Saturday, December 1

Another Day, Another Dawn

He looked up from the newspaper as she coughed. "She's unwell", he mimed to his wife when he caught her eye.

She looked at her. A hint of amazement passed her face. She turned back to him and nodded mutely. Her mind abuzz with activity.

So, he was not as unobservant as he claimed. He very well chose what he wanted to see and overlook what was not convenient to handle.

Such are the ways of men, and such are the fates of the women they marry.

They had wed 3 years ago. It was a love marriage. Marriages, whether love or arranged, reach the same state the moment the knot is tied. It does not matter who asked who out, or who made the first move. It all boils down to what we're taught as we grow up, and what our outlook on life, traditions and relationships is.

The maid had already finished sweeping the floor. Five minutes is more than what she would take to sweep the entire 3 BHK they had recently rented in a posh locality in town.

She sighed. She was in no mood to get into another argument.

She turned to look at her husband. He was but a shadow of that lively young chap who had left his job and flown halfway across the continent to be with her. Then, everything she had said was a wish waiting to be fulfilled by him. Now everything she spoke was another ordeal. They never discussed things, only fought about them. Then they had wanted to be together to make each other happy. Now they were only giving each other grief, frustration and ire.

That they had no children was the reason for their growing distance; she wanted to believe that. But how could she bring into this world another life when she was not sure what she was going to do with hers?

Divorced and separated were not marital statuses acceptable in their part of the world. For the men, it wasnt so difficult. The woman was always blamed for the man's troubles. But to be a woman, and to choose to be away from the husband, now that was worse than plague. And the woman was avoided just like the epidemic.

But was this really better than that? Was this how she wanted to live until she breathed her last?

Difficult questions, she sighed. And questions that she had no answers to, at the moment.

"See you later", she mumbled to her husband and picked up her Gucci handbag. Toying with the car keys, she called for the elevator and took one last look at the door.

She was madly in love with the man inside. And she was mad at him for not respecting and pampering her enough.

The lift had arrived. She chose to take the stairs instead.

She was one confused, absent-minded, lost soul these days. Never could make up her mind about what she wanted and what she liked.

As she climbed down the last flight of stairs, she heard the lift doors open and close. As the lift began its slow descent, she wondered how the maid had washed and cleaned up so quickly. This was a record even by her standard!

By the time the lift reached the ground floor, she had walked out of the lobby. He came running and called out her name. She turned with a questioning glance. Had she forgotten something?

He hugged her.

She frowned. And then smiled.

Sometimes, it wasnt as bad as she made it out to be. And what the hell, he still loved her....

- Princess  

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