Tuesday, December 4

Now even the PM has to listen to me!!!


Given that I yak so much about everything under the sun no matter how much I know or understand, it sure is one long blog that I keep pouring my head and heart into, and you lovely people keep reading and feed-backing.

Thanks to your continued patronage, "Life..." (now 5 and a half years young), has been noticed by more than a few of the "crucial" folks and organizations. Blogadda is one, and the rank for my blog has moved up almost 20 points (from 74 to 58) in the last few weeks. While #1 position is still a dream, we'll get there together, what say?!!

Quite a few other companies and brands have approached me for writing about them or my reviews about their products and services. Club Mahindra resorts, Shaadi.com, Grapevine Publishers, and so many more. 

Another addition to this list has been Viewspaper. They recently asked me to write a letter to the Prime Minister about my views and suggestions on the state of the country.

If you know me even one bit, you sure know that politics and current affairs is not my forte. But thanks to my wise and updated friends and acquaintances, I managed to put forth my "prem-patra" to Manmohan Singh. You can read it here : http://theviewspaper.net/anuja-rathi-writes-a-letter-to-the-prime-minister/

I have spoken about corruption, inflation, education and tourism, justice and other concerns in India. Inputs have come from Anuradha Umalkar (my mentor at work and super-manager), my mum-fantastico Madhulika Rathi, Manisha Sharma (better half of my Ops boss Manish Sharma), and a whole bunch of you friends that I will thank personally. I couldn't have done this without you...

Now that sounds very much like a Nobel / Filmfare prize speech, so leme stop...

But gracias, ladies and gentlemen, for sending me your feedback and good wishes. It feels terrific when I read about what you feel for my words and thoughts, even if I may not know you personally. That's where all my motivation comes from... knowing that YOU are reading what I think, feel and say / write.

While my blog follower count is a mere 100+ and my facebook blog updates may not gather too many comments, I know you read about my rants. A lot of you walk up to me or drop a line stating you like what I pen down, or do not agree with something, or how I could have done better. I appreciate it all. Truly. Keep them coming :-)

Have a great day ahead, everyone.



Vishal Bheeroo said...

Hey Anuja congrats. You will reach there, I am sure. I look forward to read letter to PM.
I've been here after longish..was on a work trip to Delhi and Gurgaon.


Princess said...

Thank you, Vishal. Hope life is treating you well :-)


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