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Dosti & Destiny

Giggle.Giggle smirk giggle.We ended up laughing over the silliest of things and the craziest of topics.We made the most absurd statements and our imagination was anything but constructive.Our observations and judgments about people and things would seem insane to a bystander, and yet we were in splits all the time.We cracked up over nothing and we roared till their sides ached.I have spent the funniest of my times till date with this boy…Mature beyond his age, and caring beyond his years, this guy’s a gem. A real gem. The types that’s hard to come by. And once you meet them, you never meet another one like them again. You never forget them either. And their memory always brings a smile or a guffaw.The number of movies we watched was notable. If I’m not mistaken, we watched a movie every Saturday and Sunday… and sometimes Fridays too if I got off work early. 2012 (where we encountered a gauche bloke who got mighty excited and voluble coz there was a power cut in the theatre), Karate Ki…

Trounced in Glory

I wander the world in a bid to escape the mundane,
But I’m always glad to return home and see who missed me,
Who smiles the widest,
And tells me I would never be allowed to take off again.I tell you I don’t want to see you,
That my life would be much more uncomplicated and agreeable without you,
And all the while my heart is beseeching you to hold me,
And tell me you’ll never leave me.I show that I don’t care,
I pretend to not mind things and portray myself a cool cat,
And I’m burning inside, wondering why they can’t see through my façade,
Despite knowing me.I often have the last laugh,
I am a winner, and my perfection is admired and envied by most,
Yet there are occasions when I wish my acumen wasn’t repeatedly proven,
To see your amazed, proud face.I love and care with all I’ve got,
I can make you feel blessed and lucky,
But I hope you to realize it’s not your prerogative,
It’s something I’m honoring you with, because I love you, deeply.

I shout when I want to cry,
I laugh when I want to scream,
I kn…

Thank God for the Twin Sisters

I’ve said this before, and I will say it again. Thank god for memory loss.Add another point there. Thank god for adaptability.Any guesses as to what would happen without these two blessings in our lives?I’ll tell you.(Obviously. The know-it-all loves the sound of her own voice and nothing turns her on like having her opinion heard and appreciated.)(He he he.)(Love pulling my own leg.)(You better not do it.)(In case you don’t know that yet.)(Well… Let’s go back to the topic now, shall we, mixed-up, meandering, chatterbox?)(That’s me, not you, baba.)(Gosh, how much I yak.)(Grrrr…)Right. So, it’s a wonderful capability that we tend to forget and we get used to people and things being or not being there.I know it’s not amusing and enviable when we misplace something important, or when we can’t recall the name of someone that we bump into after a long time. It’s certainly not fortunate when companions start taking each other for granted, or when a best friend at work quits and moves to ano…

Happy Dussera!!

Greetings for the festive season, everyone!I’m not very fond of any Indian festival per se, I find them all tremendously tiring. So, Diwali to me is cleaning up the house and entertaining unwanted guests, putting up with boisterous people bursting fire crackers at odd hours and deleting a hundred emails by hundreds of long-lost friends and acquaintances, most of you have no clue when you last met and how you figure in each others’ mailing lists.Of course, I do enjoy the shopping bit and the myriad varieties of sweets :-)However, I do understand (and hope) that I belong to the minority group in this country. (Somebody’s gotta carry on the traditions and nurture the culture, fellas!) As much as I find these occasions inconvenient, I know our culture would be poorer without them. I have nothing against those who celebrate with gusto and aplomb. I am extremely amazed by the way Indians find something or the other to celebrate every few days and weeks. Be it Shiv Jayanti or Ambedkar Jayant…

Ordained By Order

Did I tell you I read Eat, Pray and Love (referred to as EPL henceforth on my blog) by Elizabeth Gilbert? It’s a fantastic book, guys. I mean girls. (Guys may or may not like it for the simple reason that the genders think, feel and expect differently. And more often than not, the sexes just LOVE being on opposite sides of the discussion. Sometimes only to prove that they are unlike each other, and can never be like each other. Fair enough reason.)(Or so I presume.)Anyway, back to EPL. (Not European Premier League, you nutcase! I TOLD YOU the book Eat, Pray, Love would now onwards be called EPL. Pretty forgetful, aren’t you?!)I had heard a lot about it, and I finally bought it at the Crossword sale not too many weeks ago. Alongwith P.S. I Love You. I planned to enjoy both the books, and I was hoping they lived up to expectations. In fact, I’d heard the movies are good, too. What is my verdict? The books are both decent. The movie PS is bad, it honestly disappointed me, coz I had a bea…

Random Reasons

I can’t stop wondering about how all of us are weird.

Yeah, I guess all of human race is, without exception, unusual and peculiar.I mean, we are more or less alike in the way we come into this world and leave it, and we all experience a similar set of emotions, and every one of us has a bunch of habits and activities that are relatively comparable.And yet, we are all so different. All of us don’t like the same things or people, and even those that we do, we have different reasons for liking or disliking.… Oddly enough, sometimes, there are no reasons for liking or disliking.For example, I never quite figured out why I like the Bollywood flick 15 Park Avenue. Those that have seen it might recall it for different reasons - the theme, cast or acting. Most folks wouldn’t have seen it, so leme give you a brief overview of the plot. The film revolves around a schizophrenic Meethi (Mitali, played by the fantastic Konkona Sensharma) and her doting elder sister Annu (Anjali, played by the lovel…

First Love… All Over Again

He was in a frenzy. There was so much to do. She was coming over for the first time and he wanted it to be perfect. Even after the maids had finished cleaning, he went over every inch of his house to check if everything was in order. He put the CDs he wanted her to hear in the player, and tossed a fresh sheet over the mattresses. He felt like a teenager eager to show off his niceness to his first girlfriend.

The beer went into the fridge andthe flowers in a vase. The house looked spic and span. He’d already spoken to all his friends and other expected callers so that they would not disturb when he was with her.

He loved her. He loved her beyond words could explain. He couldn’t explain it to himself. This tingling and excitement he felt eachtime he saw her. The anticipation he experienced when he was about to call or hold her. It wasn’t like he had never had a woman before. But this time, it just felt so different…***
She scratched her chin as she looked intoher wardrobe. Casual or chic? …

Parallel Lives

The louder Emily laughed, the clearer the glistening tears in her eyes became. The more she talked about her merry life, the more obvious it was that she was sad. She came with new bruises and limps every day, and nobody believed when she said it was a rash or an accident.

Jemima was divorced. She gave the impression of being an extremely easygoing, content female. However, the stories doing the rounds proclaimed her an out and out loser; they proclaimed her a pushover trying to get close to any and every guy who would allow her to get intimate. Her overfriendliness made her appear suspicious and the girls were wary of her sharp tongue and hypocritical temperament. They couldn’t really decide whether she was more cunning than dumb, but either way, it didn’t matter.

Ross was going around with a chic from work, but they could not make their relationship public. Several reasons. They managed to hang around now and then and steal a few kisses when no one was looking. Yet he knew he was comm…