Thursday, September 11

Rock On!


I went to see “Rock On” last week, which was quite unexpected, coz
1. I don’t c movies that I’v misd too long
2. My usual movie-mate went ahead for it wid frens
3. I don’t quite like rock
4. I dint intend the movie to be absolutely watch-able or extraordinary

However, my uncle invited my family for a movie after ages, so cudnt refuse. Besides, who in the wide world wud want to miss a chance to gobble sum popcorn?!! Not me, fer sure laddies! (Anyway, we went to Rahul so the caramel ecstasy dint materialize).

The movie was a delight. A powerful beginning. Great performances. Awesome music. Tremendous sensitivity. 10/10 to the directors, producers, writers, actors, et al for exploiting the KISS principle so effectively (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) Any showgiri or complicated plots wud hav ruined the brilliant event. There were a few hitches, tho. Pardonable, as long as the movie dint compromise on its pace and energy. Like Farhan’s husky voice (Ugh! Acid on the ears) Rob’s kuch-dino-ka-mehman melodrama (The omnipotent brain tumor tragedy) The shitty lyrics (Who wrote them, anyway?) And the lull jus before the intermission... Purab, ever the comedian, remains nuthin mo dan a sidekick as Farhy boy steals d plot and Arjy boy steals the show... One of the highlights in the film was certainly the scene where the band sings for a Garba party to raise money for equipment. Very endearin. A very “Dil Chahta Hai” moment. Another parallel between the two movies is the ego issue between 2 friends. And how can I forget Goaaaa?!!! Aahhh... Ages since I’ve been thr...

I need to confess a few realizations that came to me while watching the film. One, rock IS English, and that’s final! Two, I actually like rock, PROVIDED it’s played on low volume. (I know dats not how its meant to be, but the BANG-BANG makes my head split.) M crazy about the guitar and the keyboard, and best of all the confidence, dynamism and camaraderie among the band-members, the way they connect with the crowd, and the way the crowd reacts to their every move. Its so in-sync and invigorating! I have alwes said I don’t like rock, for the simple reason that everybody likes rock, and its mo exciting to be on the other side of the majority ;-)

A more important reason for my dislike cud be that I find it hard to accept the reckless and selfless passion bestowed by rock-lovers on the music. The entire rock culture where people give up everything (including their ego, self-righteousness and awareness) to the beats, the free-flowing drug scene, the moshpit and other oh-so-rock complements; they don’t go down well wid me. Of course, I like their unity and vigor, but the entire episode is resplendent wid destruction, suicide, drug overdose, misfortune and penury. Too depressing for me. And besides, I cant tolerate anything un-Godly to become a religion, a thing to worship... Maybe its jus my shortcoming. If a thing/person becomes greater than me to someone I hold dear, I go to pieces. I’m too possessive for my own good... And this envy is not limited to living things alone! I can turn green even when a loved one gushes uncontrollably and approvingly about a non-living entity – a bike, or a book, or a place, or whatever. Sad, na? Kya karu... it hurts me as well as the other person, but sum qualities u jus cant choose or change...

Plannin to see The Last Lear (*ing Big B, Preity, Arjy boy) this week. I’m sure most of you dnt know wat “lear” is, and none of u wil chk d dictionary. So, free help – my gud deed for the day ;-) “Lear” is learning, lesson or instruction. Historically, Shakespeare wrote a play revolving around a character called Edward Lear, whose daughters are scheming and bad-tempered. As the movie is about plays and dramas, I assume both the meanings to be important and pertinent. Will let u know precise details when I watch the film.

As far as books are concerned, I’m still hooked onto The Last Don by Mario Puzo. The plot is thickening. I duno whether it makes things easy or depressing when authors make their characters too likeable or dislikeable. Its like fast food chopped to bits, you jus need to pop it down your throat widout havin to spend time and effort on chewing and feeling the taste... I prefer to study my characters for myself and endow them wid my own perceptions, evaluations and observations. But well, each one to his own... the book is fairly interesting though... Not as compelling as the Godfather, but not too down the list, either.

Chalo bahut hui gupshup, gotta go pals.
TC and keep smiling!



Sibi said...

hiiii...rock on...i liked the movie too but jus as u i didnt like the lyrics at was truly horrible.but the sharp edged music was amazing.there was a fact shown in the movie-arjun rampal was willing to live wid no money,no recognition but was unwilling to sell his music.tats wat is rock.rock is about rock band plays music for money,they play ppl love it,ya in turn they get money too but tats not wat they want.ya drug thing even i dont like.listen to slow soft rock they r good too.after a long time m talking bat rock.thanks to u.looking forward2 d movie u mentioned...waiting for the next post..byeeeee..

sumant said...

havent seen the movie yet..but may be my entire take on rock music has been transformed little bit after reading ur post.nice comparison btwn passion & dark passion. keep it up buddy


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