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Job Jabbers : Part 4

(This is the fourth part of the series; to read previous just scroll down)

Functions of an employment department

- Analysis of positions and suitable executives (Each executive is interviewed and carefully analyzed for two purposes; first, to find whether he is indeed the right man in the right place; second, to observe his characteristics, his peculiarities, his personality, and to learn from him his preferences. All of these are carefully listed, and, in selecting employees, care is taken to select only those who will work harmoniously and happily with the executives under whom they are placed.)

- Analysis of potential employees and securing them

- Reports and records - monitor employed applicant behavior/performance

- Recommendation for transfer, promotion, discharge and salary hike

- Information to management, aid in discipline, settlement of disputes

- Consultation in pay rates

- Transfer and

- Welfare activity

That’s that about the book… Analyzing Characters. Had to put this (extensive) …

Job Jabbers : Part 3

(This is the third part of the series; to read the first two simply scroll down…)

After talking about misfits at a particular job and their reasons for being so....

Next in the book are various requirements: physical, intellectual, and emotional, required for various careers (for example, aggressive folks cant be expected to do peaceful tasks), and how to recruit the right people.

An excerpt: There are two distinct types of executives. There is the impatient, driving, quick, keen, positive, irritable type. This man can get good results from a certain type of worker, but he only irritates, frightens, and drives to sullen resistance other types. The other is the mild, kindly, persuasive, patient, enduring, persistent, determined type of executive, who wins his success by attracting to himself the intense loyalty and devotion of his men. Both types are successful, but they are successful with different kinds of men. The employer who selects executives, therefore, needs to bear this in mind…

Birthday Love to an Awesome Hubby

Feb 14 is Valentine’s… (Happy Val Day you'all)

... And the next day - Feb 15 - is my better half’s birthday.
(Now honestly, that is a point of debate, since His Highness Akhilesh Pratap Singh actually graced Mother Earth on Oct 5, and even the exact year is arguable. Works for him I guess, since he can celebrate two birthdays in a year…Some people have all the luck in the world. God bless him.)
As wife and friend, and colleague and partner, and advisor and well-wisher (and a whole lot of other things), it becomes my duty to ensure that every day linked to him is special and memorable.
(Quite a task, given his simple and often critical or neutral reactions. Yet, here is my humble attempt!)
Let me tell you more about the ostensibly reticent and good-tempered Mr. Singh.
He is handsome and tall, and has a personality to die for. Not only does he speak terrific English with his stunning accent, but he also is extremely charming and gentlemanly. Dependable and hardworking, trustworthy and r…

Kerala Escapade

Ello there!!
Most of you must be unaware that while you were reading up on job jabbers and blah, I was away and gone. I sneaked away to Kerala for a much awaited and horribly needed vacation that lasted all of one week. All good things must come to an end, and so returneth I to aamchi Pune.
God’s own country (which is what Kerala is famously called) has been on the agenda for a while, not so much because I was keen on going there, but more so coz people have always spoken so highly of it and commercials have portrayed it as a WOW destination. Honesty forbids me from agreeing. However, I was not disappointed either.
Attribute the latter to my desperation to escape my daily hell at Pune, or the former to my having seen it (almost) all as I am a well travelled lass. All in all, it’s a good place, but not extraordinary. Certainly not a honeymooner’s paradise, which is the tag that the state owes its popularity to.

The place abounds in tea, coffee, banana and coconut plantations and has its…

Job Jabbers : Part 2

(This is a sequel; please scroll down to read part 1…)

How do people choose the wrong career? Having chosen the wrong field, why do people continue to hang on there? There are several reasons…

- Ignorance and lack of definite purpose

- Immaturity of judgment on the part of young people (hobbies and strengths don’t always make great job choices. Talents may be hidden. Young boys long to

be cab drivers and conductors because they consider these professions ideal at a young age. The average young man of twenty is only a little more mature than a boy of ten. He still lacks experience and balance.)

- Influence of association (“My friend wants to become a soldier, so I will join the army as well….”)

- Poor judgment of parents or teachers (Parents over/under-estimate their kids, and don't know the real nature of work/professions. They objectively do not assess either. They also want to live their ambition through their children and so, “I could not become a doctor, but my son shall” happens.)