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Crib-a-tho(r)n... Coz it pricks...

Analogous to a marathon, is this post, my crib-a-thon, where I am gona crib to my heart’s content. (I know I may regret this later, and I may even delete it, but really need to vent it out now!). Waise bhi my blog’s never gona b a blog of note (that’s the privilege of the rich and the professional), so I needn’t fear about too many unknown folks reading my whines and grumbles... Aur paddh bhi le toh kya... Ki main jhoot boliya? Koi na!!

Startin wid u, Mr. S... I hate you. And I’m sure you know it. You’re a loser who cud never gain respect, a failure who did nuthin worth bein remembered or appreciated. All you think about, is yourself, your convenience, your likes and your needs. At this age where your peers are retiring, you have not a penny saved up, and worse, you’re head-deep (neck's long gone underwater) in debt... Who’s gona pick up your blames and liabilities? U fleeced ur wife who never received any gift from u to cherish or treasure; u never did anything that contributed to…

Chhoti Si Baat


I’m halfway thru the Six Suspects by Vikas Swarup. It’s about this high-profile murder that takes place, and as the title suggests, there are 6 completely diverse and independent individuals who are held under suspicion. Someone’s a tribal, someone’s an actress, one a politician, even a foreigner (!) and so on. How they all happen to land up on the scene of the crime wid a weapon in their possession is the mystery, and who finally is the real killer is the climax. So faa, so gud... But, the book gets a lil monotonous at times, especially when the bhoot of Gandhi takes over this corrupt and crooked IAS chap, and a petty thief falls in love wid dis rich chic who’s related to the thief’s pa’s murderer (ekdum apna Bollywood style). Contemporary characters like Salman Khan (did u know 10 ka Dum is wrapped up?! Rakhi Sawant was the last celebrity guest) and Barkha Dutt, as well as the MNS group are drawn upon to make the book more relevant and exciting, and one gets curious as to how eve…

Post No. 50 - Shaadi Ka Ladoo

Hiya folks!

First of all, thanks to all of u for joinin me here on this post. Half a century done, and many more to come! When I wrote my first blog, never for a moment I thot I’d keep at it so relentlessly, and your love and encouragement was sumthin I never imagined in my wildest dreams. But well, both came together, and here we are celebrating this landmark! Cheers! (Wheeeeee, this feels great!!)

Back to business... A lot of people are getting married - my frens, frens of frens, family frens, and the entire universe out thr. Marital bliss seems to be the ultimate desire of Gen X (or Y or watever). Have I joined the bandwagon? Not yet...

(Hehe, couldn’t resist sharing this, wid evry1 tying the knot around me, somehow my dreams showed me the image of my Head of Dept bac in the Univ holding a wedding invitation and requestin me to attend the function! This wouldn’t hav been so outrageous had he not been married for a good 30 years at the least, and wid grown-up children! Dreams are ridic…

How does it feel...

How does it feel...
When something you’ve planned all along,
Doesn’t happen for a reason unforeseen;
Leaving you in the doldrums with regrets umpteen,
As people sympathize saying “no big deal”...
How does it feel?

How does it feel...
When someone you love,
Fails to see the intensity of your sentiment;
Appeals to reason lead to argument,
“You’ll never understand me” is the final seal,
How does it feel?

How does it feel...
When those that you hold close,
Refuse to value your respect and need,
To others they their commitment and support feed,
Washing out your harmony and zeal,
How does it feel?

A million reasons to cry, a zillion to smile,
The former hard to notice, the latter discernible over a mile;
To lift up your spirits and erase your frowns,
Needs much more than silly surprises and colorful clowns.

In sorrow the heart sighs, in misery your head reels,
Teary eyes at bedtime, listless presence at meals;
In search of bliss, the eyes dart,
You look up (and what? Fart?!!)

(Oh, so that drivel rhymed, but what the…

Back again!

Boy pointing to pregnant mum’s stomach: “What’s that?”
Pregnant mum: “This is my darling, sweet, lovable baby...”
Boy: “If he’s so lovable, why did u eat him?!”

;-) Ok I know that was silly... but jus thot I’d share it wid u... Would u hold it against me if I told anodr sillier one? Oh c’mon... Dats not too much to ask for!

Teacher to girl student: “Why are u late to school?”
Student: “A boy was following me.”
Teacher: “So?”
Student: “He was walking slowly.”

;-) Hee Hee Hee...


How ya doin pals? I attended a lecture-cum-meet yesterday convened by the local NHRD chapter. It was on Adult Learning and delivered by a wonderfully witty and excruciatingly entertaining chap from Australia who goes by the name of Aaron Smith. My first such organizational endeavor, I was a lil anxious initially as to how to network and break the ice with strangers, but soon it came fairly easy when I saw most others were as bemused and awkward as me! Managed to meet quite a few people, managed to form quite …

Blogging away to Glory!

Whatcha doin buddies?!!

Hope life’s treatin u well.

Why do people answer a question with a question? And I’m not the only one asking this! I guess it happens when the initial question is either stupid, obvious, rhetoric, or repetitive. Anodr question I heartily hate, is “Aur Kya?!!” (= what else?!!) That’s OK when it comes once or twice in a conversation, but when all you’re hearing is “Aur Kya”.... Grrrr....

Just like the above is common, so is addiction and excuse. Each person has his/her own passion, and each one has a suitable excuse. Addictions may vary from drugs to books, lovers to emotions, actions to places, and so on. Ditto about the excuses ranging from time to people, situations to capabilities, resources to moods, and so forth. So what’s your addiction? And what’s your excuse? ... Mine? Shall tell u another day... Think about yours... And don’t say u haven’t got either! Shan’t believe u ;-)

There’s a lull in my life. Nothing seems to be exciting. Wohi kaam, wohi ghar, wohi lo…

Post-Pleasure Plummet

Heya buddies!

I met an old school fren recently. The great news is he’s goin around wid a gal from our very class, and I’m so happy for both of them! I was surprised at my excitement, coz I couldn’t help recall a few facts centering around him...

1. I had a crush on him ya! For 3 solid years! How can I rejoice his hookin up wid anodr gal? Of curz a lot of time has passed... Feelings, people, life – nuthin’s the same...
2. Once, when he proposed to my gud fren in school (under pressure, he says), I felt a lil happy, but not too great... (They broke up widin a week, tho...)
3. When a gud fren from school announced at our reunion that they wer goin around, I was hurt and astonished... Why dint he tell me before? We were best frens in school – the 3 of us... Besides, how cud they hook up?!!! I know they shared great chemistry, but HOW...!!!

Anyway, I can c u yawnin away so I’l come to the point. The main thin is, once you let a person go, nuthin he/she does brings pain. As long as I considerd …

Rock On!


I went to see “Rock On” last week, which was quite unexpected, coz
1. I don’t c movies that I’v misd too long
2. My usual movie-mate went ahead for it wid frens
3. I don’t quite like rock
4. I dint intend the movie to be absolutely watch-able or extraordinary

However, my uncle invited my family for a movie after ages, so cudnt refuse. Besides, who in the wide world wud want to miss a chance to gobble sum popcorn?!! Not me, fer sure laddies! (Anyway, we went to Rahul so the caramel ecstasy dint materialize).

The movie was a delight. A powerful beginning. Great performances. Awesome music. Tremendous sensitivity. 10/10 to the directors, producers, writers, actors, et al for exploiting the KISS principle so effectively (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) Any showgiri or complicated plots wud hav ruined the brilliant event. There were a few hitches, tho. Pardonable, as long as the movie dint compromise on its pace and energy. Like Farhan’s husky voice (Ugh! Acid on the ears) Rob’s kuch-dino-ka-me…

Ganpati Bappa ... Morya!

Hiya buddies!

Hows the Ganpati season goin? So faa so gud? I’m doin well, thanks for askin. We hav Ganpati at our place, so thrs lotsa delicacies brewing in my kitchen ;-) Courtesy Madhulika Rathi, the most stunning lady in our family, also a gifted cook, able housewife, marvelous singer, amazin mom, (and so on and so forth)....
Women who run the house as a primary task never cease to amaze me; imagine having to work 24*7*365, without compensation and benefits, overtime and other allowances, leave policy, and other privileges that come with being employed outside the house. Unthinkable, as far as I’m concerned! Why take up a thankless job which is considered valueless and dishonored, inspite of the hardwork and continuous commitment? Thanks, Mum... And thanks all u other homemakers who may not b reading dis... Ur invaluable, ladies! And courageous ;-) Take a bow!

I’m pleased to get incredibly encouraging feedback and comments from u all. Really appreciate it, readers, active and passive…

Psychological Parley

Hi mighty people! How ya doin?

U mus b bored of all the TV and movie and book reviews I keep writin about. Sala kisi ne zara tareef kya kar di, main to chipakich gayi us topic ko! No, I’ll talk about sumthin mo my-type this time... Like wat? Philosophy, psychology, life-ism and love-o-logy...

Calamity unites humanity. When it was pouring over the weekend, people wer runnin helter-skelter ducking the showers. Raindrops as huge as snowballs(Ok, a lil exaggeration thr, but the way they hurt was comparable). Its nice to see that on such an occasion whn passers-by seek shelter under commercial and private awnings, nobody turns them out. I was perched under Allen Solly’s near Aundh, and several bikers and families rushed to the same spot for cover, but no showroom personnel came out and complained about them using their roof and wetting their stairs coz they wer non-customers. It was very moving and heartening. Even whn Mumbai is doused with rainwater and floods, people help each other irresp…