Friday, October 12


I wandered lonely as a cloud,

(But don't they flock in groups so sook?)

Underneath me, the world moved,

Nobody to spare a wave or look.

The trees and shrubs rustled their leaves,

Mocking my lonely passage in space;

I showed that I didn't care a bit,

Belied by my voyeur pace.

I watched the merry streams frolic,

My snow white fleece darkened by my sorrow;

I wanted to disappear, vanish, evaporate,

Like there was no yesterday, today or tomorrow.

In pensive thought I stood and rocked,

Moments felt like days and months;

You drifted past as I trudged behind,

The breeze to me what you were once;.

When does it stop, I mused aloud,

Exactly how does it all end;

A cloud with me to stay for life,

Where can I find you, my friend?


Thanks to William Wordsworth for the opening line of this poem, taken from the super popular and awesomely famous creation "Daffodils".

My own two-pence (twenty lines, actually) to follow it... Hopefully should get 1/1000th the recognition and 100% mental connection.



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