Monday, August 30

The League of Wicked Women

I am SO annoyed.

Seething with fury would be an understatement.

This is why I don’t like women.

Yeah, I’ve said it before, and I say it again, I DON’T LIKE women.

I know I am one, too. That doesn’t change my objective and honest opinion.

I’m proud to say that guys find me one of them and I’m often labeled as a tomboy. No regrets or complaints there. I am glad that I am not found to be petty or bitchy like other chics. The guys can laugh with me and share things with me without being concerned about overly feminine reactions and discussions. Maybe that’s why the girls from the snob category find me weird. Coz I’m not one of them. As I said, no regrets. I’m better off this way.

Why am I on this trip today? Well, I’m extremely cheesed off, that’s what I am. This b**ch has screwed my mood nice and proper, and I can’t even say I’m astonished or taken by surprise. Always knew she was wicked, and have burnt my fingers before. Somehow I thought… (hoped!)… that she’d grown up and mended her nasty ways, but boy, was I mistaken. Once a bad egg, always a bad egg.

The gang decided to get together after eons, and I said ok why not, and we planned a dinner some months ago. It went pretty well and ended decently with promises to meet again soon and keep in touch. All’s well that ends well. Apparently not.

In the excitement of the moment and the joy at our reunion, I forgot to repay a friend a few hundred bucks. (Which I remembered the next day and conveyed I’d wrap up when we got together again.) No sweat. At least not for me, nor for the friend involved. What’s a few hundred bucks anyway? All of us are employed and earn pretty well. And we follow the system where either we go Dutch (unless it’s somebody’s treat), or we pay for each other in turns. I mean that’s the way my other groups function, so I assumed it would be similar. In any case, nobody raised a stink, so I believed everything was hunky-dory.

As I said, apparently not. This friend happened to mention this “debt” to this b**ch… Who relished this thought and chewed over it for goodness knows how long and for goodness knows what reason.

I didn’t hear about it then, which I would have preferred. Nipping misunderstanding and snags in the bud is the best and easiest thing one can do. Obviously being a b**ch, this female wasn’t looking for the straight and simple solution. She dramatized it and possibly stuffed it into every ear that would hear. And I still didn’t know about it; I don’t engage with her much. And am I glad about that now!

So, we met again, not many weeks ago. This time also, there was some issue surrounding the cheque. This b**ch haggled about, computing every drink and every dish that every individual had ordered. While the rest of us would merrily have split the bill and paid equally, she wanted to find out exactly how much she and the others had to pay, right down to the last cent. I was in no mood for Math, nor were the others, so she busied herself looking at the numbers and notes.

When the puzzle was finally solved, it turned out that I was few hundred bucks short of my actual expenditure. I didn’t give it a second thought, and offered to pay by card as I did not have sufficient cash on me. I always carry plastic money – it’s safer and more convenient. So the rest of the gang paid for themselves in cash, and I topped it with the card. Sorted.

Don’t be surprised when I say far from that. The super stinking b**ch claimed that I was trying to doctor the numbers and stack my drinks on the others. What a laugh! Wasn’t she the one who had done the calculations? I didn’t take offence knowing that it was in her nature to create and spread false stories. What certainly hurt me was when she brought up the previous issue involving the other friend.

Now this friend, I have tremendous faith in. I can’t say she’s a great pal of mine, but I’m not uncomfortable hanging around with her coz she’s direct, objective and definitely not cheap. I thought it was quite astounding that she would tell tales about the past episode. However, she might just have mentioned this in passing, which the b**ch caught on to and twisted to suit her warped schemes.

The moment she said I’d taken advantage of this friend, I lost it. I had innate trust in this friend, and so I called her to check whether it was only the b**ch or everyone else who thought that way about me. And her answer was exactly what I expected…

“Anuja, please don’t drag me into this. I have no issues at all. In fact, I told (b**ch) that she shouldn’t have done or said this to you. It was not right of her. Don’t worry, there’s no trouble.”

I said, “I’m glad you don’t think that way. However, I do intend to pay you back for whatever you spent the other day…”

She said, “Look, I don’t want any money. I have no issues whatsoever.”

… That was that..

So, basically, this is how women exploit information to make others of their own kind uncomfortable and upset. And this is not just the trait of this b**ch I’m talking about. It exists in most females - talking bad things about others and not confronting and clarifying things. Unfortunately, I’ve also seen some men like that, but their count remains a handful. At least that’s what I hope. The world would collapse if the number increased too much too soon.

My question remains… Why? Why can’t we all – men and women – be straightforward about what we want, think and dislike? And if we can’t be vocal about it, then why even ponder about it and gossip with others? It’s so unfair.

There was this another incident, a long time ago, when a friend of mine later complained to another friend that we went for dinner outside when her mom had cooked for us at home. Now how the hell am I supposed to know that? Wouldn’t it have been better had she just come up to me and said that that was what was to be done. I wouldn’t have objected or fought with her over it! Women yaaa…

If I sat down to think about each of these times, I’d go bonkers and you’d start staying away from these devils. They will smile sweetly at you when you are looking, and look down at you and whisper mean stuff about you when they think you’re not. True, every woman is not like that. But beware coz most are…

Except the ones that can’t disguise their feelings and can’t lie about their perceptions. Yours truly figures in that category… I’m gona come right up to you and tell you to your face what upset me and what is the ideal thing to do to avoid criticism from others. I know no other way. Like it or not. And I’d love to be treated that way, too.

Can’t dictate and counsel everybody, unfortunately.

Hope those of you who are reading this make an attempt.

Count this as one of my good deeds for mankind – a more genuine and frank approach to life and people.


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: Haah! Have you heard of ‘The league of Wicked Women’? Anuja has this post full of fury directed on some of the women species. :) An enjoyable read. (Pun intended)


Anonymous said...

Hey Anuja,
My respect for u has grown.Perhaps,I would be awkward in such a situation but coming very honestly...big thumbs up.I thick such b***should be ignored in the first place.Such People are plain frustrated with their lives and they need to hit on some one coz they have nothin better to do.I often wonder how come People are never happy in life.It irks I know..Iv faced it as well but to a lesser extent-now u prompting me to blog on such pricks.
Its commendable to wear one's heart on the sleeve..I respect People who are themselves rather than acting in accordance with judgement.I constantly to be myself though People think bout me..yeh paagal hai..I knw in college People must have thought.But who cares?!
Cheers for this one.
Love n affection

Sugar and Spice said...

Super post this is! 'Can't dictate and counsel everybody, unfortunately.' Fortunately, we can ignore such remarks. That's my weapon these days.
And congrats on making to the Tangy Tuesday picks.

Princess said...

Hey Vishal,

Thanks as usual for being a regular visitor to my blog. I really appreciate your comments, and I enjoy reading about your experiences and inspirations!

I had to deliberate for quite a while before I actually decided to write about this incident. Not only was I hurt, but also angry with the (un)concerned person and the misunderstanding. And then, there came a point when I just could not keep in within me any longer, and I HAD to blog about it and vent my frustration and helplessness.

Thanks for your support once again.


Princess said...

Hey Indu,

Thanks for writing in! Really means a lot to me when I see readers actually interacting with me and not just nameless faces leaving their prints on my blog :-)

Glad you liked the post. It was a tough decision, as I mentioned to Vishal in my earlier comment. Readers, well-wishers and friends like you give the much needed faith and support when I have to write about trying times like these.

Love to you!

P.S : I did not know this post had been chosen as a Tangy Tuesday pick! Thanks for that, too!!

Anonymous said...

My heartiest congrats to u..u made it to blog adda:)
cant tell hw happy i am for u..
Keep it up

Jayashree Srivatsan said...


Congrats for making it to Tues Tangy Picks.....Well, I agree...some women can be really mean and irritating and silly and get sillier with age.... :)


Princess said...

Thanks guys!

Jaish, you might not wana say that. I'm a woman myself you know, and I can b*tch about my clan and yet stand up for the same gang when you men start snubbing us :-D

Thanx for writing in!


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