Wednesday, January 13

Tara Mata Ki Jai!

I saw this ad on FB (Facebook) in December' 09 about somebody called Tara Medium, who (as her website claims) is a psychic with the gift of direct clairvoyance, that renders tarot cards, tea leaves and crystal balls useless.

After having faced extreme ill-luck in the areas of future plans viz. education, health, family and love life, it did not take too much deliberation on my part to check out the visions and guidance of this lady.

So the verdict is, my lucky times will start from
Jan 14, 2010. That's tomorrow...

(Damn, I shall be heartbroken if this happens to be a lie...)

I don't really know what form or consequence this "good luck" will take, but there was some other stuff that she shared which made me say "Eureka"!

(Obviously gonna share it with you, so you know me better!)

I have unbounded magnetic power, along with extraordinary strength and exuberance :-)
These qualities make my personality very unusual (ahem!), since they are rarely found together, except among members of my own sign - Leo.

I radiate magnetism with so much force that people perceive it even long after I’ve left.
(Don't get me wrong; I ain't blowing my own trumpet - these are the exact words of Tara the psychic.)

Magnetism like this can only be found in people who are very ambitious: it is an almost certain sign of success in any area we choose... if we can manage to overcome certain obstacles like a loss of motivation, an excess of pride, fear of failure due to some unexpected fault, or your often violent and destructive anger.
(Now these revelations about my weaknesses sure had me spell-bound, they're cent per cent true!!)

About my health - Energy, vitality, endurance and resistance... These qualities in me are remarkable, even under the most difficult circumstances.
(Can't say they've been that way forever... Been having a tough time battling the cough, cold, flu, throat-ache, headache... More psychosomatic than real, I guess. But then, the climate's bad anyway... And my mental and physical resistance are giving away.)

I should know how to use these qualities properly, and also learn to recognize my true limitations rather than always say: "I can keep going... " It’s better to know when too much is enough. I need time to recuperate the energy I spend. I need many hours of regular, deep sleep every day, as people who were a lot less active than I suffered from a heart attack!
(How pessimistic...)

If I don’t get enough rest, my natural resistance may not be able to protect me, and I may start suffering from nervous disorders that get worse and worse as time goes on. (
Tell me about it!! Boo hoo...)

As far as Love and Emotions are concerned, I have a lot of tenderness, a generous heart and sensuality 8-)

These are my main characteristics, and yet I don’t give enough of myself! I lend some of my goodness to the person I want to have a relationship with. I can be kind, generous, and give someone real attention... but I do it as if I were granting a favor or performing a good deed.
(Now that's bang on target! Always wondered why it was so, and now I can blame my sunsign!!)

I am sometimes overly demanding in love; I should show more of my tender side. I can shine like the sun, the planet of my Destiny, but I am quite egocentric. (
Right again)

My pride and enthusiasm make me seek out responsibility, success and power.
I see the bigger picture, and I am right in rejecting the mediocrity that I dislike so much, especially since my numerous qualities and talents allow me to attain nothing but the best.

I need to be careful about letting my ideas and tastes become overly luxurious! I should learn to take things easier and not be too aggressive. (Point noted)

About my Luck, my golden number is 1, your lucky number par excellence. (
Always knew this, and the number 5 too.) In love, my most favorable number is 9. And 10 is the symbol of success in all areas of my life: business, investment, various undertakings, friendship, etc.
Luck will do many things for you, and my intuition will do the rest :-)

Tara's final advice...
Identifying and developing my REAL GIFTS should be one of my priorities, along with eliminating the negativity that prevents me from fully enjoying each and every wonderful moment of life. The amazing and beneficial period that is about to open up for me will help me put things in order.

My life's not too great now, though I have been since birth a very lucky person... (
No doubts about that)

As things stand now, I take each day as it comes, without really knowing what will happen to me tomorrow. (

I must stop saying to myself that "I’ve never been lucky... I just have too much bad luck... I’ll never get out of my present situation!”

I have a right to happiness. There are no unlucky stars in my astral chart.

All I have to do is follow THE PATH TO LUCK AND HAPPINESS as indicated by my master planets, which will soon become active and influence my destiny. Tara is convinced that my life can change over the coming weeks. But, I need to be careful...

Tara says I am: Very intuitive, Sensitive, Generous, a little vulnerable and anxious.

I do not recognize the "force" inside me as I tend to see my weak points instead of my strong ones. Sometimes, people take advantage of me. I’ve often asked myself: “Why do some people have so much happiness and not me”?

I have to stop this negative thinking.

The report went on for a couple more pages, but most of it was an appeal to pay an amount and get her help in further detail. Which obviously I am not doing... But it was nice to know that my faults and shortcomings are not intentional... And that I shall be on the receiving end of a windfall soon :-)

Wana find out your destiny Tara-style? Here's the link:

(No, I'm not getting paid for this... Wish I was!! My good luck would sure begin this very instant!! LMAO)

Take care, and let me know whether you liked Tara and her visions!


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Parimaula said...

Hi :)

After reading this post, i discovered something about you. I think you don't need to find out anything about yourself nor do you need to analyze whether all this is right or wrong.

When i was young, a growing child, i had a tremendous understanding about myself, about what will make me happy. With time, experiences, formal education i realized that i have been growing into a person who is successful, well accepted in the society. But i also felt there is a loss of that understanding that i used to have when i was young. There was a different zeal...curiosity..

I think i was simple and had a great deal of self knowledge that somehow has got buried under the dust of knowledge, experience, work, success and most importantly analysis.

I think good times begin in our life when we are able to live life with our own understanding and are neither afraid nor ashamed of accepting ourselves as we are.

By saying all this, i am not condemning what Tara is doing. What she is doing is a very good thing. Maybe she is helping people question themselves which is the first step.



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