Monday, August 10

Now they think...

He was a dashing man,
And she a charming lady,
They met and hit it off,
Like they were absolutely meant to be.

They lovingly held hands,
And smiled as they said “I do!”
“I'll be with you forever,
And do all you want me to.”

She yearned to be loved,
And he wanted nothing else either,
Life was a bliss every passing day,
No worries and trouble neither.

Unfortunately, good things don't last forever,
And it was evident from what happened next;
Arguments and abuses on things silly and trivial,
And troubling comments that couldn't be ignored in jest.

The soulmates became eternal rivals,
And life became a constant contest for victory,
Ego, prejudice and insensitivity dominated,
Not a moment was peaceful and free...

It hurt them both, as each shed bitter tears,
Alas they couldn't find a way...
There was just no option left,
And goodbye they had to say.

When they sit down in their separate nooks,
They wonder what could have ruined it all;
Was it their lack of understanding or incompatibility,
That had led to this despicable fall?

She had yearned to be loved,
And he had wanted nothing else,
How then had priorities changed?
How had wishes become evil spells?

Maybe it was the craziest mistake for them to be a couple,
Maybe they weren't meant to be together,
Maybe they were destined to part ways,
Maybe they both deserved better...

Now they think on...



Sharad said...

Hey! An awesome poem, but not a good result! I think both should give it another chance as evrything u get in life is not perfect but have to pains to make perfect!!

Princess said...

Hmm... I kinda agree there, but not before I hear both sides of the story.. Sometimes when the pain's incruciating, it's better to let go...

Any comments?

Thanks for writing in, Sharad :-) Do keep coming back!


vishal said...

Na woh bewafaa thi!
NA hum bewafaa tha!
Kya karein kismet ne saath kahan diya!
Sometimes everything happens in the best interest of both parties...Yeah,misunderstanding,ego-trip is always present..n the ones who turns one against the other-your so-called friends..sad bit true...
A relationship must not end in a bitter way or wuth violence..doesn't make for cultured and cicilised People!

ani_aset said...

hey nice easy flowing poem.
Good that they think on..any chances of settlement ;)?

Princess said...

Hmmm... I think they might :-) If it's true love, then it can't DIE, right?

Cheers on that!

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