Saturday, March 22

Bas Yu Hi...

Hello folks...
Happy holi to all of u! I personally dnt like playin wid colors; a lazy person like me cant bother to scrub n rub n still end up lukin like a monkey (yeah yeah, i can c u grinnin n sayin "LIKE")... But for whoever can muster d enthusiasm, live it up pals!
I saw "Race" yday, pretty gud entertainment, I mus say. Great direction. Gud acting. Tons of style. Too many subplots dat create confusion, but intelligent nevertheless. My fav song "Pehli nazar" was only half picturised... all in all, u can watch it once if u can bear Katrina (who's as lively as a coffee table) and stop starin at Saif (Chhote Nawab rocks) to actually grasp d story...
So wats hapg at my end? Nuthin much, in the sense I hav a lot of free time on my hands; our dept at d uni is famous for cancellin lecs at at work, my scene is a little laidback - jus finished a course at d centre (wid a cute Swiss guy, ahem...) n nuthin else hapg at d moment. So its fun time wid frens n workin on my presentations n submissions at coll... My Bhabi's "roundin up" n it gives me extreme pleasure to imagine life on a new track in a few mths time!
People say m a lot mature these days, n maybe part of dat comes from livin for the moment, and tryin to be honest to urself n as gud as possible... Once u stand up to these criteria, life's a smooth ride... I dont quite like so much of free time, but its ok... i dnt hav it whn i want it, or rather whn i dont hav it dats whn i want it...
Ugh, pardon my ramblin... I get mighty excitd on d laptop n jus type away widout thinkin... So the agenda these days is playin cards wid mum (lost almost 300 bux to her last week) n hangin out wid my bundle of joy... rest is best. a few worries, a lot of laughter n life as usual...
B bac soon wid mo substance ;-) was jus rememberin u, so thot I'd drop in a line...

Saturday, March 8

Common Misconceptions

Jus sumthin I'd like to share wid u...
Here’s a list of some misconceptions that I’v often encountered – some dat I’v felt myself, and others I have heard from frens n relatives… Mo often dan not, as u gro older n (hopefully) mo mature one realizes dat these r jus silly notions dat lend a temporary feel-gud factor … Anyways, here goes…

1. One’s frens n colleagues r mo popular / treated betr dan one
2. Evryone says / shows what they really feel / think
3. It’s jus they who don’t win at games of luck and chance
4. Their mum luvs their sibling mo (I’v felt this one and I can c u noddin ur head, too!!!)
5. They look / perform the worst when they want to do their best
6. What they think / feel / perceive / believe is true
7. They’re not as beautiful / talented / successful / intelligent as others
8. (At a movie) Their neighbour has a better view
9. (On the road, in a queue) The other lane’s moving faster than theirs
10. It’s alwes they who bow down in a fight
11. Noone undstds them… OR They’re misundstd by everyone
12. Most ppl r out to get them – they’v got sumthin against them
13. (While shopping) They got the best / worst deal
14. “Good” ppl never bitch / crib / cheat / manipulate / hold grudges
15. (Foods and ppl) What looks good, tastes / is good
16. Money alone can bring happiness
17. There’s an external excuse for evrythin
18. They dnt get what they deserve
19. The best position is Number 1
20. Their bills r incorrect
21. They jus dnt hav d time to do thins they really want
22. A crocin is d answer to all dis-eases
23. Their experiences r d most unusual
24. They can’t help it if someone makes them angry / sad …

I’d luv to hear frm u if u want to add to d list, and I’d also like to kno if you have any experiences wid any of the ones I’v mentioned… I LOOOOOVE feedback ;-)

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