Wednesday, September 24

How does it feel...

How does it feel...
When something you’ve planned all along,
Doesn’t happen for a reason unforeseen;
Leaving you in the doldrums with regrets umpteen,
As people sympathize saying “no big deal”...
How does it feel?

How does it feel...
When someone you love,
Fails to see the intensity of your sentiment;
Appeals to reason lead to argument,
“You’ll never understand me” is the final seal,
How does it feel?

How does it feel...
When those that you hold close,
Refuse to value your respect and need,
To others they their commitment and support feed,
Washing out your harmony and zeal,
How does it feel?

A million reasons to cry, a zillion to smile,
The former hard to notice, the latter discernible over a mile;
To lift up your spirits and erase your frowns,
Needs much more than silly surprises and colorful clowns.

In sorrow the heart sighs, in misery your head reels,
Teary eyes at bedtime, listless presence at meals;
In search of bliss, the eyes dart,
You look up (and what? Fart?!!)

(Oh, so that drivel rhymed, but what the hell?
Am I here to sing, or here to tell?)

You’re the master of your destiny,
None can your joys steal,
And now sweethearts, tell me

How does THAT feel? :-)



Sibi said...

hey princess,
hats off to you for this brilliant poem.U r truly a immensly person.awesome...
How does it feel wen u belong to some one?
it feels warm n cozy n snug,
wen tat some1 gives u a hug.
It makes a rainy day sunny,
special even if it rain,
makes serius things funny,
help u ease the pain.
How does it feel wen u belong to someone?
It feels really nice and comfortable u have no clue,
if tat special someone is U.

Princess said...

Dat was GOOD buddy! Very appreciable!

Thanks for your comment, you should actually start writin!

Wish you luck! Have a great day...


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