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Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

You can’t make me hate him.
No matter what he does, no matter what he doesn’t do.
I know he’s mine. And he loves me more than anyone else ever could.
He watches out for me, takes care of me, and nurtures me when even I don’t need him.
Yeah, I do sense that sometimes he’s supporting someone else and doing more for someone else than he does for me. And nope, I still don’t hold it against him.
As long as he is with me, all’s well. Everything’s pardonable.
After all, he backs me whenever I do anything, and he forgives me a million times.
I owe it to him.
Our relation’s just like any other except for one fact.
We fight, we argue, we laugh, we talk, we abuse, we work together, we cry, we bitch and we appreciate... Just like others…
But we never let go.
I stick to him, and he stands by me all the friggin’ time.
Yeah, we have our share of tiffs where I divorce him every other week and ask him to keep off, calling him names and telling him he’s a no-good-sucker and I’m better off without him. That I do…

Ignorance ain't Bliss

It is so easy to ignore someone when you don't know them.

Or for that matter when that person is out of sight.

"Dekh ke andekha karna" - now that is one of my weak points, or shall I say "Areas of Opportunity" in corporate lingo.

Doesn't seem so for folks around me though...

The people that co-habit a certain space with me fall in 3 categories: one, people that I am extremely comfortable and spontaneous with; two, people that know formally and adhere to limits with; and three, people that I don't really know and thus, don't often interact with.

Of late, however, I have sensed the existence of another category: the one where people from the first category go after things go awry between us, in major or silly ways.

I am, by nature, a very gregarious person. I like to be friends with everyone and I like to be on good terms with all. I feel extremely uncomfortable when I have to give or am given the cold shoulder by someone. The amount of stress I experience …


I marvel at people that live life on the edge - daredevils who engage in terrifying stunts and freaky adventures. The folks that they show in movies and TV shows, and also the ones that do them live putting their lives at stake, giving life and safety the middle finger. Call them bold, label them imprudent – they sure believe in adrenaline rushes and living life in the fast lane.I wouldn’t call myself rigid or sissy, but I do have a preference to live a safe, organized life with a decent amount of predictability and control. I enjoy doing things out of the ordinary, but death-defying exploits and I aren’t exactly what you’d call on the same side of the coin. I’m not afraid of dying, and I do relish the occasional high that risks bring, but the fear of an accident occurring and marring me for life is more forbidding.Life is treacherous, we all know it. My hair stands on end when I watch racing and adventure sports. Bike stunts appeal to me like no other. And yet, I get jittery when I’m…

Just Gonna Stand There...

On the first page of our story, the future seemed so bright
And this thing turned out so evil, don't know why I'm still surprised
Even angels have their wicked schemes and you take that to new extremes
But you'll always be my hero, even though you've lost your mind...

Prayaas' alarm tone.

Sakina hated that song when she was with him.
It rang, menacingly melodic, reminding them they had to get up and part...
She was not ready to leave him yet...

She loved that song when she was alone.
It reminded her of Prayaas, and the warmth when he locked her in his arms... displaying no sign of letting go...

Sakina didn't know what was between her and Prayaas.
It went deeper than trivial words of justification and stopped short of real expressions of emotion.

All she knew was she liked him. And she knew he did, too.

She trusted him beyond reason.

More than once had she wondered why she felt so comfortable with him.
Maybe because he had never let her down.
Maybe because he'd been there w…

Purely Professional

So you think the perfect partner is elusive?You think a particular piece of grocery, substance or garment is tough to find?I’ll tell you what’s even rare…Professionalism.All of us know what it means. All of us know we desire it in others.And yet, fairly often, we do not demonstrate it ourselves.In the last few weeks, this fact has been so glaringly evident in most of my transactions. Be it at the hairdresser’s, at the mall, in company or public transport, or when I approached a colleague for assistance…I’ve walked away fuming heatedly albeit helplessly on each of the above occasions. And I’ve asked myself this: Is this the way customers are supposed to be treated? Is that the value that is being placed on someone who pays/justifies your salary? Do such people deserve to be employed or in business?Unfortunately, the answer and the outcomes are poles apart.When an auto or cab driver speaks rudely to a traveller for no reason greater than the fact that he’s ferrying the person across, it…