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Wedding Traditions Around the World

Here are some cute wedding traditions from around the world. Found them on the web... Enjoy!

GERMANY : Stealing the Bride
At her wedding reception, the bride is stolen by the best man, who then carries her away to a local pub. The groom has to search for them and pay for all their drinks when he finds them!

(Now that's on helluva idea! Hic hic :-D )

GREECE : Baby Rolling
A baby is rolled on the newly-weds' bed. This is believed to enhance fertility and happiness in the new marriage.

(Poor baby!! :-P )

IRELAND : Tokens of Love
An Irish man often gifts his ladylove a bracelet made of human hair. If she accepts and wears it, it shows she is linked to him for life. Some men also give their beloved a Harvest Knot made of straw (shown alongside), decorated with flowers or bells, to wear in their hair or around their neck.

(The second idea is so romantic!)

ORKNEY (A group of islands near Scotland) : The Blackening
In Orcadian weddings, the groom's friends ambush him and blacken him with a mixture of flour, treacle and feathers. The idea to make him look as drunk and messy as possible! He is paraded around town in the back of a truck, while his friends make a din so that everybody sees the groom's sorry state. The parade usually ends at the sea for washing up.

(LOL... Fun for everyone except the groom!)

RUSSIA : Head of the Household
The bride's mother hands the newly married couple a loaf of bread at the wedding reception. The one who can take the largest bite from the loaf will be the head of the household.

(Not fair! Men, with their massive mouths and disgusting eating habits, have an advantage. Boo!!)

ALASKA : Buying the Bride
The village elders must first approve a proposed marriage, after which the groom's family spends the next year arranging for the payment for the bride. They seek help from their relatives and assemble a house full of gifts. Once the bride's family accepts the offering, the groom must work for her family for one year; he has to do everything, right from hunting to chores around the house.

(Now that's one wonderful custom. Serves you men right, making the women run about the house!!)

ITALY : The Evil Eye
To ward off the evil eye the groom must carry a piece of iron in his pocket and the bride must wear a veil. At the end of the wedding day, in Southern regions, the couple shatters a glass or vase. The number of pieces predicts the number of years they will be happily married.

(Anything that helps.)

CHINESE : The Tea Ceremony
The couple kneels before their parents and ask for permission to marry.

(Decent... But hardly fantastic...)

You got any to share??

With Love and Luck and Laughter,

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