counter. Anyway, the ladies are interested in bangles, not you )

The entire shop guffawed. A few clients looked at Chhote, they were not sure what they felt though the poor chap looked crestfallen. Most unknown sorrows are met with indifference.

Somebody's world was crumbling, and all they felt was indifference....

After all, intact bangles do not mean somebody's dream isn't broken.

- Princess

Tuesday, December 18

Funny Musings

I wonder how life would’ve been with you…

Once upon a time, you seemed like the perfect soulmate. It was like my dream come true when I set eyes on you. You seemed so perfect, everything about you appeared divine. Even your shortcomings had a peculiar cuteness about them. I couldn’t bear to be away from you, and time flew when we were together.

But that was a long time ago.

Now, with you in your changed life, and me in my lively one, I muse … Were my suspicions confirmed when I said we’re better off apart? Or was it a decision that I would regret for life?

I’m yet to know… But you know already… Coz you’ve moved on… and your new life has begun.

“Funny” is the only word that comes to mind when I try to categorize this situation. Sad, happy, weird, confusing, annoying, frustrating, helpless, ridiculous – it all can be described as “funny”.

Life is “funny”.

When you’re in the midst of things, experiencing and living each moment, black and white is clear. You can easily say yes or no, and right or wrong. But when you look back at the memories, you hesitate before being ruthlessly final. Greys and questions remain… What if I’d taken the other option, what if I’d gone the other way?

What if I’d agreed to elope with you that night…?

Would we have been one merry couple now?

Or would I have been weeping in distress coz I made the wrong choice…?

Some questions remains unanswered forever…

It’s “funny” how I still remember you longingly. Never thought I would. I always thought I was better off without you. That you brought too much pain and trouble to my otherwise peaceful life. 

And now, in my relatively serene routine, I look back at all those times… and I miss you…

Some aches are gratifying, some wounds stay for life…

Our love is a scar that I carry with me wherever I go.

Our laughs, our fights, our crazy and challenging times lurk just a memory away, waiting to be beckoned.

They know I’ve not forgotten them though I don’t call upon them too often. They know they bring me warmth even as they sting. They know how I feel.

Do you?

Sometimes walking away is the best thing to do…

Sometimes, ending a way of life is the only thing to do…

Sometimes, all you can do is give up…

I did.

I walked away, ending it all, giving up what I’d come to accept and believe as mine…

Am I happier now?

I don’t know.

I wish I could say it doesn’t matter, but obviously it does.

Does it matter to you?

You, in your new life, do you know that I haven’t and can never throw you out of my mind and 

You shall forever remain… and whoever comes next, will have to share… Coz I was yours once… Heart and soul, body and mind…

Weird are the ways of fate.

“Funny” they say.

(No reference to any person, living or dead.... This is a piece of fiction, and any resemblance is purely coincidental.... and blah blah blah... and blah)

- Princess

Tuesday, December 11

Fright Time

If you're as big a horror movie buff as me, then you sure need to watch the films listed below (unless you have already, in which case you can watch them again)...

Let me also tell you that I get freaked out by most movies, or atleast some scene in most spectral movies. This might make you call my taste rubbish, but hey, this is my blog, and I will talk about my fav horror films in this post. Just so we're clear :-)

Here's the "ghostly" list (not in any particular order). 7 movies for the next week, one night at a time...

1. Bhoot - My all time fave Hindi horror movie. It was a rage back then, but even now, you will see people speaking about Urmila's awesome acting and the terrific direction. This Bollywood movie gave me sleepless nights, and had me clamoring each time it was talked about or screened on TV (edited obviously, but exciting nevertheless). Good performances by the other actors, too - Rekha, Ajay Devgn (Devgan / Devgun / whatever).

2. Forget me not - I watched this recently and loved the climax. Totally unexpected end. It's about a group of friends and how their friends start forgetting them once they are dead. Who's killing them? Why? How is everybody's memory erased? Great watch.

3. Ragini MMS - Interesting story, simple yet gives you the chills. A guy tries to seduce his girlfriend to create a porn video, and things start going awfully wrong in the deserted house.

4. The Exorcism of Emily Rose - Now this is a brilliant movie, perfect in every sense. A lot of its scenes have been ripped off by other unimaginative directors. Yet, the thrill quotient is nothing short of extreme. No doubt you've watched a lot of exorcism dramas, but this one really takes the cake. Don't miss it.

5. Pet Cemetry - A very old movie, but remains on the top 10 list of any horror page. It's a story of a family that loses a pet and then a child. With a life-giving cemetry situated next door, what would you expect?

6. Raaz / 1920 - Now I am not particularly fond of the actors in both these films, but there is something very rugged and believable about them both. Dead lovers and their vengeance - that thought deserves a rightful place on this list. Watch and enjoy!!

7. The Ring - Innovative. Creepy. Nice flick. You watch a movie, and then get someone else to watch it right after so that you can skip being murdered. What's the story? Who's the little girl? Crazy sh*t.

I could recommend a lot of other movies - Shelter, The Unborn, Talaash, Vaastu Shastra, Shining, Phoonk 2, Apparition, Darna Mana / Zaroori Hai and some others that are more thrilling than horror like The Omen, Final Destination, Orphan and Bhool Bhullaiya. I also know Paranormal Activity and Blairwitch have their own charm, but I don't like the live camera series. Borrrrrring to keep watching for 2 hours and get scared for less than 2 minutes. Need something faster and scarier.

Happy, spooky December !!!

Boo :-)


Tuesday, December 4

Now even the PM has to listen to me!!!


Given that I yak so much about everything under the sun no matter how much I know or understand, it sure is one long blog that I keep pouring my head and heart into, and you lovely people keep reading and feed-backing.

Thanks to your continued patronage, "Life..." (now 5 and a half years young), has been noticed by more than a few of the "crucial" folks and organizations. Blogadda is one, and the rank for my blog has moved up almost 20 points (from 74 to 58) in the last few weeks. While #1 position is still a dream, we'll get there together, what say?!!

Quite a few other companies and brands have approached me for writing about them or my reviews about their products and services. Club Mahindra resorts,, Grapevine Publishers, and so many more. 

Another addition to this list has been Viewspaper. They recently asked me to write a letter to the Prime Minister about my views and suggestions on the state of the country.

If you know me even one bit, you sure know that politics and current affairs is not my forte. But thanks to my wise and updated friends and acquaintances, I managed to put forth my "prem-patra" to Manmohan Singh. You can read it here :

I have spoken about corruption, inflation, education and tourism, justice and other concerns in India. Inputs have come from Anuradha Umalkar (my mentor at work and super-manager), my mum-fantastico Madhulika Rathi, Manisha Sharma (better half of my Ops boss Manish Sharma), and a whole bunch of you friends that I will thank personally. I couldn't have done this without you...

Now that sounds very much like a Nobel / Filmfare prize speech, so leme stop...

But gracias, ladies and gentlemen, for sending me your feedback and good wishes. It feels terrific when I read about what you feel for my words and thoughts, even if I may not know you personally. That's where all my motivation comes from... knowing that YOU are reading what I think, feel and say / write.

While my blog follower count is a mere 100+ and my facebook blog updates may not gather too many comments, I know you read about my rants. A lot of you walk up to me or drop a line stating you like what I pen down, or do not agree with something, or how I could have done better. I appreciate it all. Truly. Keep them coming :-)

Have a great day ahead, everyone.


Saturday, December 1

Another Day, Another Dawn

He looked up from the newspaper as she coughed. "She's unwell", he mimed to his wife when he caught her eye.

She looked at her. A hint of amazement passed her face. She turned back to him and nodded mutely. Her mind abuzz with activity.

So, he was not as unobservant as he claimed. He very well chose what he wanted to see and overlook what was not convenient to handle.

Such are the ways of men, and such are the fates of the women they marry.

They had wed 3 years ago. It was a love marriage. Marriages, whether love or arranged, reach the same state the moment the knot is tied. It does not matter who asked who out, or who made the first move. It all boils down to what we're taught as we grow up, and what our outlook on life, traditions and relationships is.

The maid had already finished sweeping the floor. Five minutes is more than what she would take to sweep the entire 3 BHK they had recently rented in a posh locality in town.

She sighed. She was in no mood to get into another argument.

She turned to look at her husband. He was but a shadow of that lively young chap who had left his job and flown halfway across the continent to be with her. Then, everything she had said was a wish waiting to be fulfilled by him. Now everything she spoke was another ordeal. They never discussed things, only fought about them. Then they had wanted to be together to make each other happy. Now they were only giving each other grief, frustration and ire.

That they had no children was the reason for their growing distance; she wanted to believe that. But how could she bring into this world another life when she was not sure what she was going to do with hers?

Divorced and separated were not marital statuses acceptable in their part of the world. For the men, it wasnt so difficult. The woman was always blamed for the man's troubles. But to be a woman, and to choose to be away from the husband, now that was worse than plague. And the woman was avoided just like the epidemic.

But was this really better than that? Was this how she wanted to live until she breathed her last?

Difficult questions, she sighed. And questions that she had no answers to, at the moment.

"See you later", she mumbled to her husband and picked up her Gucci handbag. Toying with the car keys, she called for the elevator and took one last look at the door.

She was madly in love with the man inside. And she was mad at him for not respecting and pampering her enough.

The lift had arrived. She chose to take the stairs instead.

She was one confused, absent-minded, lost soul these days. Never could make up her mind about what she wanted and what she liked.

As she climbed down the last flight of stairs, she heard the lift doors open and close. As the lift began its slow descent, she wondered how the maid had washed and cleaned up so quickly. This was a record even by her standard!

By the time the lift reached the ground floor, she had walked out of the lobby. He came running and called out her name. She turned with a questioning glance. Had she forgotten something?

He hugged her.

She frowned. And then smiled.

Sometimes, it wasnt as bad as she made it out to be. And what the hell, he still loved her....

- Princess  

Monday, November 26

The RIGHT time

What’s with the “right” time bullshit?

I mean really… Who are you to know right from wrong? And how is one supposed to be aware of the status of Father Time if one does nothing about it and only keeps waiting?? What if life doesn’t offer you that opportunity again???

Its maddening…

“Wait for the right time”. “All in good time”. “Samay se pehle …”

Useless jazz. Perfect excuse to procrastinate. The maha mantra for lazy losers.

We sing “If tomorrow never comes” and we enjoyed “Kal Ho Na Ho”. But they are not the way we function and think. Of all the million things we have learnt to do, to prioritize right is not on the top of the list. Work takes precedence over relationships, and money becomes more essential than people. We read about stories like life is a cup of coffee and life is a mayo jar but the moment the story is appreciated and done with, you move on and live the same way that is a given…

The urgent stuff that means little is done first, and the important things that must be done soon are kept on hold for ever and ever.

The “right” time is NOW.

No other time will ever be as RIGHT as the current moment.

Got a dream, pursue it. You may not be alive to do it tomorrow.

Just like Jimmy Shergill says in Munnabhai MBBS when he is told he will not live long; he said he was too busy arranging for everything and postponed his dreams. He thought there would be time later for his personal fulfilment after “necessities” had been taken care of. Guess what, the “right” time was not bequeathed to him. He was not fortunate enough.

I know there are some things you cant put off and you must do even if you don’t wish to. Being responsible is not an easy or enviable affair.

I know I am guilty of it. I preach, and I try, but I often fail.

There are so many people who express a desire to meet me, and I cant because I get tied down to various other personal and professional commitments. There are so many times I cant do what I really want on a weekend as someone has commanded or requested us to do something that they consider critical. There are so many reasons that well up as obstacles and hindrances when I plan anything.

But the question is how long can you keep someone waiting? What if that person does not stay and leaves forever? Voluntarily or forcibly… What if you are denied the chance you were hanging on for??? Will you be able to forgive yourself then? Is the thing you gave precedence to, worth that loss???

I know you are thinking of something or someone as you read this. I am glad you are…

Atleast you have that someone or something to look out for, plan for, wish for…

And if you aren’t… Well, who am I to tell you what is right and wrong? If you haven’t met anybody that crossed your mind a few seconds ago, then nothing else matters…

The minute you ask yourself, “what is more important?”, you will have your answer. The way to go about it, you can always figure out. After all, you know best… Whether you do anything about it or not…


Cut the crap… go do what you must for the people that matter…

Nothing else matters but their smile. For the small things that you can do now.

Joy is not always sold at a million bucks and big cars and posh flats.

Don’t wait for the big fat laughter that you may not see 10 years later when you have “taken care” of everything else that YOU thought was more crucial.

NOW is the time.


Friday, November 23

Shades of Love - Book Review

So, I received this anthology of short stories edited by Ankit Mittal from Grapevine. Its called Shades of Love, and as the name suggests, it includes 25 stories all based on various emotions and situations that revolve around the four-letter word.

Now I'm not very fond of short stories; they seem too detached and incomplete to me. Like either the author or the reader is too lazy and does not have imagination or the inclination to supply the root or fruit to the tale, thus, merely projecting a trunk and stopping there. The disconnected tales require me to take a break after every story, and hence, such a long time to read a book of short stories. But anyway...

Love, is a term that we all talk about and all know too much about. Obviously enough, since movies and soaps drill every scenario, possible or otherwise, down our throat, nothing is unique or shocking anymore.

So, not surprisingly, most stories that comprise this anthology are pretty mundane and predictable. Bollywood movies like 10 Kahaniya, Rockstar, Tum Mile, and some other supernatural/psycho and infidelity films will all cross your mind as they did mine when I turned the pages after extended intervals.

Some stories seem pretty autobiographical, some "inspired" (if you know what I mean) and some very genuine and profound. Some, I found, ended abruptly and left you famished for more. Others were so obvious that the anti-climax hit you long before the last word. Or left you furiously frustrated at a silly end.

One story that really had me jumping off my chair with astonishment and appreciation (a welcome change from all the other "been there, done that" stories) was Crimson Puzzle by Akanksha Bhatia - quite a twist. Good job, babe. The book could have done with some more like you and yours...

I casually glanced through the author list and found quite a wide array of last names - South Indian, North Indian, Bengali, Marathi, Sindhi, Punjabi... Quite impressive and a very diplomatic idea. Nobody will feel left out - Tiwari, Choudhary, Singh, Rai, Bhandari, Kapur, Banerjee, Kumar, Rao, Malhotra - they're all part of the kitty. Also noteworthy is the fact that the last page has an open invite to all folks who'd like to contribute their stories for future Grapevine publications. How cute is that...

The editing could have been better - I dont expect all writers to be grammar geeks but its the least I would expect of an editor specially chosen for this task. Glaring errors in terms of the syntax, spelling and vocabulary stared me in the face hindering the smooth flow of the story. Call me old-fashioned or detail-oriented, but these aspects are exactly what editing, to me, is all about.

A small but noticeable confusion for me occurred when I saw the writer belonged to a particular
gender but the story did not, at the outset, clarify what sex the protagonist belonged to. How that makes a difference is a question that I will certainly answer : it makes a world of difference since the way you perceive men and women is not the same and hence, when you imagine their feelings and demeanors, you ought to think from a gender-specific perspective. Like, if a man says "I was standing outside her window" - I know he must be looking around, checking his Watsapp / BBM / Facebook, munching on peanuts or gum, and oggling at other passers-by. But when a woman says the same thing, she is nervously fidgeting and glancing back and forth to locate the object of her desire.

I mean a girl would say something like "I want to be all that (he) wants" but for a boy, that is not

really that important a thing... He'd probably say that he wants her happy, and this need not mean that they are necessarily together when she's having a gala time. A boy may not object to a girls' night, but most girls sure would feel a little restless when their partner is at a boys' night or bachelors' party.


Never mind...

All in all, this is an interesting purchase for the "Chicken Soup" lovers or teenagers who find a struck chord in every story they read or see. For more widely read folks, umm... skip. Or maybe borrow and read then return :-)

Happy Thanksgiving, fellas!! And be good...
Don't take God, people and things for granted. You may not know its value until you lose it, and then it may be too late...

With "lowwwe",

Saturday, November 10

Creativity Cut

Heard of power cut? Pay cut?? Job cut??? Kut-cut????

These are the adverse times of what I would call the “Creativity cut”.

People just don’t seem to be coming up with novel, outstanding plans anymore. Borrowed ideas and stolen visions take shape in the form of “inspirations” and substandard stuff is sold through means like books, movies, soaps, etc.

No wonder then that books like Kane and Abel, Mahabharata and Fountainhead happen once in a decade. TV serials too, be it their plot or humour, rely totally on things that have been said or directed in the past. Fortunately, Three Idiots and Taare Zameen Par happen every year since we have an Aamir Khan in the film industry. Hollywood, too, is gifted with some exceptional creators and producers and so, no complaints there.

Which brings me to what I’ve recently experienced and hence, arrived here to talk about:
1920 Evil Returns and Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana in Bollywood and The Bankster by Ravi Subramian in book-world.

Let me confess, I loved 1920 Part 1. I did not initially watch it on the big screen since I had heard the silliest of reviews (ditto like Ragini MMS), but when I watched it (both the movies actually), I enjoyed them thoroughly. Being a big fan of horror, I liked the way these movies were made, and though 1920 was not 100% original in terms of ghoulishness, I did appreciate the way they’d incorporated it all.

1920, in contrast, was stupid. The dialogues were disastrous, the casting was pathetic, the scenes and plot were tardy, and the songs agonizing. Let me elaborate:
- Dialogue : “Duniya mein har cheez ka toh ilaaj nahi ho sakta, par tumhari beemari ka ilaaj karna bahut zaroori hai” – sheer brilliance, eh? Especially when spoken to a possessed woman in a completely irrelevant situation.
- Casting : Vidya Malwade in Chak De did a pretty neat job, but she looks like a transsexual (cross-dresser) in this one. And after telling you that Aftab is the lead in this film, I think my point is sufficiently justified. The heroine Tia somebody, too, looks sick (even when healthy) and her acting is sick-er.
- Scenes and plot : Nothing special to talk about, it has all been out there forever. Yes, a ghost back to take revenge does sound a little intriguing, but let me assure you, nothing else is. 
- Songs : What would you say when you hear “Hum bhi tanha  the, tum bhi tanha the, mil ke rone lage…” My response was stop this shit before the audience starts bawling…

Having said that, let me waste no more time and effort on 1920. Vikram Bhatt, hay hay.

Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana (LSTCK) has been made by those who created Khosla Ka Ghosla and Dev D. You would obviously expect a grand fare served modestly given this knowledge. I would not call this flick a disaster, but it sure was not a treat in any sense. Punjabi munda goes to UK and proves himself a bad penny who needs big bucks and hence returns to plunder his once looted family’s wealth. There’s no treasure there, except for the secret recipe for a chicken dish – a Darji special. Mindblowing performance by the chachiji and mamaji in the movie, and I found the heroine gorgeous.  While not anywhere close to a 10 on 10, this movie is a decent 7. Kunal Kapoor is not hero material, and I think he should have stopped at teeny roles like the one in Rang De Basanti. Just like the movie should have stopped at 2 hours (or lesser) instead of approximately 2.5 hours.

The problem with Indian movies and books is that the creator does not know when to stop. Just coz I’ve paid 250 bucks does not mean I want the movie or book to drag well beyond the enjoyable or endurable.

Unfortunately, I shall say the same about Ravi Subramanian’s Bankster. The author used to be a banker and therefore, most of his stories revolve around the financial and banking domain.

No problem with that. After all, my blog is full of relationship and love banter dotted with these occasional reviews that are becoming more frequent.

What IS wrong with the book, is that … One, it stretches. Two, a plot does not have to involve several geographies to become a hit. Three, the suspense is frustrating. On multiple occasions, the author mentions a call or a conversation and does not write what it is about. It is NOT exciting. The third time this happened, I was tempted to jump to the last page and skip the mystery altogether. What I did end up doing is keep the book away for a while and then resume reading since I had a review to write in less than 2 days. Blogadda keeps us on a leash, and I am not one to ignore deadlines or need reminders. Possibly why I keep getting 2-3 free books to review every month.

More about the book… The backdrop is a global bank, money laundering scams, political drama and corporate “relations”. People are getting murdered one after the other, and there is no saying how and what occurred since it is all part of one smart, greedy plan. The summary at the back appears far more interesting that the entire story actually is, and I can really recount not one scene where I was held spellbound. The intricacy of a few scenes is overdone, and that kills the thrill rather than whets it. I remembered Harry Potter’s gash on the forehead when the author describes one character, and you would not be surprised to find other resemblances to folks written about and seen somewhere or the other.

I’m struggling right now to tell you more about the book, coz I don’t want to give out anything that mars the climax. All I will say is that the author is nowhere close to being John Grisham, as the front cover proclaims.

Please, please, oh please god… give me my daily book and daily movie which is not a dud!!

Until then,

- Princess

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Friday, October 19

Book Review for Blogadda : Barnabas

Five words...

"A very, very good book"

The shortest review ever and the most appropriate.

Barnabas, written by Sangeeta Nambiar is a murder mystery investigated by a young, intelligent chap, self-proclaimed "the first Private Detective of Bombay".

- Bombay, coz the book is set in the pre-Independence era (though thats the name I still use and prefer)

- Barnabas, coz the word rhymes with "bandobast" - a term that the protagonist's father has memories about.

Now Barnabas, as some of you might know, was one of the earliest Christian disciples in Jerusalem.

Not that that has any link to this story. Except maybe for one line about "flock" and religion.

When Blogadda sent me this book to read and review, I liked the cover (although I rarely judge a book by that feature). I don't expect too much from books of late, so this one came as a very pleasant (and rare) surprise. The author is extremely gifted and superbly simple. Isn't that the best combination to create a delightful story?

The vocab is sprinkled generously with words that will impress you and make you run for the dictionary. So also, is the modesty and honesty of the detective who has no qualms in confessing that mundane observations and conclusions skip him. You see him growing through the pages and his cracking the case soon becomes a personal victory for you as well. While I'd hit upon the solution long before it was spelt out in the climax, I enjoyed the stumbling and exploring, conversations and nightly excursions undertaken by Barnabas. The author has fantastically woven into the mystery, the upbringing and philosophical side of Barnabas, a true masterthought, as it helps you relate better with the detective and empathize with his well-wishing father and uncle. Even as you detest the nosiness and commanding attitude of the British policeman, and the high-mightiness of the firang folk. That's as far as our patriotism goes in the 21st century. LOL


The plot itself speaks about a woman who leaves her husband's house and is found dead in a remote, unlikely location. Characters include her domestic help, husband, friend, sister, the police and obviously Barnabas and his folks. Allusions to the freedom struggle and important entities are several, but they do not take away from the book, rather they add flavor and passion to the scenes.

The writer's theatrical background is clearly evident from the way the enigma unfolds. The plot, though not totally original, has its fair moments of surprise and revelation.

As I said, very, very well written. Not a waste of time or money at all.

(Not that I had to pay any; Blogadda has sent me most of the books that I am reading these days in exchange for my thoughts on the books.)

So, when are you grabbing your copy of Barnabas?


Friday, October 12


I wandered lonely as a cloud,

(But don't they flock in groups so sook?)

Underneath me, the world moved,

Nobody to spare a wave or look.

The trees and shrubs rustled their leaves,

Mocking my lonely passage in space;

I showed that I didn't care a bit,

Belied by my voyeur pace.

I watched the merry streams frolic,

My snow white fleece darkened by my sorrow;

I wanted to disappear, vanish, evaporate,

Like there was no yesterday, today or tomorrow.

In pensive thought I stood and rocked,

Moments felt like days and months;

You drifted past as I trudged behind,

The breeze to me what you were once;.

When does it stop, I mused aloud,

Exactly how does it all end;

A cloud with me to stay for life,

Where can I find you, my friend?


Thanks to William Wordsworth for the opening line of this poem, taken from the super popular and awesomely famous creation "Daffodils".

My own two-pence (twenty lines, actually) to follow it... Hopefully should get 1/1000th the recognition and 100% mental connection.



Tuesday, October 9

Jhakk and Luck


Your best friend and worst enemy.

So many of us would have been such better people without this phenomenon.

A young girl with stars in her eyes wanting to study abroad, an old man who keeps waiting to see his grandson but is often told the family’s too busy to visit, a teenager who desires a gadget that his parents promised but never got, a lover who does everything for her partner only to be told time and again how she has screwed his life and happiness, a professional who worked hard all year round only to be told that somebody else shall be winning the alpha numero position…

And then you are told to not be low and keep up your strength and perseverance, to not lose hope, time will pass, everything will be all right, god has better things in store, destiny and blah.

If you ask me, destiny has very little to do with it.

Most of our disappointments are caused either due to another disappointed individual seeking to spread the sorrow and sense of failure, or by substandard effort – not enough effort either in terms of dedication or magnitude.

But when the above is in place, and then disappointment strikes, woah baby. Not a pleasant sight. Not a nice feeling. Been there, done that, haven’t we all?

C’mon, you tell me. Who’s perfectly fine after being disappointed? People may hide their sadness in their hearts or their smiles, but the scar never goes. It stays long after the goal is finally achieved, if ever it is.

Then again, they say justice delayed is justice denied.


Disappunto. Teleurstelling. Desapontamento. Zhgënjim. Desencanto. Besvikelse. Enttäuschung. Niraasha. Pagkabigo. Díomá. Skuffelse Désappointement.
So many names, but the same effect – being crestfallen, broken, sulky, depressed, hurt, fury…


If it’s your friend, you shall never see it.

If it’s your enemy, it will keep haunting you, returning to mar your joys and kill your passions, each time you wish for something, every time you work hard for something.

(Coincidentally, disappointment means little when you haven’t worked for something or don’t truly want something. You obviously don’t care. Which is perfectly fine, let me tell you that. If someone else is choosing your dreams and you allow them to become yours, then you’re asking for a letdown my friend…)


Wallow in it for a while. Feel bad. Go on, be crazy. Hate the world, hate the people in it. It’s fine to vent. (Not publicly, if your dream is intact, it may backfire and unleash another spate of disappointments.) But really, it’s okay to not be okay. You’re human, no matter how strong you are.  And if people don’t know or believe that, or don’t permit you the freedom to feel bad, then they’re obviously a bunch of dumb*ucks.

And then, once you’re done with the grief, ready to move on…

Understand the reasons. The what, why, how of everything that went wrong. You may not work on it again, or maybe not in the same place with the same set of people, but learn from it. So that either you don’t repeat it, or you know what to expect when a similar situation arises.

If it something than can be fixed with a confrontation or expectation setting session, do it. Don’t hesitate. Direct spoken communication is the best form of dealing with people, the best way to clear the haze and let others know what you think and your rationale behind your actions.

Simple, innit?


Displeasure. Discontent. Disillusionment. Dissatisfaction. Distress. Disenchantment.  Frustration. Failure. Defeat. Regret.


May you and I never be harassed by it anymore.

Easier to deal with it when you don’t have to face it.

Buena suerte!!

- Princess

Goodbye, Abba - You shall be missed

Subhash R Rathi. A man of umpteen roles and talents. He was a son, brother, husband, uncle, grandfather, partner, colleague, friend, advisor...