Sunday, February 26


You live a lonesome, sorry life. You hate what is happening to you, and you know you cannot live this way forever. Yet, you bear it. Accept it. Suffer and continue to live on.

Mute. Patient. Forgiving.

Perfection personified.

Tolerance was your middle name.

You were waiting for the day to come when you would not be so sad and everything would be all right, if not great. You embraced all that fate swept in your way. Your life was just another story.

Until yesterday.

Today it has all changed.

You, from deep under the oceans, want to look up to the sky.

You, from under the deepest pits, want to raise your wings and fly away to the distant horizon sparkling red and silver.

The well and pond that you proudly called your world, now seems too destitute and inadequate.

Frustrating, you claim.

Your life is horrible, and you cannot live it anymore, you say today.

Oh what have I done to you!!

Have I shown you the way to be free and happy without knowing that it is nothing but an illusion for you? A distant dream that shall never be yours…??

Should I be glad that I made you see a new way to lead a better life, or shall I be guilty coz you will never be happy in your old life again?

- Princess


Vishal Bheeroo said...

This is a conundrum called life. As we go through the ups and downs of existence, how we wish everything would shape according to our thought process. Very true.
Keep the faith

Vishal Bheeroo said...

It's beautiful written and it's something I regularly face. At times, things seem to be an illusion. The beautiful times may not come again and there is more exciting times ahead:)

Parimaula said...

Last night I saw the movie 6 days 7 nights once again. I love this movie and the character played by Harrison Ford. Reminded me of the movie after reading this post.

Princess said...

Hi Vishal, thanks as usual for reading and writing in... However, what is a dilemma is when you control not your own but someone else's life and decisions... When you impact their perspective and ambitions in a way that even you cannot predict... Guess that's for destiny to decide and time to tell :-)

Hey Parimaula, thank you for visiting here! I haven't watched that movie but sure will. Keep smiling!!


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