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Sister Prisca’s Fasssstt Lazzi

Hi ppl,

I’ve been travlin wid my mates, eatin meals at subsidized rates,
The South is a place interestin, and my Counselling course there enticing,
Educational and religious, fun and fatigue,
My trip was amazing, it brought me n my frens kareeb….

Dat abt sums it up really… My Dept at the Univ took us 19 ppl for an educational tour to Vellore… 9 days of Vellore, Chennai, Tirupati, Bangalore (o Bangalooroo as my frens insist)… I duno whr to start n I duno whr to end… I’ll need a long time to explain all I did and learnt and experienced (formally/informally), but in a few words – I visitd Mahabalipuram @ Chennai, Balaji temple @ Tirupati, Golden Temple (not Amritsar, but Padma Lakshmi) @ Vellore. I attended a Counselling course called “self-growth programme” at the Christian Counselling Centre, Vellore, Tamil Nadu – an esteemed and famous institute for HR and psychotherapy, and I shopped at Vellore and B’lore. It was tiring, but a great break. I loved it and hav very fond memories of learning…


People never cease to amaze me… First of all, thrs this unflagd race goin on all the time at evry signal on evry street… Whats d hurry buddies? But I’v spoken enuf abt dat in “Road Rage” so wudn’t want to lapse into dat again… wat m sayin here is ppl come in all shapes n sizes, n v often make mistkn jugdmnts abt them… There are those who I don’t think are worth a 2nd glance, yet they bcum an integral part of my life thnx2their luvly nature and adorable behavior... And then thre r those I wish to meet a million times before it gradually dawns upon me that they’re nuthin but a bucketload of s***. I‘m sure u’ve experiencd d same.

V’r so immature na? V let go of our rationality and get blown away by emotions and intuitions. When we hit Mother Earth (sumtimes wid a huge THUD), v realiz how silly v wer to b taken for a ride. V vow not to be so gullible n foolish d next time, but r v realy successful? I doubt it… Really admire those self-actualizd folks who can live happily and carelessly, no…