Friday, August 7

Pyar Today Tomorrow

Now while that title may or might not rake in the audiences, it sure translates to something which in my opinion is a brilliant movie...

Yep, lads and lasses, the Princess is back with another review - Love Aaj Kal starring Saif Ali Khan (the outstanding, outstanding actor) and Deepika Padukone (the pretty damsel with cute dimples). Imtiaz Ali has another winner on his hands after Jab We Met, and we should congratulate him for this wonderful film. It is honest, intelligent, observant, emotional, believable and obviously entertaining.

What's the story? It's about this dude and dudette in London who are dating for fun-sakes, the no-strings-attached style, so common among teenagers and young adults today. Their destiny beckons them in different directions so DeePad heads to India and they break up before she leaves, so as not to complicate matters later and ruin their pleasant memories during the "relationship". They think they were having innocent fun together and there was nothing serious between them, but they miss each other and think of each other... You get the flow, right?

Stud Saif starts dating a firang and DeePad manages to find an admirable partner in the form of Rahul Khanna (where did he tapko from? The last I can remember of him is Bollywood-Hollywood with Lisa Ray). But the point is, they CANNOT seem to get over each other as much as they try. After a few songs and scenes later, you see DeePad getting married to Rahul, and Saifu is pareshan and he walks out heartbroken. But destiny takes him away to his dream job in the US and things are as great as could ever be. Until he realises that without his lady love, he cannot function at all.

He takes off to India to confront her, only to find out that she left her husband soon after their wedding and lived alone waiting for Chhote Nawab to arrive. Happy ending.

Now where exactly does the Sardarji Saif figure in this plot? (You know he plays a double role in this one, don't you?) Miraculously, (and ludicrously) it turns out that Rishi Kapoor (yep, he's in the movie, too) used to look like SAK in his youth, AND his life and love story were identical (=what they say in HIndi, huu-ba-huu) to the 21st century SAK. So, it's basically this khichadi about the two love stories that forms the gist of how love was kal and how it is aaj... It is a beautiful contrast, and your hair stands on end more than once when you see the plight of the sexy Sardar Saif and his super-sentimental expressions.

If the above doesn't sound very exciting to you, I'm sorry coz my description hasn't done justice to the movie. I loved it for the fantastic revelations it presents about the gender differences, relationships and human nature. Pardon my prejudice, but most of my observations about men have been verified through this film.

Like how they find everything mast at first and then get struck with boredom and monotony. How they hate serious discussions and firmly believe in "live and let live". Don't misunderstand me, I do think males are more humorous, adventurous and better company than females. But they find it challenging when it comes to being sensitive and mature... They don't realise their own feelings. They misconstrue their own needs and others' expectations/remarks. They stumble upon matters of the heart by accident (and often late), but get over things fast and adapt to the situation. Blind to the most obvious facts, not willing to listen, obsessed with living up to the image of "macho" and "stud" and "cool" - that's how most menfolk are...

And of course, women. How small things are important to them but they don't say it out loud and expect the man to understand and act upon it. They want their man's convenience even as they want him to overcome his hurdles and pamper/surprise her. Women think a lot and express most of it, and they don't find their being vocal incorrect in anyway. The essence of which the men realise later, after they've wagged their tongues and explored the highs of their voice-boxes.

I really pity our generation where we have so many options, that we pursue worldly things and lose track of loyalty to people we know. Our "fatafat" generation (as aptly coined by Radio One) stands by fast food, fast money and fast gratification, and we're the poorer for it... There's no time to understand others, put up with their needs and behaviors, forge a lasting bond, forget about loving and caring for them... Comfort and convenience are top priorities and we end up losing so many important things and people coz of our narrow-mindedness.

The movie also showcases the rise and fall of relationships. How they start with a bang, get boring and predictable as time passes, and how the couple starts taking each other for granted. How we hide our true feelings and how we hurt the other person. How sometimes we misjudge the significance of a person in our life, and overlook how much he/she means to us. When one fine day we come to terms with our desire, a man rushes to spell it out, but a woman will stay quiet and live on. She doesn't want to force anything, coz more often than not, the guy regrets most decisions he makes. (Hey, do you make or take a decision? Gotta check...)

One thing's for sure, Saif can't dance sala ;-) He looks funny when he jigs! All that uncalled-for rush of energy, and the two left feet, they just don't look appealing... But he makes up for it with his cute smile and crazy jokes delivered with a deadpan face (akin Dil Chahta Hai). I really don't understand why he had to do a double role; a different person could easily have played Rishi's youth. And DeePad, well, the role's really not that demanding for her. Also, I'm not visiting her designer anytime soon, she looks quite crazy in her long kurtas and uncoordinated slacks.

I'm guessing Kareena was not feasible for the movie due to her high prices, but Saif wanted her so desperately, that he made sure Dee looked size zero - the woman appears malnourished at a few instances!! Anyway, RK and RK (Rishi Kapoor and Rahul Khanna) don't have much to do, and you even glimpse Neetu Singh-Kapoor in the end. The songs are lovely - Chor Bazaari, Twist, Dooriyan and of course my favorite Aahun Aahun.

Hmmmm... So, you see I loved the film and I'm giving it a 9 on 10. Which is incredible! The lost one point is bcoz Saif speaks too much when he's nervous and really bugs the s*** outa me... Its ok, buddy. You're forgiven. Not coz ur royal blood, but coz you did a good job here in movie-dom.


Your very own,
Filmi Farishta


vishal said...

He,it's a good review..arre wah!tu to poori analysis kiya males aur females pe..keep it up!But,it is very true..sry cldn't comment more than that coz i'm still down wid fever..
tc n pray 4 me..vishal

Indian Pundit said...

Hey Princess,

i think i have seen the movie in your blog!!!!

Interesting observations about men...... i hope i could dis-agree but cant!!!
But there are EXCEPTIONS!!!!


Reema Sahay said...

I would give 3 out of 5 for Saif's old looks (Botox did not help much against very young Deepika), Deepika's inexperience in handling the breaking up scene with Rahul and several such glitches. But definitely worth watching once.

ani_aset said...

9 out of 10.....itni achi lagi?

Princess said...

Hey fellas, thanks for dropping in and commenting! Love ya...

@ Vishal - I'm obsessed with gender differences and behavioral observations, man! Watch out for coming posts... They're about men, too ;-) In fact, scroll through the label "gender benders" on my blog to get the complete thesis by Ms. Anuja Rathi... ROFL

@ IP - Saved ya some money, dint I? But you may as well rent a movie and watch it. Multiplexes in Pune are shut coz of the piggie flu pandemic, so that's not an option... Exceptions? RIGHT... RMAO

@ PaP - Thanks for the add-on info, lady. I dont like Deepika anyway, so I'm all the more happy to take her case ;-) Ranbir deserves better, dont you think? How about somebody called A-N-U-J-A??? :-D

@ Ani - yes, mast hai. I wouldn't really watch it again in the theatre, but its certainly a one-time-must-see. Go for it!!

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