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This Valentine’s Day...

Welcome, readers!

Anuja (aka Princess) isn’t just here to rant about her life, thoughts, wishes and experiences. She cares about you, too.

Here are some tips for all you innocent and simple people who don’t know what to do with your partners this Valentine’s... Straight from your in-house relationship expert...

(You’re welcome; how sweet of you to call me your knight in shining armor! Sniff sniff.)

IMO, there’s too much hullabaloo about this day. Too much money is spent and too much showbaazi (=show-off) happens. Why would anyone need a single day to express their feelings to someone they love? Love is to be celebrated every day by caring for each other in the simplest ways!

But hey, I’m not against Valentine’s. In fact, I detest the fear and anxiety that the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) create in the minds of the youth wrt this day. (Whatever happened to freedom of expression and tolerance for others' wishes and preferences?!!)

I understand that though two people love each other, they don’t often get to show it thanks to busy routines or pressing priorities. And so, when this one occasion comes, it’s not to be missed. Even if it means shelling those extra bucks and taking out time from other activities. And not just romantic love, this is also for your friends, family and others. Mind it.

If you’ve read
The Secret by Me, then you already know a little about courting your girlfriend. Flowers, thoughtful gifts and mushy care can get you from zero to hero in a matter of minutes. Ladies, the same goes for you. Don’t expect that only your man will flatter you on this day; you need to pamper him as well. After all, you love and want him, too, right?

Flowers, cards, gifts, meal and movie - easy enough if you have (or can arrange) the cash. Just a visit to Archies, Greetwell, Odyssey or any other gift shop, and you’re done with the presents. Throw in a film, romantic dinner and long drive, if you wish. There are also a few parties in town to celebrate - albeit on the 13th, as the 14th is a fiasco-prone option.

Tips for the meal - choose one of your partner’s favorite restaurants (if you’ve been there umpteen times before, then opt for a new location where you’re guaranteed of a good experience). As far as the movie is concerned, it could be any – one that you’ve seen and enjoyed before, a new release, a comedy or a romantic. (The watchword every where is "partner likes/dislikes/preferences".)

(Even if it means a South Indian flick on kaala jaadoo / jadoo-tona / black magic, with garish picturization and silly dubbing, loud gestures and stupid dialogues. A small sacrifice to see your mate laugh like a baby.)

No sweat there. But, what if you don’t have the money? No problem. Don’t make this an excuse for not doing anything worthwhile for your loved one. Truth be told, the things you do with minimal money but with your own effort are much more precious and joyful. Like a hand-made card with your own verses, or planning a small treasure hunt, or including the gang to do something memorable for your lover.

As they say, it’s not about what and how much you give. Your feelings and intention is more important. Go back to the place where you first met, or where one proposed to the other. Relive your memories and life together. Let sweetness drip from every word and each action. Leave bickering and criticizing for another day (not the very next!), forget the bad moments... And watch your love come alive again...

I hope I’ve said enough for you to plan something real nice. Let me know how it goes...Before I wind up this post, let me to share with you a few funny statements I read when I went gift-hunting to Archies. (A gift for my bro-bhabhi’s anniversary last week, smart-pants! Haa...)

There were these coffee mugs with witty inscriptions, a few of which I’ll quote here :

Leadership – They don’t respect you, they don’t fear you. They just plain hate you!
Ambition – The journey of a thousand miles usually ends in the middle of nowhere!
Compromise – Let’s agree to disagree coz frankly, you’re too stupid to understand my point of view!


Note - Please don’t gift the above to your lover... There are tons of other coochie-poo paraphernalia to choose from!


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Darshan P. Mundada said...

That's a huge amount of advice for Valentine's.. Good, not to have one.. ;)

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