Thursday, February 12

Ajnabee Apna Sa...

You think you know him one second, and then he feels so distant, hostile and impersonal.

His laughter’s the sound of the waterfall. It comes from the depths of his heart and resounds like a million pearls bouncing off the tiled floor.

Anything new interests him. He’s enthusiastic, quick to learn and adapt.

His face glows when he smiles. His tanned features and genuine, eager demeanor strike a chord with young and old alike.

He spoils your mood with amazing ease. He scalds with his blunt, insensitive words. And then tries to make up for it by being extra sweet. And irresistible.

He chatters when the topic is over and keeps mum when the topic is on.

He loses his temper at the drop of a hat. He can take hours to get back to normal. IF he wants to get back to normal.

He forgets what he was saying if someone else interrupts. And then he can’t stop thinking about what he forgot.

His eyes twinkle when he laughs, so bright and cheerful, you can see your image in them as clearly as if they were mirrors.

His hatred is potent, destructive and alarming. He’s reckless and skeptical about most things in life.

When he walks, it’s with a purposive and rapid pace that reeks of discipline and agility.

A master of disguises when he talks. Bihari, Southie, Australian, Punjabi, Marathi, Marwari – you name it and he can be it. Dev Anand, Salman, Shahrukh (whom he loathes coz I adore him!), Sunil Shetty, Anil Kapoor, Amitabh Bacchan, Nana Patekar – he can make you laugh until you beg him to stop. (Actually he doesn’t stop even then. Until I make an ugly face and turn to ignore mode.)

He praises and pampers. His appreciation is universal and impartial (unfortunately). Be it his boss or a laptop, a friend’s wealth or his roomie’s intelligence. His genuine admiration tingles, coz there’s not a hint of disdain or envy.

He doesn’t like to plan and he doesn’t like to wait. But he loves fantasizing about future events and rejoicing over plans-in-draft.

His insightful and dreamy notions astound (coz you don’t expect him to be so imaginative and sentimental) and then delight you.

When he wants something, he wants it. Be it a whisky shot, or his keys or your word.

His charm, wit and keen observation don’t miss the tiniest details.

He detests it when someone orders him around, but he’ll put up with it if he really cares for you and your preferences.

A good rider with tremendous control, he hates back-seat driving and involuntary pillion body reactions.

He smiles when he sings. He is either famished or overstuffed. His two fav topics? Potty... and potty.

He can read my mind and see through the walls I build for everyone (including myself).

He won’t touch elders’ feet to seek their blessings. It’s not in is culture or nature.

He’s loving, protective, unwavering and emotional. He can write heartrending prose and poetry and he likes baby-talk.

He cannot dance, but he’ll accompany you on the floor so you don’t feel lonely.

He can make you feel special with his small, thoughtful acts and words. He accepts mistakes after fighting over them. With surprising humility and affection.

He hates to wake up early. He’s conscientious about cleaning his room and clothes.

Thanks to him, I got the crazy habit of sneaking milk powder at office. (The
tea vendor verdict was probably coz of this.)

He loves to spend the limited money he has with startling ease and insensibility.

His touch is warm and reassuring. Makes you feel complete and safe. He tries his best to accomplish all that I command or desire.

The tears in his eyes can melt the devil and the fire in them can burn the toughest mountain.

A wonderful companion, a sweet and caring friend, a jolly and courageous pal, an honest and dependable mate.

When you close your eyes, you needn’t worry coz you know he’s watching you and will protect you no matter what...

... And it’s been 15 months since I know him today...


Sibi said...

And wat a lovely 15 months it has been..I got tears in my eyes as i finished reading..Coz nobody ever wrote such a thing bat me...
Having some one who knows u so well is sucha bliss..The way u wrote each and every word,the way u framed every sentence,it was from the bottom of the heart..M not saying this coz u wrote only good bat me but bcoz it was from the heart and tats wats imp...I will have this post wid me forever...This is a valentines gift for me...Thanks...

Princess said...


It hasnt been ALL lovely ;-) God, the way we'v fought and cribbed! Yet, what finally matters is that both of know each other inside out... (NO, NOT 100%... 85% sounds good enuf, no arguments there...! Period.)

I agree this is one of the best things I've done for anyone - noone's done it for me before, and neither have I...

Cheerio Puch!

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