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Sach aur Saahas


August almost winding up, and come to think of it, it doesn’t feel like too long ago when I celebrated New Year’s! Time’s a-flying buddies... The city’s gearin up for Ganeshotsav, and I’m tryin to rise above my varied work responsibilities... GASP!!!

Hey, I forgot to mention my review of the movie Phoonk in the last post, but dats exactly wat the film is - Forgettable. A few Qs may ease the understanding process...

Q1. WHY was this movie made?
Q2. WHY is the lead hero (crow) not acknowledged in either the credits or d title?
Q3. WHY does cackling Amma (Grandma) shake her head aka Amitabh in Black?

If RGV’s idea was to exploit the public by his aggressive and come-hither tactics of announcing a 3 lac Rupees award for watching d movie alone, then Ramu, ur goin d wrong way... It may attract people to the theatre, but dnt ask which way ur gona get it bac after they sit thru d 2 hour nonsense, hoping for a few edge-of-d-seat moments and being horribly disappointed. Since Aag, u seem to…

Love and life

Hiya pals!
Its so amazing to reach home after a “hard” day at work, prop ur legs up on the sofa and relax with a hot cup of ginger tea (made by mum, if I may add) and delve into the pleasures of channel-surfin! Aahh, pure unadulterated bliss! My remote usually stays a moment longer on HBO, known for its wonderful movie fare. Sometime last week, a mermaid movie was goin on. Never having seen one before, and having nothing else to watch, I decided to linger a bit. It was a tad scary, especially when the innocent looking thing opened its eyes and swallowed a man whole! Woah... And when she screamed it was like a high-pitched wail, similar to a dolphin’s or a bat’s (whatever makes the ears bleed). Anyway, my understandin of the story was there’s this troupe of sailors who catch a mermaid and plan to take her to NY to become rich and famous. But what happens is they catch the Queen of the lot who is the provider for the other mermaids and how she finally destroys them all but one; a woman (…

Jaipur calling...

Mubarake tumhe ki tum... Kisi ke noor ho gaye...
Kisi ke itne paas ho... Ki sab se door ho gaye....

Hows it goin people!

Started wid 2 lines from the brilliant song of yesteryear “Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Ye”, coz several peers from my school and college days r getin married... May they hav long happy married lives! And their spouses too ;-) Cheers everybody!

Here I am... this is me, there’s nowhere else on earth I’d rather be...

Sorry for driftin away wid one of my fav English tracks. Returnin to d topic - Here I am, bac from the HSBC Asset Mngt. (AMC) 160 people program at Le Meridien, Jaipur. This annual offsite with the tagline “Get Set Go” and the theme “Focus” was between 15-17th Aug, 08 and it was a gala affair, both for the employees from all over India as well as us, the facilitators and consultants. Before I hit the accelerator and start rambling on about the fundoo events thr, leme start at the beginin n tell u abt a few thins on the way...

As I hurtled down the Mumbai-Pune expresway to…

An Everlasting Smile...

We can’t force ourselves to love, or to withhold love. At best, we can curb our actions. The heart itself is beyond control. That is its power... And it’s weakness... - The Palace Of Illusions

Well well well... Chilly mornings Pune’s got, I wake up wid a sniffle each day as I leave d warmth and coziness of my blanket and start the tedious process to get ready for work. I have a horrible cold (anybody got d Guinness for sneezing 12 times in a row in under 2 minutes?) I think I ought to change my name to Droopy with d expression dat m carryin around all day...

Draupadi’s doin wel; not really actually, coz if a reader is moved to tears after reading her “Cheerharan” then u can only imagine how she must have felt whn she was at d receiving end... Man, I don’t blame her one bit for hating her husbands and family and cursing everyone present in Duryodhan’s court. Dat’s how a woman’s life and emotions are. She can do anything to protect the ones she loves, but men (sorry to all you male reader…

Love's Labor Lost

A wonderful line by a simple wise guy that captured the essence of all I’ve felt thus far in life..."I travel away so far... but still I don’t forget anything...."
And a poem by yours truly that puts the details in a nutshell...

I start loving too easily,
I get attached too soon;
Though it’s a boon initially,
It ends in nothing but gloom.

I become the other, I give all I got,
In dark wilderness, at love a shot;
A hundred aches and setbacks,
Every step a prayer for mercy;
Bearing in my heart a million cracks,
Bleeding on thorns woven into coats lacy.

Each time I trip, I vow to watch
Where I set my foot,
But when I see a cozy face,
My sensibility gets a boot.

With hope I wear a smile so wide,
Feeling “THIS time it’s for keeps”;
Not realizing this is yet another ride,
And sorrow again in heaps...

I wish I’d take a break,
And stop messing life for you,
Leave you to your ideal self,
And in the bargain, be happy, too.

Is it why they say, in love you FALL?
The list of smiles so petty,
And grievances Eiffel …


What’s worse?
Loving someone you can’t forgive?
Or loving someone you can’t have?

Hey people!
(Sorry about the title, cudnt think of an apt one. Suggestions highly solicited)

I’ve been thru a few blogs lately, and man, have they been superloaded! I mean they’r so content-heavy and intended to disseminate knowledge in the author-respective domains, that I feel quite the fool for writing about my mundane experiences and crazy rambles. I guess I have a lot more nothing to do than most people, and this nothing gives me a lot more vent-worthy knowledge and intuition than it does to non-writing folks...

I wasn’t feelin particularly peaceful and happy yesterday, and in my upset state, looking for a victim, I found one in the form of a neighbor who was throwing stones to scare away a cat perched on top of her flat ledge. She wasn’t exactly ‘innocent’, and she did deserv d lashing I gave, as her carelessly flung pebbles wer hitting the cars standing below with possible threat of getting dented. Tho …