Thursday, May 10

Just Settle

Hi Fellas,

So I told you last time about how teens act grown up and say the (over)smartest of things? Well, now I met some 20 year olds that say their hearts are broken and that they feel old. Don't know what that makes me... 

I sure think our parents and their fathers have younger spirits than we do. They were resilient, patient and determined. Now we are all spoilt brats with grandiose ideas about how things should be, a privileged lot that cannot take failure and delay in good spirit. 

God bless us all with wisdom and peace.

I've got my hands full and my head overflowing with certain things on the personal and professional front. What frustrates me on both sides is that people are insecure, selfish and encourage mediocrity. People who work hard and believe in fairness (me!) are living in an Utopian world and just grilling themselves for no reason. The cat that gets the milk is the crying baby who won't do anything apart from complaining and licking a$$ 

So, well, what do we do? We can't do what they do, and we can't give up, so we keep shuffling, hoping our efforts will get recognized and rewarded, that karma will deal out the best consequences for each one of us. You get what you deserve. Always. But each time you expect, you will be disappointed. 99% of the times. 

Sometimes you just got to settle, you know. Sometimes you just got to stop looking. Like marriage. You assign yourself for life to this one person, for better and better-er. Similarly, your situation - whether it rocks or sucks (well, fix it then!) Or a job... Accept or change. But really, don't crib. Won't help. Doesn't resolve anything. Only makes life hard for you and harder for those around you.   

I'm watching a lot of Netflix these days, the hubby got a new subscription obviously. But it's mostly animated and kid movies coz the kid dominates TV time. Unless we're playing Tekken on the PlayStation, which all of us enjoy. Reading has taken a backseat to such a pathetic extent that I can't even recall which novel I last held. Probably the Geeta one, which I'm yet to complete. Nor have I made progress on my book writing dream. Stuck with the challenges of daily life, and too busy to actually make a constructive effort. Pushing my goals ahead, and procrastinating, horribly in pursuit of money like that creature in Ice Age who chases a nut. I'm a nut myself. I'm going nuts. Three cheers.

No seriously, I am going nuts. 

So well, I watched Avengers recently - the Infinity War one, and it was pretty interesting. I found myself actually agreeing with Thanos. Very controversial, I know. So won't talk about it now. Maybe when the sequel comes. 

Deadpool was horrid though. Silly comedy. No more DP for moi. 

Until then...


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