Wednesday, February 21

Year 2018 - Let's get this going!

Wow, did I really last write on December 20, 2017 and not a word after?!!

Shucks, that's really awful of me, apologies. I've been busy, is partly true, and there have been multiple complications in my personal life is also accurate. Let me tell you a little more on, in just a bit. 

Let's talk about what I'm excited about! 

I've watched so many movies this week, and I'm kicked about it - makes me reminisce about my teenage college days when I did blockbuster marathons in limited pocket money! I'm not one of those sophisticated (=snooty) cinema goers who only watch GOOD movies. As my dad says, people spent moolah to make a film and we should go back and donate to the cause, not every film can be a superhit after all!

So, I watched Kaalakandi (trailer better than movie), Padmaavat (all the riots and hullaballoo was crap), Aiyaary (high hopes smashed) and Black Panther (glad not to have missed it, despite my strictly neutral attitude towards Marvel productions). Coming up next is Sonu ki Titu ki Sweety (probably a Women's Day treat at office) and Pari (horror starring Anushka). 

Needless to say, my film addiction has adversely affected the bookworm within. I stand guilty of Tsundoku (= a Japanese word with no direct synonym in English, meaning, 'the act of leaving a book unread after buying it, typically piling it up together with other such unread books.') Worst hit, top of the pile, is "Butterflies, Parathas and the Bhagavad Gita: A Quirky and Heartwarming Journey Through God's Instruction Manual for Life" by S. Hari Haran - a good book with simple writing, alluring title and honest narration. I have no excuse for this one, and that is my gambit to commit to completing it soon and reporting success (or failure, I hope not) back to you. 

Next in line "Flying without wings" by Rishabh Puri - yet another chic flick, common author with same old story in a new cooking pot - this one I can possibly finish sooner, though it does have the heart strings touched with drama and emotion. 

A short trip to the native place went off well in January 2018 (Happy New year to you, buddies!) and there was tons of work to complete before I concluded my appraisal discussion with my manager last week. 

Now's the time to wait and watch whether efforts go acknowledged and rewarded or not. Hitachi's been good to me, I complete 5 years this October, and I enjoy my job here - flexibility, autonomy, et al. Moreover, my boss was named one of top 100 L&D professionals in India when I joined, and this year our HR head is part of the top 100 HR fraternity in the country. As if that's not enough, Hitachi Consulting is also one of the top 20 Dream Companies to work for, and 23rd on innovation in India. Mighty credentials to trump, no?  

The boy's growing up brilliantly - naughtier and cuter, stronger and taller, more inquisitive and handsome, more affectionate and talented and wittier than before. His Sports Day went like a breeze, and his Annual Day is round the corner. He's in some Konkoni dance that I can't figure out the lyrics of, while his girl classmates are waltzing to Dola re Dola. Can't wait to see it for myself after the way Aaru imitates them for my amusement!

The boy's father has come around as well - time and experience seem to have made their mark and set priorities in place. While we're far from the proverbial perfect couple, we do seem to grasp now that 6 years is a solid investment and we have Aarush to think about and raise well, amidst our personal grudges and utopian expectations. Hopefully this is the last you hear of it. 

And hopefully you hear from me soon again!

Take care, you're precious.


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