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TTMM ( = Tu Tera, Main Mera)

You must’ve heard this abbreviation before. It stands for each one to his own.

In college, when pocket money is sparse, this usually indicates going dutch and paying their own expenses even when folks hang out as a gang. Works well, you can eat and drink what you want as per your budget without bothering about who’s ordering what and paying for another’s bills.

Why is this post titled TTMM? Coz…
Whoever said “treat others’ possessions are your own” sure wasn’t related to Harishchandra in anyway.
I mean, really, who treats others things as well as their own?
Sure, I am pretty careful with others’ stuff but I cannot say with 100% assurance that I am as concerned about it as my personal belongings.
And I bet you, if you think I’m bad, others are worse.
Take for instance Mr. A (name withheld coz I don’t wanna defame anyone) who is crazy about his four wheeler. It would be an understatement if I said he adored his vehicle more than his wife or sister. His passion and possessiveness for his car i…

You and I

This pain is something I can endure no more,
Let’s part, you and I…
We laughed till we cried,
And we cried as we hugged each other tight,
Tough times became easier together,
And we created celebrations for a lifetime,

This pain is something I can endure no more,
Let’s part, you and I…
I could see joy in your smile when you saw me,
I could sense the peace that my presence brought you,
Hours seemed like minutes and days rushed by,
And our love and companionship grew by the second,

This pain is something I can endure no more,
Let’s part, you and I…
Holding hands, we faced the world,
We made a million promises without saying a word,
Our trust and faith was unshakeable,
And life was one merry paradise,

This pain is something I can endure no more,
Let’s part, you and I…
Fate is a funny thing,
It can make mountains turn to dirt,
As the rosiness in our bond turned insipid,
I shed a billion tears and so did you,
I know…

This pain is something we can endure no more,
Let’s part, you and I…
We persevered to mak…

Cricket Mania

Yes, I am Indian.Of course, I’m loyal to my country.No, I’m not a crazy cricket lunatic. And hey, that does not make me any less patriotic than you.I’ve made no secret of the fact that I am not mad about what is undoubtedly India’s national game. (Did you say hockey? I am sorry, but half the Indian youth don’t even know the names of 3 famous hockey players. Awareness should certainly be an important criteria for choosing the national anything. As my dad says, the national bird of India ought to be the crow as it is so famous and commonly observed, and not the peacock. Ditto for the national animal – a cow, or maybe the donkey… why the tiger? The number’s declining anyway. We don’t want an extinct national animal! One that appeals to hunters and souvenir collectors so much that they’d want to kill it!! Naah… Besides, other sportsmen in the nation also acknowledge and accept the fact that no game is greater than cricket in India.)Anyway, the point is, I don’t go all silly and stressed w…

Chaadni Raatein

Chaandni raatein… Sab jag soye, hum jaage, taaro se karein baatein…
One of my fav songs…
I find it hard to fall asleep immediately after work. So, when I get home post midnight, I usually watch TV or read or yak with some night owls, in that order. And of course, visit Facebook - the lifeline of youth today.
What I’ve certainly not done for as long as I can recall is sit back a moment and just relish nature. Keep all thoughts at bay and appreciate the many beauties of the ecosystem…
The simple joys of living. The uncomplicated beauty of nature. The mind not engaged in any contemplations or worries. The heart not burdened by any sorrows or dilemmas. Just the cool breeze and the soul, mingling together and exchanging unspoken thoughts.
When did all this revolutionary realization strike me?
When one unthinking moment in the night, I clumsily stepped onto the elegant sofa in our living room and pushed my face outside the huge French window.
The cool night breeze caressed by cheeks and chilled m…

Hippity Hop!

Hey there!!

Gyaan Guru Maa is back :-)

I love those dance movies where people are passionate about dancing and there are contests where amazing talent is displayed and discovered.

For example: Step Up, Dirty Dancing, Footloose…
(Can’t remember any Hindi movie apart from Dil Toh Pagal Hai and Aaja Nach Le, which were definitely not as exciting as the English counterparts.)

Even the Hollywood films with cheerleader competitions are super fun to watch – Bring It On, et al.

Really, I think no one can beat the Americans when it comes to boogie-ing!

Especially the hip-hop. And that’s my topic for the day…


A little history / introduction, anyone?!!

Captain Wiki to the rescue… (As always… honestly, where would we be without google and wiki?)

So, (I quote from the site…) Hip-hop dance includes a wide range of styles notably breaking, locking, and popping which were developed in the 1970s by Black and Latino Americans. Freestyling, battles, and ciphers—are key components of hip-hop dance. What d…

Oh Bother!

You thought I was weak,
I don’t seem to be so anymore…Does that bother you?You took your call by walking outta my life,
Not caring how I felt, or how I’d survive,
Now that I’ve found greater happiness in your absence…
Does that bother you?You believed I was lonely,
Yet the exuberance in my league is deafening…Does that bother you?You were the centre of my universe,
And you threw it all away,
My having decided to not punish myself any longer…
Does that bother you?You considered me understanding and different,
And came close to me, saying we were meant to be…Does that bother you?Memories of times bygone linger in my mind,
I’m sure they’re in your trash bins rotting away,
As I create moments of joy with those around you…
Does that bother you?As I watch you stroll and smirk,
I believe you’re happy or at least pretending…Does that bother you?I still cringe when I feel your eyes on me,
Your voice and presence make me go insane,
For all my moving on, I still keep coming back…
Does that bother you?It bothers…