Friday, February 6

Letter Series : A friend in need...

You remember I wrote about my Activa last time in the letter series?

This time my letter goes out to a friend... A peer, to who I’d like to say the following things, but either never have, or have and been unheeded.

Hi sweetie! How you doing?

No. I don’t want to hear that you’re yet again pursuing your love-hate relationships with 3 different guys, even as you find 2 others charming and exciting, and another who cares more about your pooch than he does for his own mother...

I mean, quit it, babes! Kab tak yuhi ladko ke sahare jeeti rahegi? Aaj isne yaad nahi kiya isliye dukhi, kal wo kisi aur se milne ja raha hai isliye pareshan... And it’s not as if you really love any of them!! I know it’s great to have someone who cares for you, and waits on you hand and foot, but there’s more to life than just having a guy around you!!

I’m a fine one to talk about this subject. After all, I call myself Lonely Princess, and am perpetually fretting about people and their weird mannerisms. But hey, remember how they called us twins in class – the batchmates as well as the prof? Hehe. Whatta laugh we had...

My twin feelings for you are those of sadness and anger. We started off as “potential best friends”, and everybody around us saw our chemistry and camaraderie. I don’t know what happened later; maybe my having any sort of expectations from you wasn’t OK with you. No sweat. As far as I know, I was certainly a good friend to you. Guess you were looking out for something else.

You chummed up with another pal, and I was fine with that as well. However, I sure didn’t appreciate being called upon only to resolve your love issues and relationship concerns. I’m amazed you yourself didn’t realize how selfish you seem then. I have no qualms in counseling you and being there in your tough times, but heaven knows how many times you just walked off with others when I was alone and in need.

Anyway, I haven’t written to you merely to vent my exasperation and sorrow. I think it my duty to steer you to the path of seriousness and constructive behaviors. Your mum isn’t in either her pink of health or age, and it’s time you understood your responsibilities. Going to pay the bills and accompanying on health check-ups, aren’t the only duties you have as a daughter.

You shared your family crisis and financial status with me on a couple of occasions. I have wondered more than a hundred times how you can afford to have those glitzy meals and luxurious auto rides. Wake up, girl! You need to take control. You cannot waste your best years in this endless pursuit of men. I do understand if that’s a part of your leisure and stress-busting activities, but you cannot let that dominate you and your life! The last I heard from you, was you crooning that you want to get married and have babies with your ex-guy, who called up that day after ages... I mean, WHAT DA HELL?!!!

You have lost complete focus. You are good at studies, music, literature and a host of other things. Find your calling, woman! You have a great network, and you make an effort to help people and maintain relations with them. (I sometimes think you’re two-faced and conniving, as also short-sighted and egotistic, but I don’t know if others share my view, or whether I’m mistaken in my inferences.) Any which way, the point is, you really need to do something concrete in order to relieve your mom and reach someplace in life. You cannot while away your time till your last breath.

I wish you’d see I’m your well-wisher, and I’m not as bad as I’m meant out to be. We have LOLed through college and we’ve had a few tiffs, but I care about you. Assess your dreams, capabilities and responsibilities, and then if your soul permits you to carry on this way, I have no worries. It’s your destiny, and no one but you can decide where it will lead you.

I’m there if you ever want me...
Take care.



Sibi said...

Hi Princess,Hope u doin well.Very lovely letter.She must read it.Well one think I wud like to correct is tat Anuja is not a lonely Princess.Period.Wen people have something they do not realize its worth but wen they lose tat thing then they realize.U expected something from her and may be even she expected something or nothing from u.I wish it worked for u.Well calling u only in problems to share and solve was not a good thing but u u did yo part by being wid her even then.But as some wise lady has said 'Samay se pahle aur naseeb se jyaada kisiko nahi milta'.Yo strife times are over Princess,trust me.Ab khushi tumhare kadmon mein hogi inshallah..

PhilO♥ said...

Well ya, i am 14 :P
nice letter. i can relate to a few things you've written.
Like you close friend and me, we were always together and then the 3rd girl moved in and you know 3s never work out ! :P
i'm so glad that you like my poems !
do come back to my blog!
take care ! :D

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