Thursday, April 23

Unprecedented pandemic times

Hi everyone,

I've been away forever, or so it seems. I hope you and your loved ones are safe amidst all this Covid chaos. The numbers in India have crossed 21k and there is no solution or end in sight, which makes every day just a little bit more tough and unpredictable. Our agonies are a thousand times lesser than many others, if that brings any respite. While we worry about what delicacy to prepare from the stock of groceries at home, people fret about having nothing to eat. While we think about the next job offer or criticise boring meetings, folks are losing from their jobs. As we complain about being stuck at home and not being allowed to go out for recreation, people are either without a roof, or unable to return to their families. We miss our friends and want to enjoy our lives whereas so many of our country men are struggling to survive.

The situation is bleak, but I'm sure you can find something to be grateful for. I am counting the many ways God has blessed me, be it good health, a happy and healthy family, food to eat and water for our needs, a job that pays well and allows flexibility to work from home, flowers in my balcony garden, sunrise and the breeze, internet and sound sleep, being connected to family and friends, and the list goes on...

I find myself watching a lot more TV than usual, and by that I mean Netflix, Hotstar, Airtel Xstream, Amazon Prime, and Voot. Some series I recently watched and enjoyed were Panchayat, Asur, Glitch, Stranger Things. Skyfire and Marzi started off well but didn't do justice in the climax. Roadies has stopped midway, and my reading has ended unceremoniously too. Just can't bring myself to finish "In the Name of God" by Ravi Subramanian. This week, I promise...

I've been cooking a wide variety of things depending on my mood and laziness. Be it North Indian or Italian, snack and chat, dessert and savory items. Maggi has been a staple as has rice and junk, but I'm also staying true to my 10k step commitment so the guilt is at bay. The weighing scale does show greater figures than normal, but hey, nothing is normal right now.

As people post their struggles and talents, I also see folks crib about the government and spreading hate. Hats off to our community helpers who are serving others at the cost of their own lives. At this uncertain and ambiguous time, we can all do little apart from pray and be kind and help who we can, as much as we can. Hopefully god will listen and forgive us for our greed and sins. And hopefully, we won't go back to our evil common ways once things return to normal.

I did check the Tarot cards for this... May and June will be hard, but July onwards the situation will improve. Come August and we might have some semblance of our regular lives albeit with greater awareness of the consequences of our wickedness towards nature.

Stay safe, and take care.
Wish you hope and happiness!

Best wishes

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