Wednesday, September 24

Back again!

Boy pointing to pregnant mum’s stomach: “What’s that?”
Pregnant mum: “This is my darling, sweet, lovable baby...”
Boy: “If he’s so lovable, why did u eat him?!”

;-) Ok I know that was silly... but jus thot I’d share it wid u... Would u hold it against me if I told anodr sillier one? Oh c’mon... Dats not too much to ask for!

Teacher to girl student: “Why are u late to school?”
Student: “A boy was following me.”
Teacher: “So?”
Student: “He was walking slowly.”

;-) Hee Hee Hee...


How ya doin pals? I attended a lecture-cum-meet yesterday convened by the local NHRD chapter. It was on Adult Learning and delivered by a wonderfully witty and excruciatingly entertaining chap from Australia who goes by the name of Aaron Smith. My first such organizational endeavor, I was a lil anxious initially as to how to network and break the ice with strangers, but soon it came fairly easy when I saw most others were as bemused and awkward as me! Managed to meet quite a few people, managed to form quite a few opinions about the public, what goes and what doesn’t and a host of other learnings. Quite an interesting experience...

As I was riding to the venue - Hotel Le Meridien behind Pune railway station - I was inspired to draw a comparison between the traffic scenario in India vs. the way of life in India. I know you have now come to regard traffic and
crazy driving as my pet hates, but well, each one to his own! So, here goes...

Observation: Most pillion riders, irrespective of their gender, cling to the rider.
Parallel: How would it be if all of us were really as trusting, loving and supportive of others in other situations, too?

Observation: People don’t obey signals.
Parallel: Why then do we adhere to age-old rules and restrictions that segregate people on the basis of caste, creed, gender, status and other aspects?

Observation: Everybody loves to honk! (tho every1 knows that no1 wants to stay in one place!)
Parallel: Why aren’t we as effusive and vocal with our applause and appreciation?

Observation: Few switch off the ignition at a red signal lasting more than a minute
Parallel: Why do we turn off our charm, concern and helpfulness when we see some1 in need?

Observation: Ages after the signal turns green, people turn on the ignition (those who have turned it off!)
Parallel: Why don’t we delay our anger, hatred and contempt in just the same way?

Observation: People inch forward in any small nook in jams.
Parallel: Why don’t we search for similar gaps in learning, understanding, compromise and cooperation, and try to bridge it with proactive zeal and dedicated effort?

Observation: Abuses and dirty glares are offered in dollops at any inadvertent instance
Parallel: Why don’t we look down with similar distaste on those who attempt to put us against each other, rise against other groups, and create chaos by blowing up silly or minor issues?

Observation: EVERYONE, on the move or at a halt, is on their cellphone!
Parallel: How is it that we refuse to be so available when we know we could be of assistance to our country and our countrymen (and women, and kids)...

Well, too heavy to digest? Couldn’t stop my whirring mind and spinning senses...

Anyways, other updates - I am now reading Six Suspects by Vikas Swarup, the author of Q n A. He has a very typical style, he writes disconnected chapters. The plot as usual is good, and there is quite a bit of variety, but I haven’t had too much time to read, only 80 pages down in the last 3 days... Finished the Last Don by Puzo in under a fortnight... Will finish this one in about 10 days and move on to Kim Edwards.

No good movie coming up it seems. Haven’t watched TV in ages (except for “Balika Vadhu” on Colors that my mom loves to watch while I’m having dinner... Upsets my digestion, but that’s a small price to pay for letting my mum have her way, once in a while!)

Chalo, time to sign off. Thot for the day – Never judge a man’s actions until you know his motives (written by Anonymous, read by me in 6 S)


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