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Psycho Babble

Most of my undergraduate study in Psychology spoke about how childhood years shape an individual. How what a person experiences in his early days (first five years, to be precise) leave a lasting impression on the way he thinks, feels, behaves till the time he dies.
So, go back to your earliest memory, and that will hold a clue to something significant in your life.

Mine would be when I was about 6 or 7, and I answered a call from some important dignitary from abroad. This gentleman was amazed at the way I took the call – my language competency (English), my polite and professional tone (even at that age) and my responsible deportment. He conveyed his appreciation to my Uncle (Abba) and I was praised to the skies. Till date, neither he nor I have forgotten this incident. I guess that this shows that I perform my duties sincerely and aim to be valued. And it’s true – my life revolves around being praised for things that I do and say. Ask anyone in my life how I crave for feedback about t…



Kasa kay?

Nope, not that I'm scared of the MNS fellas or anything. Their Bandhs and other announcements really don't scare me. Instead, they only make me cringe with disgust. Brute force can win them fear, not support.

Whatever... that's really not wha I wanna talk about today.

Gotta give you some quick updates.

One, I am not really keen about football, but thanks to the enthusiasm displayed by my friends and colleagues, I was drawn into it without my personal desire. Sports was never really one of my passions, but it's fun watching people as they argue and support their respective teams. Of course, Oracle Paul became quite a rage in the market when he started predicting wins and losses. Must go check out what he's gotta say about my life and story ;-) If an octopus understands football, he sure must be aware of our trivial lives and details!!

Moving on... I watched Milenge Milenge... and oh my god, was it the biggest mistake ever in my life! The movie is horri…

Explore and Stun Yourself !!

It never ceases to amaze me that there are all kinds of people in this world. People who are genuine, people who are not, and people who think they are but are actually not.People who ponder and articulate, people who don’t mull and don’t express, and people who think and feel and don’t verbally / directly convey.People who are nice, selfish, funny, simple, fake, generous and those who are plain confused.Damn, where does God keep all his molds and casts? Even with every human having 7 lookalikes around the world, I bet none of them are identical in their mannerisms and attitudes!Point noted. But how would we know what an individual is like?Do we judge him by the way he behaves? Or by the way he pretends to behave?Do we judge him by his clothes and speech? Or by the way he treats things and people around him?Do we judge him by what he says about himself? Or by the way he sends out vibes and impressions?No child’s play, eh?And then to obscure issues, people behave differently with diffe…

But Why ... No One Knows...

My eyes wander to catch a glimpse of you in the most obvious and unlikeliest of places.
Why? When I myself asked you to never show me your face again?I gear myself up to see you sitting at my doorstep, waiting for me as I come home after a weary day at work.
Why? When I clearly recall screaming at you to leave me alone?You’re always on my mind for reasons merry, sad, nostalgic and naughty.
Why? When I tried so hard to erase you from my head and heart?I was repulsed by your misbehavior; I threatened you to stay away.
Why then do I sometimes still miss you, your companionship and love?I wanted to forget that you exist, I vowed to block everything that reminded me of you.
Why then does your memory only grow stronger by the day?Love happens once, now that couldn’t be true…A million times over, I fell in love with you.You hurt me, and apologized.I hated you and forgave.I admired you and you praised me.I loved you with everything I had, and you showed me you cared.Where did it all go?I sit down …

Peace, People and Places

It’s a wonderful life!Yeah guys, I’m Anuja (aka Princess) and I’m happy. Work is good, and I’ve got used to the routine at home. So basically my acceptance of things has made my life more pleasant and me more congenial.I enjoy being at work –learning and doing various tasks, meeting new people and getting to know them better, and discovering facets about me I didn’t know existed or I knew but didn’t get opportunities to apply. It’s like my life was waiting for IBM... I realize that I am fairly good natured (better than most other people). I recognize that I am a wonderful team-player, when it comes to work or play. And I understand that this is just the beginning and life is only going to get better…I haven’t forgotten the times when I was sad and stressed owing to bad relationships in my life and issues at work and home. Everything seemed to be wrong and my life was plummeting into the deepest abyss of frustration and hopelessness. I cannot say things have drastically changed, but Pr…