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Colorful cocktails

Sounds exciting, eh?!!

I’ve always spoken my mind on this blog, and this time, I’m trying something different, something objective and factual. Like I’ve actually done some research on the internet, to get you these photos and definitions. Gime a pat, buddies!!

(Of course, I can’t keep my gifted life, exceptional mind and talented tongue shut for long, so don’t fret; will lapse into my personal rant sooner than you think!)

First the research – For all the drinks you’ve guzzled till date, I bet you don’t even know what the term cocktail stands for, as in, literally. (Even wikipedia was quite confused and the etymology only spoke about cocks and their tails.)
So, here is the definition - Originally a mixture of distilled spirits, sugar, water, and bitters, the word cocktail has gradually come to mean almost any mixed drink containing alcohol. A cocktail today usually contains one or more types of liquor and flavorings and one or more liqueurs, fruit juices, sugar, honey, water, ice, soda, m…

Whatta Thanksgiving!!

It's getting really cold in Pune, and I'm enjoying it! It's fun wearing woollens and jackets and stoles and mufflers that have been stacked up all year. What's not so great is getting up in the mornings for work, but that's nothing new, is it?!!!

Work's borrrrrrring... I'm SO sick of business development, that I can't push myself any further towards attaining those silly sales goals single-handedly. I'm really looking forward to a trip this weekend - will blow the cobwebs from my brain and rejuvenate me, my tumbling spirits and emotions.

Heard about those firings and blasts in Mumbai last night? Whew, scary. Especially coz my bro's in Mumbai. The local trains were suspended, and apparently the schools, share market, banks and other offices are all taking the day off for safety sake. I just can't understand what these crazy terrorists want. And I'm infuriated coz the Govt is acting like a helpless pawn. Far from being proactive and effec…

The Art of Reading

I find television to be very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go in the other room and read a book - Groucho Marx

Me and Groucho don’t converge on our sentiments to the T (hell, I really like watching TV!) But I sure think reading is one of the best things a man can do if his life is to be identified as complete... As I always say, a man with a book is never lonely.

(I don’t know how I can contradict myself so openly when I say I love books and yet I call myself “lonely” princess. But that’s just me – an avid exponent of the break-the-rules-and-put-logic-to-shame family!!!)

A bookworm since times immemorial, I worship my books and am forever seeking to add new ones to my collection. My Shelfari widget on this page will give you a peek into my real bookshelf at home (yeah the same one that my mum ransacked during Diwali and dusted as if it was the asylum of all nasty vermin on earth).

I must thank my mentor on this note, the person who introduced and invited me to the mag…

Puneri Predicaments

There are questions that have one and only one answer, and there are several questions that have the same answer.

For example :
Question : What is the thing you despise most about Pune?
Question :What is your worst transport nightmare in Pune?
Question : Why does your mood often get ^%#$& while traveling in Pune?

The answer : Autos / rickshaws.

(Why specifically Pune? Coz in other cities like Bombay, they are one of the most helpful and decorous species. In villages and towns, they are sociable and encourage negotiating over fares. But, in Pune, they are the uncrowned princes and emperors. Monarchs that live life on their own terms, and dictate others’ lives, too.)

They are tyrants on the roads, abusive and reckless, doling out dirty looks by the dozen. Dressed like cool-dudes, one leg up folded on the seat, chewing tobacco or betel leaf, and spitting around (not caring who’s near or behind and who’s clothes are getting soiled with their spit), maneuvering the vehicle like DC’s super…

Weekend by Chance

A very unplanned and unexpected weekend... Whoever said self-made plans work out?
I struck gold over the weekend – a discovery that you'll surely appreciate... Women honk for business, men for pleasure. How did I arrive at this premise? I haven’t really gone the hypothesis-testing way, but it sure is a validated statement. Shall explain in detail some other day. For now, ruminate!

The news is out! Yyuuvvrraajj (whatever the spelling is!) is a super-duper flop. (Folks like Zayed Khan and Tusshar Kapoor should just take a hint and spare us such torturous enterprises.) But even the others, save Anil Kapoor, have not managed to please the audiences. I anyways hate Sallu, (I think besides looking and sounding stylish, he’s a dud at everything else – acting, life, or whatever). So I ain’t too disappointed. The trailers of Rab ne Bana di Jodi are looking good, Haule Haule and Dance pe Chance are splashed across television screens (seen the cute way SRK boogies in the latter?!!) and I thin…

To be or not to be...

You’re a deadly drug, one I’m better off without, But I’m still attracted to you, my brain’s in a rout. I still want to know you like me, I need to hear your voice, I seem to be entranced, it looks like I have no choice. You brought nothing but trouble, Yet I enjoyed every moment, The exhilaration I felt, Obliterated the frustration and torment. The mystery that is you, I truly can’t comprehend, Your life’s in ruins, still towards you my fantasies tend. My heart skips a beat, when I hear your name, It's definitely not love, but it also ain't a game. What IS it, I ask myself, time and again, Your mesmeric hold over me, I hate and disdain. I know you feel something when you think of me too, But what ended abruptly, I can only imagine and rue. I often miss those days, and in their memories I brew, I hope you read this, and I’m sure you’ll know this is for you...

Teachings nobody taught


I know I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I'm missing the rain... But that sure wasn't an invitation to the scary lightning and ferocious thunder that lashed Pune yesterday evening! The wind was pretty welcome, though, and so was the coolness that lasted through the night... Anyway, back to the theme for the day!

Ever wondered how things we aren’t taught in school or college are of greater essence and significance in life?

(I mean it’s not going to hamper my existence if I didn’t know who Shivaji or Marx were. Or whether the capital of Burkina Faso is Ouagadougou. Or how good one is at geometric corollaries and chemistry.)

Of course, these may in time become your careers and then be useful to your role in an organization and society. By no standards, a matter of life or death! There are a host of things that are definitely more relevant and essential in our daily subsistence.

We did have moral/value education, environmental awareness, sex education and work-experience a…

Nayee Taazee

Heylo lovely people!

Today's post is about updates, updates and a few more updates.

At work, we completed the survey we were sweating over last week, and presented it to the mngt folks. It was a tedious process - subjecting the data to all kinds of mathematical functions and analyzing it wrt various categories and slices. Now that it's done (not quite, coz my silly colleague goofed up and we need to do some rework, but anyway), I can't help remembering the effort we put in for our college survey, and how delighted we were when we got an Outstanding grade for it! Cheers! Hope this organizational survey brings more business and erases our salary worries!

What is also very evident is that my boss has taken a keen interest in inviting me for most client meetings. She apparently wants to "nurture" me and help me "grow", and I'm hoping this works out for the best! I'm learning... and I'm enjoying the respect and involvement :-) Touch wood!

Spoke about…

The idiot box

I love watching TV.

I don’t get too much time to engage in this hobby as most of my day goes at work. The time I’m home, I’m either glued to my books or the phone or playing cards or bickering with family or other mundane stuff.

And of course, the times when I am dying to get my hands on the remote, and dad’s gazing at the dipping stocks and share prices on CNBC, or bro’s glaring at WWE or a movie, or mum’s viewing her stupid family soaps... (Bhabhi’s a relief that way...Till now at least! Touch wood)

Aaaannd how can I forget our picture tube’s screwed up, so half the time, we have to watch a single lightning bolt on the screen that refuses to give way to the actual reels. Feels like we’re back in the pre-TV era where transistor and radio were THE sources of entertainment and indicators of wealth and luxury. (Mum's found a way out though; she hits the TV's ass as hard as she can with anything she can lay her hands on - pillows, even a chappal the other day... had me in splits!)


A li'l Happy and sooo not GAY...

Blogs tend to influence each other. Majorly. You see one person writing about something, and then invariably, voluntarily or involuntarily, the same theme tends to seep into your writing and thinking. Overtly or subtly. And for this very reason, I make sure I don’t read anyone’s blog before I have made my post. Ditto for answers in Linked-In Q & A section. Bloggers and writers, take note!

So buddies, we’re halfway through November, and I can’t believe this year’s gona end so soon! Feels like I celebrated New Year’s just a month ago! I stopped making resolutions ages ago, but if I had one to-do on my list this year, it was to travel abroad alone. Hasn’t happened in the last 11.5 months, and now the odds are next to nil. Probably next year... Fingers crossed...

I managed to catch Dostana over the weekend. (It is now confirmed that the Times is paid for its movie reviews coz this bucketload of shit has been given 3.5 stars by the reviewer.) Jus coz u rope in stars and biggies from d in…

Saa(W)an and Saa(J)an

Pretty cloudy today, aint it? Quite a picnicky feeling, and sucha waste to be indoors working away on the comp, seeing the same old, boring faces!! Quite jealous of my elder bro who took off in his Swift at the crack of dawn for a vacation in Goa... Sniff sniff, some people have all the luck in the world!!!
Here's a poem that's been on my mind (and in my draft folder) for quite a while... It's about the rains, and the weather today gives me a perfect reason to post this today...

Barsaat : Ek Ankahee Baat(= Rains : An untold secret)

A single thought on my mind...
I miss the rain, yes I do,
Never thought I’d say this,
I’m sure you miss it, too.

When the showers struck hard,
I yearned for some sun;
I was tired of them then,
Now I’m missing the fun.

Running for shelter,
Seeking bus-stops and awnings,
Watching the sky for clouds,
Noon, evening and mornings.

Riding in the rain,
Getting soaked like a duck,
Pulling caps and jackets closer,
Getting dirty in the muck.

The cool breeze that drizzles bri…

Forgotten Fantasies

My mum’s forgotten how to cook like an angel. (I duno if angels can cook, but well if they could, and if they could do it well, then my mum sure would be in line with them; but as I said a moment ago - she's forgotten how to cook like she did earlier. Back to the post, minus my digressions...)

My dad’s forgotten he’s not a vine that is decreed to a life dependent on another entity. That his life is not merely one to enjoy selfishly and procrastinate.

My brother’s forgotten he’s not just a husband, but a son and sibling as well.

A friend’s forgotten he’s supposed to grow up and assume responsibilities.

A neighbor’s forgotten how pretty silence is.

The winter’s forgotten to arrive.

People have forgotten their blogs.

That love is the greatest gift of all, is forgotten.

That money is not forever, and that money is not the only solution, is forgotten.

Authors and directors have forgotten their originality and power.

Terrorists have forgotten the beauty of peace, unity and humanity.

Governments an…

Yours Officially

I’m doing business development at work now.
(I'm going for client meetings, too, which is pretty interesting. Met a sharp, insightful Director who shook the ground under my feet with his dazzling personality, and remained unimpressed with what we had to offer; also a receptive, cool Prof who raised our hopes and spirits by being more positive... but that's not what this post is about.)

So, as I was saying, I’m doing business development at work. And it’s not my cup of tea.

I’ve done several different things – from arranging travel to HR functions, language training to administering and scoring psychological tests and surveys, facilitating of-sites and doing basic office admin. But no, siree. Being a Jane of many trades does NOT imply that I will enjoy everything I take up and I will attain all the absurd targets people give me.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a perseverant person that way, and a very diligent professional. Learning new things and meeting challenges effectively are two (o…

The great sciences of India

Haven’t spoken about Mahabharata for quite a while now.

I’m both, enthralled and disgusted with the stories and the characters. There are some like Devavrata who was titled Bheeshma by the gods themselves for being impeccably righteous and ideal in every way, and there are some that only exist in the scheme of events so that they can curse offenders who interrupt (or bless relent-ers who allow) their sexual advances and processes. And this human desire breeds impartially in one and all - right from rishis to munis to kings to gods.

(Was the Kama Sutra written before, after, or simultaneously as this epic? Wonder which inspired the other...)

Nevertheless, the book is a pleasure to read. The vast array of personalities, their diverse roles and significance, the way they are crucial to the design and coherence... It’s nothing short of incredible. Anyone interested in the family tree? (More for my benefit than yours, to be frank). Don’t say I didn’t warn you.....
Santanu – a Kuru descendant, …

A dark (k)night

As the moon lies awake all night,
I rise to give it company;
We talk about numerous things,
As it gazes amorously at me.

Why dogs bark all night,
Why lone riders zoom away,
Why streetlights stay on,
Why stars twinkle as bright as day.

Why breaths don’t pause,
Why lovers chat all night long,
Why mice scamper through doorways,
Why snores resound like a gong.

Why quilts stay warm,
Why the radio sings on,
Why sleepers doing somersaults
Don’t fall down.

The moon was mute as I ranted questions silly,
“Come now baby”, she said, “what’s the worry?”

I smiled at the wisdom of the queen of dusk,
Her words so soft, perfumed with musk.

It was true, I admit, that I had had a fight,
A fight over egos, a fight about who’s right.
A fight coz love’s inadequate,
A fight coz trust is misplaced,
A fight coz peace and care are gone,
A fight coz affection’s erased.

That don’t mean it’s easy, that don’t mean you move on,
It means sleepless nights, and teary, ugly dawn.

As the moon hugs me with its twilight and kisses my head,
I pray to …

These are a few of my favorite things - Part II

We finished till L yesterday. And here we go again...

Movies, Music and Marshmallows - Not in any order. I luv ‘em all and I luv ‘em to bits. In the movie, sitting for a couple of hours, immersed in the plot, feeling the character’s dilemmas and emotions (sans the pressure to make decisions and the anxiety to make things right). Of course, the songs in Bollywood movies can get on your nerves at times, but, one can’t complain coz that’s the USP of the domain. And music? Anything EXCEPT rock. Quite surprising, eh? It’s true. As I explained in an earlier post. The loud beats rip my brain. And marshmallows, they’re good timepass. Chewy, cottony pieces in pretty pink and white (by a brand called Black & Gold, so together they cover up around 20 shades in the spectrum). Unfortunately, we don’t get them in Pune apart from at Dorabjee’s. And they burn a hole in your pocket. In fact, all the above do! Multiplexes charging 200 bucks for front row seats and CDs that cost a bomb! But... chalta…

These are a few of my favorite things... Part I

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, Brown paper packages tied up with strings......
... These are a few of my favorite things

(Sound of Music)

Charming poem! Though I like the above, I would still like to mention some of the MORE favorite stuff in my rant-a-thon...

In alphabetical order again. (Like the film-fare) ... In two parts, coz one will be too lengthy... Got too many things to love, ya know!)

So, here is the first half of the list :
ANUJA ;-) Know this gal? She’s cool and funny, intelligent and sensible. She can listen to your worries and get you outta trouble. She’s a Jane of all trades, and she’s not afraid to tell the world what she wants and what she hates. A temper that rages and an ego that flares up at the smallest opportunity, she’s one of my favorite people!!

Blogging & Bowling - The former I needn’t justify or describe. It’s just ME. The latter, well, I ain’t too great at it, but I do manage to clear the aisle once …

Contemporary times, contemporary lessons

It’s laugh time, folks!!!
Mary had a little lamb... And the doctor fainted :-D
Anybody know another word for synonym? ;-)

Cool, eh?!!

What’s not so cool is that a salary cut has been announced at work. My activities, load and effort remain the same. In fact, it has become more stressful and busier than usual. It’s frustrating, depressing and revolting. I feel helpless. But what can one say? It’s the owner’s decision that’s final. I’m bonded labor. Junior in age and experience. (So what if my education and job-ex are relevant?!) What I would surely like to ask the ones in command is, is the pay cut across employees? Even the directors? (My guess is no). Besides, I’ve a thankless job. People will miss me and toil if I’m not there, but my presence isn’t assessed as crucial and insubstitutable. What a shame...
(In fact the latest on the block is that we have hired a tea-vendor coz the expenses on the creamer for making tea at work are not found "justifiable and legitimate"...)
(I woul…