Monday, November 26

The RIGHT time

What’s with the “right” time bullshit?

I mean really… Who are you to know right from wrong? And how is one supposed to be aware of the status of Father Time if one does nothing about it and only keeps waiting?? What if life doesn’t offer you that opportunity again???

Its maddening…

“Wait for the right time”. “All in good time”. “Samay se pehle …”

Useless jazz. Perfect excuse to procrastinate. The maha mantra for lazy losers.

We sing “If tomorrow never comes” and we enjoyed “Kal Ho Na Ho”. But they are not the way we function and think. Of all the million things we have learnt to do, to prioritize right is not on the top of the list. Work takes precedence over relationships, and money becomes more essential than people. We read about stories like life is a cup of coffee and life is a mayo jar but the moment the story is appreciated and done with, you move on and live the same way that is a given…

The urgent stuff that means little is done first, and the important things that must be done soon are kept on hold for ever and ever.

The “right” time is NOW.

No other time will ever be as RIGHT as the current moment.

Got a dream, pursue it. You may not be alive to do it tomorrow.

Just like Jimmy Shergill says in Munnabhai MBBS when he is told he will not live long; he said he was too busy arranging for everything and postponed his dreams. He thought there would be time later for his personal fulfilment after “necessities” had been taken care of. Guess what, the “right” time was not bequeathed to him. He was not fortunate enough.

I know there are some things you cant put off and you must do even if you don’t wish to. Being responsible is not an easy or enviable affair.

I know I am guilty of it. I preach, and I try, but I often fail.

There are so many people who express a desire to meet me, and I cant because I get tied down to various other personal and professional commitments. There are so many times I cant do what I really want on a weekend as someone has commanded or requested us to do something that they consider critical. There are so many reasons that well up as obstacles and hindrances when I plan anything.

But the question is how long can you keep someone waiting? What if that person does not stay and leaves forever? Voluntarily or forcibly… What if you are denied the chance you were hanging on for??? Will you be able to forgive yourself then? Is the thing you gave precedence to, worth that loss???

I know you are thinking of something or someone as you read this. I am glad you are…

Atleast you have that someone or something to look out for, plan for, wish for…

And if you aren’t… Well, who am I to tell you what is right and wrong? If you haven’t met anybody that crossed your mind a few seconds ago, then nothing else matters…

The minute you ask yourself, “what is more important?”, you will have your answer. The way to go about it, you can always figure out. After all, you know best… Whether you do anything about it or not…


Cut the crap… go do what you must for the people that matter…

Nothing else matters but their smile. For the small things that you can do now.

Joy is not always sold at a million bucks and big cars and posh flats.

Don’t wait for the big fat laughter that you may not see 10 years later when you have “taken care” of everything else that YOU thought was more crucial.

NOW is the time.


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Princess said...

Jaidev Kesavan said...

'Right' time is not a concept that applies to what one would call 'laymen' or 'average joes'. 'Right' time originated as a politically and then, militarily strategic concept, encouraging rulers, generals, and your everyday ambitious politico to time their moves right, just like precisely displaced chess pieces. Due to a bloat of management and 'smart' populace, read people, who have read a lot, but have little experience, the concept got inserted into every day life as well. Personal life, career opportunities, and such everyday concerns rarely involve 'right' time. The best thing to do is to follow your heart, win or lose, and enjoy the experience.

- Great thought, Jaidev. Thanks so much for sharing. Makes tremendous sense :-) Hopefully, we will be able to separate the "gyaan" from the actual and practical and work towards our goals diligently.


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