Friday, February 3


“If you intend to keep your word, don’t talk about it, just do it.”

“She thought suddenly that she was wrong about his lack of emotion: the hidden undertone of his manner was enjoyment. She realized that she had always felt a sense of light-hearted relaxation in his presence and known that he shared it. He was the only man she knew to whom she could speak without strain or effort. This, she thought, was a mind she respected, an adversary worth matching. Yet there had always been an odd sense of distance between them, the sense of a closed door; there was an impersonal quality in his manner, something within him that could not be reached.”

“She felt an arrogant pleasure in seeing the skill of his movements, coz this was the thing she would beat.”

“It is not advisable to venture unsolicited opinions. Spare yourself the embarrassing discovery of their exact value to your listener.”

“Are you responding to my curiosity or articulating your own feelings to yourself?”

“They observed that I make it my honour to know. They knew nothing. They didn’t think it necessary to learn. They thought they could trust my honour. They thought it was safe to ride on my brain. They assumed my goal…”

“When a problem came u, his first concern was to discover what error he had made. He didn’t search for anyone’s fault but his own. It was of himself that he demanded perfection.”

“To recognize one’s guilt yet feel nothing but the coldest, most profound indifference. The impossible conflict of feeling reluctance to do what was right – isn’t that the basic formula of moral corruption?”

"For the moment, there was no future. They had earned the present."

“Every movement was underscored by a feeling – is he seeing it?”

“I’ve hired you to do a job, not to do your best – whatever that is”

Reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand… Awesome book, though quite bulky.

Loved the Fountainhead when Iast (and first) read it sometime in college. Must say, I’m not let down this time either.

Happy Weekend :-)


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