Tuesday, September 30

Crib-a-tho(r)n... Coz it pricks...

Analogous to a marathon, is this post, my crib-a-thon, where I am gona crib to my heart’s content. (I know I may regret this later, and I may even delete it, but really need to vent it out now!). Waise bhi my blog’s never gona b a blog of note (that’s the privilege of the rich and the professional), so I needn’t fear about too many unknown folks reading my whines and grumbles... Aur paddh bhi le toh kya... Ki main jhoot boliya? Koi na!!

Startin wid u, Mr. S... I hate you. And I’m sure you know it. You’re a loser who cud never gain respect, a failure who did nuthin worth bein remembered or appreciated. All you think about, is yourself, your convenience, your likes and your needs. At this age where your peers are retiring, you have not a penny saved up, and worse, you’re head-deep (neck's long gone underwater) in debt... Who’s gona pick up your blames and liabilities? U fleeced ur wife who never received any gift from u to cherish or treasure; u never did anything that contributed to ur kids’ growth and development (beyond the basic food, clothing, shelter basics). You’re selfish, crude, petty, dependent, ungrateful, mannerless and audacious. You beg everyone for their money, pity and empathy. Noone I know either admires or values you. And that’s a shame. In your place, I’d die of embarrassment and self-disgust. Boo to you.

Mr. A... How can I forget... A wicked, hypocritical, cheap bugger wid no brains and no compassion. You get your kicks from teasing and troubling others, and you are rude and crass. True, you got the resources to survive, and you can be quite effective in typical situations, but as a relative, you really need major help and guidance. Not your fault; God did not bestow you wid intelligence and sensibility... He left us to suffer!

Ms. J... Hmm... what do I say about u? ur mean and rude. U hav no clout if it weren’t for ur hubby. You do not hesitate to insult others in public, and m sure everyone fears u not out of respect but out of contempt and self-respect! Before embarkin on a mission to improve others, u shud do a reality check on urself. Maybe that wil get ur ego and self-esteem down to a more honest and modest level. Ur a chameleon, and your fake smile is anything but pretty and reassuring. A lesson in humanity for this lady, pls!

Mr. S... U mean a lot to me. It hurts me dat we fight, but ur very close to my heart. Which is probably y u hurt me so much. I gave u dat right when I chose to luv u... V cant take this further for reasons v both kno very well by now, but I will always think of us and I will cherish our memories and times together... Barring a few episodes, I always did everythin for u and ur gud. Several times u decided to ignore that. I learnt to live wid ur immaturity, but u held every shortcoming of mine as a defense against me. For wat? I ain’t ur enemy! I cared for u and pampered u more than any1 else ever did in this world! U need me in ur life for joy n harmony! And u cant deny that... Ego is sucha curse! Yet, I owned up to it. U apologized a million times, but not as often and as boldly as I did; u chose to mask your badness and hold me responsible for all the negatives. I forgive u. Jus coz I luv and admire u... Always will... All the best! And I hope u know wat u lost... Ur actually a wonder... only if things had turned out better...

Ms. S... (Ya, I know. Too many S’s in this post. Too many in my life!) So, woman. I had a lot of expectations from u. I had woven several pretty dreams where u n I were best frens, always laughin and cryin together. But u managed to disappoint every1. Not ur fault, really, coz I know u born n brot up a different way. But watda hell, u cud’v made an effort to change whn u saw that ur style wasn’t takin u far at this new place! U appear pretensive and self-obsessed. One cannot relax wid u, and ur a big bore... Hehehehe.

Reminds me of anodr Ms. S who was a part of our family once. She became the sister I never had, and a buddy to my mum. Evry1 in my family loved her, but Fate (the funny thin dat it is) took her away from us, and now we’re as gud as strangers... Or rather, as BAD as them....

Ms. D, Mr. G, Ms. N, Mr. S and all u others I saw as great frens... I don’t know why u left and I duno what went wrong. All I know is I had fun with u and I was terribly attached to you... I did my best to make the relation work, but maybe we (each as a pair) wre pursuing different goals. U had a short-term end in mind, whereas I was lookin for sumthin more constant and reliable. I want to know I left my mark in ur life, and u still think of me in a good way. No sweat. I still think of u and I still miss u. I hope ur happy... Just not as happy as me...

Moving on, all my frens and relatives, thanks but no thanks. U never did anything for me or my family. U jus exploited my dumb parents who were too polite and generous to see thru ur cunningness. I hav never felt any love or concern for any of u. I hav jus done my duties and hated u for it.

Aur kaun bacha??? I think dat covers the major ones. Bakiyon mein abhi the gudness is still at a reasonable level, so I wont drag thm here. Once they reach the boilin point, u know wats gona happen!!

I'm happy now, but I'm waitin to end this phase of my life and move on to a new place wid new people and new attitudes. Familiarity breeds contempt...

Not enabling comments on this post. I know none of u wud’v likd this. Neither did I. But as I said, sumtimes u shud do thins u don’t approve of. Especially if it makes ur heart lighter and gladder...
Lonely Princess

Monday, September 29

Chhoti Si Baat


I’m halfway thru the
Six Suspects by Vikas Swarup. It’s about this high-profile murder that takes place, and as the title suggests, there are 6 completely diverse and independent individuals who are held under suspicion. Someone’s a tribal, someone’s an actress, one a politician, even a foreigner (!) and so on. How they all happen to land up on the scene of the crime wid a weapon in their possession is the mystery, and who finally is the real killer is the climax. So faa, so gud... But, the book gets a lil monotonous at times, especially when the bhoot of Gandhi takes over this corrupt and crooked IAS chap, and a petty thief falls in love wid dis rich chic who’s related to the thief’s pa’s murderer (ekdum apna Bollywood style). Contemporary characters like Salman Khan (did u know 10 ka Dum is wrapped up?! Rakhi Sawant was the last celebrity guest) and Barkha Dutt, as well as the MNS group are drawn upon to make the book more relevant and exciting, and one gets curious as to how every piece of the jigsaw will fit into place.

Conducted an off-site at Khandala over the weekend. A 120-people group at the Velvett Country (I was pretty eager to check out the location, but twas not as amazing as I’d expected, or as magnificent as it sounded). The program was exciting as usual, and tiring, but thankfully not as stressful and arduous as Jaipur. Assisting people to come up with their own learnings and “Aaha” moments is a rewarding experience, indeed. Of course, every facilitator is not the same. Effective facilitators are those who can outline the right observations and corporate equivalents, and dish it out with wit, humor, accuracy, diplomacy and confidence; all in a friendly and non-threatening manner (not to forget, wid decent communication skills too). Quite similar to counseling where the counselor merely aids the counselee to come to terms with what he/she wants and deems right. As I myself believe, one can only help the other by hand-holding to a particular stage. Beyond that limit, one must be allowed to make his/her own mistakes and learn lessons from practical experience. No two people are the same, nor are their personalities, nor their life situations and experiences. Let each one come to their own awareness and opinions (so that later they cant come hounding you with a “You told me so!” shriek and grunt).

Quite a few holidays in October! Apart from the 4 weekends, there’s Gandhi Jayanti (bless his noble soul!), Dassera, and Diwali, which all adds up to about a week of relief. Work’s gona be chilled out, too. Wish I cud dash off sumwhr n make this interlude worthwhile...

Life is so unpredictable. Was remembering an old college-mate, who passed away in a freak accident when we were in our first year of Bachelors. A timid, sweet girl, she was celebrating Friendship Day with her gang at Mulshi or sumplace. I can’t recall the details, but the gist is she drowned when they were playing in the water... Had she, even for a minute, thot she wasn’t gona return home, when she left for the picnic in the morning? Did this ever strike her parents that they were seeing their daughter alive for the last time? I was shocked when I heard of this catastrophe, and try as I might I couldn’t digest the fact that someone as young as me (actually younger) could meet sucha fate. All those years of slogging and studying, all those dreams of the parents and teachers, all plans and ambitions, all gone in the blink of an eye...

Everythin happens for the best, right? What good was hidden in this? Her mum was devastated, everyone who knew her was shaken and distressed. But my unyielding faith still says that maybe she was saved from a more traumatic life. Don’t we all agree better dead than handicapped for life?

Whatever happens to us is our own doing, either directly or indirectly. The good is multiplied manifold before it reaches us, and the bad is cut half before it hits us. And once you surrender yourself to Him, you needn’t worry one bit. You’re taken care off way better than you yourself cud have ever dreamt or managed. Trust me!

Trust Him...
You’ll be glad you did...


Friday, September 26

Post No. 50 - Shaadi Ka Ladoo

Hiya folks!

First of all, thanks to all of u for joinin me here on this post. Half a century done, and many more to come! When I wrote my first blog, never for a moment I thot I’d keep at it so relentlessly, and your love and encouragement was sumthin I never imagined in my wildest dreams. But well, both came together, and here we are celebrating this landmark! Cheers! (Wheeeeee, this feels great!!)

Back to business... A lot of people are getting married - my frens, frens of frens, family frens, and the entire universe out thr. Marital bliss seems to be the ultimate desire of Gen X (or Y or watever). Have I joined the bandwagon? Not yet...

(Hehe, couldn’t resist sharing this, wid evry1 tying the knot around me, somehow my dreams showed me the image of my Head of Dept bac in the Univ holding a wedding invitation and requestin me to attend the function! This wouldn’t hav been so outrageous had he not been married for a good 30 years at the least, and wid grown-up children! Dreams are ridiculous!)

So wat exactly do you look for in a life partner? Looks? Money? Understanding? Patience? Romance? Commitment? Family background? .....

Be it love or arranged, I guess most of the parameters are common. Nobody wants an irate, good-for-nothing, inept, hapless dharti-pe-bojh. At least not for starters. (It doesn’t really help coz post-marriage, everyone feels their partner has suddenly grown horns and fits this description to the T).

Ask the teenage girls, and they croon... “Ooohhhh! I want a guy who is caring, understanding, sweet, cute...” Add about a hundred other vague metaphors and bingo! You hav outlined their perfect guy.

Ask them a lil later whn they start working and hav a lil experience with the real-life guys and relationships, and they’ll say wid practiced clout, ease and candor ... “Well, he must be financially stable, mature and liberal”. All the rosey, lovey-dovey ideas seem to hav escaped like steam from the cooker!

What about the men-folk? At any age, each male wants a partner who is beautiful, fairly clever (yet dumb enuf not to see thru his silly excuses), and tolerant. Someone who can fulfill his simple needs (read food, sex, sleep) and not crib too much. Although several applaud the independent, self-sufficient 21st century woman, not many would want to have such a strong-willed and smart-minded wife. Especially if she has more power, status, salary and intelligence...

When it comes to the parents (assuming they HAVE a say in the matter, in the first place), they obviously are looking for a match where both husband-wife can live together in peace and harmony thru thick and thin. So, more than love and mush, their appraisal is based on tangible possessions and long-term, tried and tested, researched and proved qualities. (Quite sane, I mus admit! Especially coz arranged marriages seem to last longer than love marriages. As they say, in love marriages, the marriage is screwd after the love ends! And love is screwd the moment the nuptial’s complete).

Reminds me of a note I read in Myers’ Social Psych text at M.A. It talks about paradoxes like “Is it true that opposites attract? Or that birds of a feather flock together?” and “Is pen mightier than the sword? Or do actions speak louder than words?” another one “Are two heads better than one? Or do too many cooks spoil the broth?”

Cool, eh? Anyways, the point is what makes an appropriate couple - opposites or alikes?
In my opinion, opposites do attract, but they don’t stay together for too long. It’s very exciting and endearing to sacrifice your likes and needs for the person u love for a short while. But in the long run, you need someone who shares your views and choices. Cuts out the pressure and the clashes. I wouldn’t be too thrilled if my partner were to suggest swimming when I wanted to sit home munching on popcorn and watching the reruns of my favorite shows. And who gives in to who? And for how long? Deals like sometimes you and sometimes me often become a game of “I always do what you want” and “You never listen to me”. (Just like whn me and my mum play cards and both keep cribbing that “Its always me who deals the cards!” To hell with the always... in all ways...)

So, wat kinda partner do I want? I remember my uncle asking me the same Q when I was fresh outa school and I made this entire list of items starting from “hygiene” to the all-pervasive “understanding” to about 10-12 other terms. Then, when I told him I’d found someone suitable, he made me sit down with the list and tick the items that matched. Quite a few did. Now when I think back to the outdated list, I feel so silly. Time for a new one! (Which I’m sure will also sound archaic when I refer to this at a later date!)

Anyways, here goes! In random order...

A guy with...
1. A masculine and agile body (stay away, paunchy!)
2. Practical knowledge and moderate-high intelligence
3. A great sense of humor (laughter goes on forever, even after words end)
4. Financial security and stability (as the wise folks say “pyar se pet nahi bharta!”)
5. Concern for family a little greater than commitment to work
6. The capacity to see the brighter things in life (pessimists and cynics, please excuse)
7. Oodles of patience for my monstrous ego and short temper!
8. The willingness to keep wife, kids, wife’s family (and others who matter) happy
9. Honesty, adaptability and cleanliness (in body and mind!)
10. Not too many strings with the past (in terms of obsessions wid prior girlfriends)
11. Enormous confidence and trust in me, my judgments and my abilities
12. The ability to rise over challenges (sissy or crybaby not welcome)
13. An objective yet caring outlook; good balance of emotions and practicality
14. Tremendous energy and enthusiasm (lazy ones take a hike!)
15. An open mind (not so open that his brains fall out!)
16. No addictions to drugs, smoking, alcohol, gutkha, etc
17. Lots of love and dedication to me first, kids next and others thereafter
18. The strength to own up to mistakes and ignorance (no trumpet-blowers, please)
19. Gratitude and appreciation for others (not an evil critic on the rampage who takes everythin for granted and behaves as if he was born to be served!)
20. The knack of getting things done, and the benevolence to acknowledge and repay it

I guess I shud stop thr... The
list could actually go on forever, but nobody said I wasn’t looking for a customizable hubby! All you matchmakers out thr, if you’re listening, and if u gotta guy in sight like dat, pls knock on the Rathi’s door and display your goods! Ladki baalik ho gayi hai ;-)

Raising a toast to the newly-weds and engaged!
May you have a long, happy, married life!
And may the constant bickering (the supreme sign of a wedded couple) be laid to rest as you re-discover the goodness in each other!
And the joy of being together...

Not-so-lonely princess
(Don’t prick up your ears, gossip-mongers. That doesn’t mean m engaged or anything. It’s jus a state of mind... Adios!)

P.S : (On Oct 15) What could be better than this?!! My blog's gettin noticed, and this post was requested by Simply Marry - a marriage portal to list on their bridology page! Cheers!!! Here's the link: http://www.simplymarryzine.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=20&Itemid=96

Wednesday, September 24

How does it feel...

How does it feel...
When something you’ve planned all along,
Doesn’t happen for a reason unforeseen;
Leaving you in the doldrums with regrets umpteen,
As people sympathize saying “no big deal”...
How does it feel?

How does it feel...
When someone you love,
Fails to see the intensity of your sentiment;
Appeals to reason lead to argument,
“You’ll never understand me” is the final seal,
How does it feel?

How does it feel...
When those that you hold close,
Refuse to value your respect and need,
To others they their commitment and support feed,
Washing out your harmony and zeal,
How does it feel?

A million reasons to cry, a zillion to smile,
The former hard to notice, the latter discernible over a mile;
To lift up your spirits and erase your frowns,
Needs much more than silly surprises and colorful clowns.

In sorrow the heart sighs, in misery your head reels,
Teary eyes at bedtime, listless presence at meals;
In search of bliss, the eyes dart,
You look up (and what? Fart?!!)

(Oh, so that drivel rhymed, but what the hell?
Am I here to sing, or here to tell?)

You’re the master of your destiny,
None can your joys steal,
And now sweethearts, tell me

How does THAT feel? :-)


Back again!

Boy pointing to pregnant mum’s stomach: “What’s that?”
Pregnant mum: “This is my darling, sweet, lovable baby...”
Boy: “If he’s so lovable, why did u eat him?!”

;-) Ok I know that was silly... but jus thot I’d share it wid u... Would u hold it against me if I told anodr sillier one? Oh c’mon... Dats not too much to ask for!

Teacher to girl student: “Why are u late to school?”
Student: “A boy was following me.”
Teacher: “So?”
Student: “He was walking slowly.”

;-) Hee Hee Hee...


How ya doin pals? I attended a lecture-cum-meet yesterday convened by the local NHRD chapter. It was on Adult Learning and delivered by a wonderfully witty and excruciatingly entertaining chap from Australia who goes by the name of Aaron Smith. My first such organizational endeavor, I was a lil anxious initially as to how to network and break the ice with strangers, but soon it came fairly easy when I saw most others were as bemused and awkward as me! Managed to meet quite a few people, managed to form quite a few opinions about the public, what goes and what doesn’t and a host of other learnings. Quite an interesting experience...

As I was riding to the venue - Hotel Le Meridien behind Pune railway station - I was inspired to draw a comparison between the traffic scenario in India vs. the way of life in India. I know you have now come to regard traffic and
crazy driving as my pet hates, but well, each one to his own! So, here goes...

Observation: Most pillion riders, irrespective of their gender, cling to the rider.
Parallel: How would it be if all of us were really as trusting, loving and supportive of others in other situations, too?

Observation: People don’t obey signals.
Parallel: Why then do we adhere to age-old rules and restrictions that segregate people on the basis of caste, creed, gender, status and other aspects?

Observation: Everybody loves to honk! (tho every1 knows that no1 wants to stay in one place!)
Parallel: Why aren’t we as effusive and vocal with our applause and appreciation?

Observation: Few switch off the ignition at a red signal lasting more than a minute
Parallel: Why do we turn off our charm, concern and helpfulness when we see some1 in need?

Observation: Ages after the signal turns green, people turn on the ignition (those who have turned it off!)
Parallel: Why don’t we delay our anger, hatred and contempt in just the same way?

Observation: People inch forward in any small nook in jams.
Parallel: Why don’t we search for similar gaps in learning, understanding, compromise and cooperation, and try to bridge it with proactive zeal and dedicated effort?

Observation: Abuses and dirty glares are offered in dollops at any inadvertent instance
Parallel: Why don’t we look down with similar distaste on those who attempt to put us against each other, rise against other groups, and create chaos by blowing up silly or minor issues?

Observation: EVERYONE, on the move or at a halt, is on their cellphone!
Parallel: How is it that we refuse to be so available when we know we could be of assistance to our country and our countrymen (and women, and kids)...

Well, too heavy to digest? Couldn’t stop my whirring mind and spinning senses...

Anyways, other updates - I am now reading Six Suspects by Vikas Swarup, the author of Q n A. He has a very typical style, he writes disconnected chapters. The plot as usual is good, and there is quite a bit of variety, but I haven’t had too much time to read, only 80 pages down in the last 3 days... Finished the Last Don by Puzo in under a fortnight... Will finish this one in about 10 days and move on to Kim Edwards.

No good movie coming up it seems. Haven’t watched TV in ages (except for “Balika Vadhu” on Colors that my mom loves to watch while I’m having dinner... Upsets my digestion, but that’s a small price to pay for letting my mum have her way, once in a while!)

Chalo, time to sign off. Thot for the day – Never judge a man’s actions until you know his motives (written by Anonymous, read by me in 6 S)


Thursday, September 18

Blogging away to Glory!

Whatcha doin buddies?!!

Hope life’s treatin u well.

Why do people answer a question with a question? And I’m not the only one asking this! I guess it happens when the initial question is either stupid, obvious, rhetoric, or repetitive. Anodr question I heartily hate, is “Aur Kya?!!” (= what else?!!) That’s OK when it comes once or twice in a conversation, but when all you’re hearing is “Aur Kya”.... Grrrr....

Just like the above is common, so is addiction and excuse. Each person has his/her own passion, and each one has a suitable excuse. Addictions may vary from drugs to books, lovers to emotions, actions to places, and so on. Ditto about the excuses ranging from time to people, situations to capabilities, resources to moods, and so forth. So what’s your addiction? And what’s your excuse? ... Mine? Shall tell u another day... Think about yours... And don’t say u haven’t got either! Shan’t believe u ;-)

There’s a lull in my life. Nothing seems to be exciting. Wohi kaam, wohi ghar, wohi log, wohi baate. My creative streak is takin a plunge as mus b evident from my recent posts! Writer’s block, as they claim... So, who’s sponsoring my trip to an exotic destination to get my brain cells stirring?!!

Talking about exciting and stirring, did u feel the earthquake in Pune at dawn on Wednesday? Around 3.15 am, I felt the bed wobbling and gripped my mum thinking it was her who was moving the bed (pretty Herculean of her to move a double bed so effortlessly!) In turn, she clutched onto me, and both of us started wondering wat was happenin. Not until the door rattled, did we realize that we were experiencing a quake. It was scary, I’ve never felt the tremors so distinctly. There was this huge one, and then a more constant, longer and milder one. Merko laga this is the last nite of my life! Whoosh...

In times of strife, a person invariably worries about self. Jaan hai toh jahaan hai. Even in airlines, the crew suggests you wear your masks and safety gear first and then help your fellow passengers. When mum and I discusd the event the next day, both of us admitd dat v wer thinking of ways to protect ourselves –getting under the bed, standing in a corner, etc. However, neither of us actually got up to do so or even tell the other wat v wer planning! V jus lay dumbstruck by the earth’s wobbly dance, and content wid our own thot processes...

This is something I thot I’d never say - narcissism ends at a point! Just like my obsession with my own blog ended one fine day this week and I was browsing for blogs written by others. The person who introduced me to blogging bowed outa blogger, and now has a stagnant page (which disappoints me coz she has impeccable English language skills). However, I’m amazed at the variety of people writin all over the globe! People wid zero language skills, people wid nuthin extraordinary to write about, people who seek action in the mundane, people obsesd wid their cities and studies. Some selling their wares, some displaying a host of snaps showcasing apparel and gadgets, some talking abt their kids, passions and books/comics, some about their adventures and holidays, and yet others ranting about business and cinema in their own languages. (I stumbled upon some that I can’t quite mention here widout bein flagd!!) (Come to think of it, if my mentionin them can get me flagd, y aint they flagd for having the blog in the first place! Watevaa... Whoeva said the world was a fair place?!!) You can check a few of my picks at the bottom of this page. Hope you enjoy them.

Hey, before I forget, leme tell ya this. This blog’s gona reach the half-a-century mark soon. 46 posts down. (This is the 47th one). Leme know if u wish to input anything. Completely my pleasure! Let’s celebrate people!!!

Rest is best... Will get back to u at the earliest... Won’t forget ya, I promise!


P.S : You must be wonderin y my blog’s lukin different. Added and modified quite a few things. Getting more professional and commited now ;-) My aim is to get noticed and be listed as a blog of note in blogger... Someone got close to 100 comments on the blog, and here I am, grappling wid no number greater than 5... If others can, so can I! Wid all ur help, and wid all my luv... Anuja

Monday, September 15

Post-Pleasure Plummet

Heya buddies!

I met an old school fren recently. The great news is he’s goin around wid a gal from our very class, and I’m so happy for both of them! I was surprised at my excitement, coz I couldn’t help recall a few facts centering around him...

1. I had a crush on him ya! For 3 solid years! How can I rejoice his hookin up wid anodr gal? Of curz a lot of time has passed... Feelings, people, life – nuthin’s the same...
2. Once, when he proposed to my gud fren in school (under pressure, he says), I felt a lil happy, but not too great... (They broke up widin a week, tho...)
3. When a gud fren from school announced at our reunion that they wer goin around, I was hurt and astonished... Why dint he tell me before? We were best frens in school – the 3 of us... Besides, how cud they hook up?!!! I know they shared great chemistry, but HOW...!!!

Anyway, I can c u yawnin away so I’l come to the point. The main thin is, once you let a person go, nuthin he/she does brings pain. As long as I considerd him my property, whether deliberately or unintentionally, with or widout his consent/knowledge, I kept hurtin myself by takin evrythin concerning him, personally. Now, when v’v moved poles apart, it really doesn’t matter who his current flame is. I can only congratulate him and wish him the best in his life. Besides, the gal is really sweet and simple, and she looks like a bomb now! ;-) Amazin how assessments and cognitions change with the passage of time. Nothin is forever...

Moral of the story – acceptance is the key to happiness. Learn when to let go, and learn to be happy for others. When you let go, you feel happy for others. (Wah, kya logic!! Looks like a learnt a bit from my logic lessons in Fergi Junior Coll...)

M Orkut-ing and LI-ing to the hilt. The entire world is on Orkut! In the last couple of days, I’v re-connected with a zillion lost frens and buddies on this site. Feels great! Especially reading the “about me” column where u actually understand what a person is, or at least what he/she thinks he/she is! All of us are so adept at forming our own judgments about people, that we scarcely ever check with them about what’s correct or incorrect, as well as what their own perceptions are. Someone I know as a family fren apparently writes poems! And another person who I’v known to be quiet and reserved has described self as creative, dreamy, confident! It’s amazing. A silver lining in every cloud – black, white or grey... However, I wish they’d hav names and snaps displayed to identify people. When a user changes his profile name, thrs no way to understand who they are! Especially whn people scrap and say “hi, wasup” and thrs no accompanyin name tag or pic dat can help u get ur bearings right. However, I find the site much betr dan Facebook. Don’t ask me why, tho the latter has a better website and news-feeds, too. Flickr, WAYN, Tagged, Hi5, Octopop (initially Gazzag, I think) are other sites dat I’ve chosen to stay away from. Cant manage 2 profiles, as it is! Unfortunately, Linked-In’s getting a tad boring. Otherwise the Q-A section is a delight!

I had an amazing weekend after ages... Or rather, anything dat’s not a weekend, feels like ages ;-) Watched The Last Lear, and wondered about what the crux of the movie was... Was it about depressed, exploited and harassed women? Was it about an artist (whose craft has become obsolete) leading an eccentric life? Was it about how people can go to any lengths to achieve their aims and perfections? Was it about the bonding between men, women, artists? Or was it about feelings, actions and impressions? I leave u to find the answers – the movie isn’t too great, but individual performances are astounding. What can you expect when the Shehenshah of Bollywood is part of the endeavor? And Arjy boy’s getting better and better! Movie rating 4/10, individual actors rating 8/10.

Apart from the movie, there’s been the usual weekend action – hangin out and chattin n lazing around. Oh, and I’ve enjoyed goin over the past (my Dear Diaries and modeling portfolios). And yeah, I’v freaked out whn a cat spoke to me... It opened and shut its mouth thrice, all the while starin sharp at me, and it said sumthin to me in an eerie human way... Brrrr....

The higher you climb, the steeper/deeper is the fall. After a fun-filled, exciting weekend, the week seems too long for me to drag on. There’s no light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m wondering how I’m gona keep up my spirits with the droopy face that I’m carryin on my shoulders... Work’s no pleasure these days, nor is there any other passion for me to get up and get goin...

Goin on a sad trip! Leme come bac to ya whn I’v sumthin mo concrete to talk about. Until then, lets all bow our heads in prayer and hope the week shrinks to half its standard size!


Thursday, September 11

Rock On!


I went to see “Rock On” last week, which was quite unexpected, coz
1. I don’t c movies that I’v misd too long
2. My usual movie-mate went ahead for it wid frens
3. I don’t quite like rock
4. I dint intend the movie to be absolutely watch-able or extraordinary

However, my uncle invited my family for a movie after ages, so cudnt refuse. Besides, who in the wide world wud want to miss a chance to gobble sum popcorn?!! Not me, fer sure laddies! (Anyway, we went to Rahul so the caramel ecstasy dint materialize).

The movie was a delight. A powerful beginning. Great performances. Awesome music. Tremendous sensitivity. 10/10 to the directors, producers, writers, actors, et al for exploiting the KISS principle so effectively (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) Any showgiri or complicated plots wud hav ruined the brilliant event. There were a few hitches, tho. Pardonable, as long as the movie dint compromise on its pace and energy. Like Farhan’s husky voice (Ugh! Acid on the ears) Rob’s kuch-dino-ka-mehman melodrama (The omnipotent brain tumor tragedy) The shitty lyrics (Who wrote them, anyway?) And the lull jus before the intermission... Purab, ever the comedian, remains nuthin mo dan a sidekick as Farhy boy steals d plot and Arjy boy steals the show... One of the highlights in the film was certainly the scene where the band sings for a Garba party to raise money for equipment. Very endearin. A very “Dil Chahta Hai” moment. Another parallel between the two movies is the ego issue between 2 friends. And how can I forget Goaaaa?!!! Aahhh... Ages since I’ve been thr...

I need to confess a few realizations that came to me while watching the film. One, rock IS English, and that’s final! Two, I actually like rock, PROVIDED it’s played on low volume. (I know dats not how its meant to be, but the BANG-BANG makes my head split.) M crazy about the guitar and the keyboard, and best of all the confidence, dynamism and camaraderie among the band-members, the way they connect with the crowd, and the way the crowd reacts to their every move. Its so in-sync and invigorating! I have alwes said I don’t like rock, for the simple reason that everybody likes rock, and its mo exciting to be on the other side of the majority ;-)

A more important reason for my dislike cud be that I find it hard to accept the reckless and selfless passion bestowed by rock-lovers on the music. The entire rock culture where people give up everything (including their ego, self-righteousness and awareness) to the beats, the free-flowing drug scene, the moshpit and other oh-so-rock complements; they don’t go down well wid me. Of course, I like their unity and vigor, but the entire episode is resplendent wid destruction, suicide, drug overdose, misfortune and penury. Too depressing for me. And besides, I cant tolerate anything un-Godly to become a religion, a thing to worship... Maybe its jus my shortcoming. If a thing/person becomes greater than me to someone I hold dear, I go to pieces. I’m too possessive for my own good... And this envy is not limited to living things alone! I can turn green even when a loved one gushes uncontrollably and approvingly about a non-living entity – a bike, or a book, or a place, or whatever. Sad, na? Kya karu... it hurts me as well as the other person, but sum qualities u jus cant choose or change...

Plannin to see The Last Lear (*ing Big B, Preity, Arjy boy) this week. I’m sure most of you dnt know wat “lear” is, and none of u wil chk d dictionary. So, free help – my gud deed for the day ;-) “Lear” is learning, lesson or instruction. Historically, Shakespeare wrote a play revolving around a character called Edward Lear, whose daughters are scheming and bad-tempered. As the movie is about plays and dramas, I assume both the meanings to be important and pertinent. Will let u know precise details when I watch the film.

As far as books are concerned, I’m still hooked onto The Last Don by Mario Puzo. The plot is thickening. I duno whether it makes things easy or depressing when authors make their characters too likeable or dislikeable. Its like fast food chopped to bits, you jus need to pop it down your throat widout havin to spend time and effort on chewing and feeling the taste... I prefer to study my characters for myself and endow them wid my own perceptions, evaluations and observations. But well, each one to his own... the book is fairly interesting though... Not as compelling as the Godfather, but not too down the list, either.

Chalo bahut hui gupshup, gotta go pals.
TC and keep smiling!


Saturday, September 6

Ganpati Bappa ... Morya!

Hiya buddies!

Hows the Ganpati season goin? So faa so gud? I’m doin well, thanks for askin. We hav Ganpati at our place, so thrs lotsa delicacies brewing in my kitchen ;-) Courtesy Madhulika Rathi, the most stunning lady in our family, also a gifted cook, able housewife, marvelous singer, amazin mom, (and so on and so forth)....
Women who run the house as a primary task never cease to amaze me; imagine having to work 24*7*365, without compensation and benefits, overtime and other allowances, leave policy, and other privileges that come with being employed outside the house. Unthinkable, as far as I’m concerned! Why take up a thankless job which is considered valueless and dishonored, inspite of the hardwork and continuous commitment? Thanks, Mum... And thanks all u other homemakers who may not b reading dis... Ur invaluable, ladies! And courageous ;-) Take a bow!

I’m pleased to get incredibly encouraging feedback and comments from u all. Really appreciate it, readers, active and passive. Each one of u, please take this as a personal and hearty thanks! From unexpected quarters, compliments have been coming my way, and that’s more dan enuf to make my day! (Wow, that rhymed!)

Back to business... Hey, do u like Lola Kutty? She currently hosts a on Channel V called GK (wid the punchline “knowledge is nnnevvvverrrr general”...!!) Awsum accent she’s got man. The way she rolls her L’s and R’s is hilarious! So, the GK tip for the day was the full form of GOLF – Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden. Interestin, eh? Mus b invented in the pre-gender equality era... Akin to fugdi (for those unaware, its a speedy spin, similar to the western popular version of ring-a-ring-a-roses, in pairs/triplets/quadruplets), bhatukli (doll’s house) and other womanly games...

Well, ladies and gentlemen and all others, this blog’s for everybody... Hearty welcome!

Hope the last post went down well wid u. No offence meant, jus an attempt to show u dat noone’s especially close to the lord anymo dan the others. Its jus dat some of us find this connection a lot more easily than the rest. And everyone can... sooner or later... Its only our awareness that needs to be kindled.

Maybe mine was coz my Mum, a staunch devotee herself, ignited this love and belief of God widin me whn I was jus a toddler. I mus hav said d Hanuman Chalisa and Ram Raksha close to a thousand times now! If u ask me how profound and heartfelt my recitations were, my guess wud b as gud as urs. But, as my mum luvingly mentions – when u walk a path, whether carefully or carelessly, your stepping on a burning lump of coal is gona burn u no matter wat ur intentions or thots. Similarly, whn u reach out to God, He’s gona hear u. And the simpleton He is, He always chooses to give u d benefit of doubt and interpret ur intentions positively. I duno wat went right for me, but I certainly feel his hand on my head all the time. I’m blessed, and those who know me can sense it, too. I’m His favorite child! Yippee! Touch wood.

The other day, I went to Chatushringi on S. B. Road. I don’t quite believe dat one must donate money when one goes to the temple. It’s not about me not wanting to spare a buck, rather its coz I dno whose pocket d money goes to and besides, God doesn’t need my money. He’s got all He wants... Anyway, on special occasions, I do make it a point to drop sumthin in d daan-peti, and in this instance I decided to spare a tenner each for Ganpati and the Devi. When I inserted my hand in my hind pocket to place the cash, I felt some paper there, which turned out to be notes of 50 and a 10! I could swear I hadn’t left them there anytime recently. Moreover, the jeans was washed and newly ironed; to escape the clutches of my mum, the maid and the dhobi is nothing short of magic to me! This was my miracle for the day! God always returns good thins a 100-fold to me... And such small events are enuf to make me smile and c d world in a completely new light...

... Sibi, miracles r not jus the ones that turn iron to gold; they are also a ray of sunshine when it’s pouring. Its in ur eyes and perceptions. A cynic may scoff and ignore the unusual, but an optimist may c God’ s grace in the most mundane affairs. It’s this faith dat endears, this trust dat infuses us wid energy, this hope that makes our wicked lives seem pleasant and live-able, this belief that brings us yet more luck and joy... And who doesn’t want happiness?! All humans r d same; probably the only distinguishing factor is our perspective, our beliefs. God may not give u all u want, but He certainly gives u al u need... And as Sheryl Crow crooned in her “Soak Up the Sun”, it’s not having wat u want, its wantin wat u got...

So do u know wat u want? If you get it, gud for ya! If u don’t, don’t lose hope. God wants u to hav sumthin better...

Keep the faith!

Thursday, September 4

Psychological Parley

Hi mighty people! How ya doin?

U mus b bored of all the TV and movie and book reviews I keep writin about. Sala kisi ne zara tareef kya kar di, main to chipakich gayi us topic ko! No, I’ll talk about sumthin mo my-type this time... Like wat? Philosophy, psychology, life-ism and love-o-logy...

Calamity unites humanity. When it was pouring over the weekend, people wer runnin helter-skelter ducking the showers. Raindrops as huge as snowballs(Ok, a lil exaggeration thr, but the way they hurt was comparable). Its nice to see that on such an occasion whn passers-by seek shelter under commercial and private awnings, nobody turns them out. I was perched under Allen Solly’s near Aundh, and several bikers and families rushed to the same spot for cover, but no showroom personnel came out and complained about them using their roof and wetting their stairs coz they wer non-customers. It was very moving and heartening. Even whn Mumbai is doused with rainwater and floods, people help each other irrespective of caste, gender, age, status. A completely different picture frm whn times r rosy... We need reminders to embrace our humane and benevolent side. Thanks, Nature!

... And thank you for the rains as well! We need them else we shud prepare ourselves to put up with endless power cuts and food scarcity... Not too pleasant whn ur getin drenched and ridin a bike, tryin to get someplace asap. But when did we ever have the authority to command Nature?! We jus THINK we do... Misconceptions galore!

Speakin abt humanity, wat does Psychology mean to u? Most ppl think it’s all abt mind-reading and craziness. Sooooo not true... Each time I tell sum1 I’v an MA in Psych, the first comment is “Oh! So I shud b careful! Maybe ur judging/reading me!” Get off it; I’v got betr thins to do ;-) Freud is the layman’s only connect with this subject, and he is notorious for his pervert, shocking revelations. According to him, most things v dream about r about related to genitals and sex. Even otherwise, his views were very anti-humanistic, so I thank Maslow, Rogers and the like for showing Psychology isn’t jus for the “bad/abnormal” people, but also for the good folks. Check this site for positive psychology; quite a few interesting tests thr once u register:

Other popular topics in Psych, especially in the educational and occupational area r Motivation and Transactional Analysis (TA). The latter deals with how one behaves, y he behaves that way, and how it can be modified. Pretty interesting when studied deeply; a mere glance at Berne’s Games People Play may not entice u much.

I firmly believ that whatever one does and whoever one is and however he lives, is coz of one’s childhood experiences. I don’t quite concur with Freud whn he talks about the Oedipal/Electra complex (where kids are “attracted” to their opposite-gender parent), chiefly the part about the castration/p***s anxiety sounds grotesque... But, I do know for a fact that the environment one lives in shapes his/her ideas, lifestyle, behavior, perceptions, and a zillion other things. For example, I know of this lady who spent her childhood in her disagreeable uncle’s house, fearing and dreading the consequence of her every action, and she continues to be a nervous, diffident individual, even after so many years. Another person I know saw a life where every penny was a luxury, and now, even after money’s flowing, he still continues to drive a hard bargain at every nook and cranny. Small examples, but if u spare a moment to think y ur d way ur, u’d probably find the answers in ur childhood experiences and upbringing. Your parents, siblings, authority figures and significant others sculpt ur thinking, feeling, understanding and behaving processes, and u carry these wid u into ur adulthood. U can change urself outwardly, but inside u’ll always carry dat young boy/girl inside u, dat needs to be protected and nurtured wid love and affection.

... And whn there’s noone to give u a hand wid wat ur tryin to accomplish, thn u turn to (oh no, not me all the time!) God. The Almighty. Who always has ur good in mind. Who always wants nuthin but the best for u, in watever capacity possible. Who accepts ur innumerable accusations, disrespect and hatred jus coz he luvs u so... And we ignorant earthlings jus dont realiz this...

Somethin dat voices my sentiments is dis SMS that I got awhile ago - Prayers are not to lighten ur burden, but to strengthen ur back. Hav faith in God. Faith doesn’t move mountains, but it gives u the power to climb them...

So, the next time a pebble falls on you and you complain to God about it, just bring to mind it was actually a boulder that could’ve crushed you to pieces... Had God not intervened and taken the weight on himself... He’s watching you... And he loves you... No matter what a jerk you are...

Mantra for the day - Jai Shri Krishna!
Cheers! (The abstinent one, guys... get off it, booze-happy one-track minds!)


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